Galactic Center; Zuzanna Vee

Galactic Center; Zuzanna Vee

My Goddess Consciousness apprenticeship program information starts here. I also offer Goddess Astrology readings, Goddess Astrology training, and animal portraiture. Please see the related pages for more information.

Request my free 2018 Sidereal Moon Calendar pdf , and let me know if you want to receive my monthly new moon newsletter Goddess Consciousness (first issue out Feb 7, 2018).

I currently reside in Chapel Hill, NC. My email address is:

Alternately you can message me via my Facebook Page: Cycles of Healing/Zuzanna Vee, or use the form below.
I am the only one who will view your message and will be happy to answer any questions you have.

I answer my messages promptly. If you don’t hear back from me shortly, it means I didn’t receive it. 



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