Musings on the Goddess and the Great Year

I have been researching the subject of the Great Year for over a decade and writing about it since the summer of 2014. Like my paintings, each written piece is an attempt for me to get closer to my truth: the truth about women’s power, the patriarchy, the goddess, the various cycles of cosmic time; the nature of reality. It is compelling and fascinating stuff.

Two weeks ago the sun moved into Aries with a new moon at the Spring Equinox including an eclipse, right on the heels of Saturn turning retrograde and the last of seven exact Pluto-Uranus squares. Whew! So how have you all faired? Was it joyful, grief-ful or somewhere in between? How did you navigate? What did you learn?

Libra; from a set of divinatory cards Zuzanna made in the mid-90s; mixed media; 2.5 x 4

Libra; from a set of divinatory cards Zuzanna made in the mid-90s; mixed media; 2.5 x 4

At the new moon we begin a new cycle. The full moon often brings the inner shifts of the new moon into our physical reality. Things become more apparent. This full moon, at 14º 24′ Libra, is also a lunar eclipse. What one wholeheartedly focuses on or prays for during an eclipse has spiritual significance and specific power. This Libra full moon makes a Cardinal T-square with Uranus and Pluto; Jupiter at 13º Leo sextiles the moon and trines Uranus-Sun. No doubt about it, we are still within the ‘season’ of transformations on a grand scale both inner and outer. We may feel exhausted if we are still running at breakneck speed and not taking the down time when it is available to us. It is important for our health and continued well-being to take steps to gain as much clarity as we can about our ‘stuff’  and release all that is unnecessary.

Eclipses have 19-year cycles. April 3, 1996, was the Libra full moon total eclipse at 14º 32′. What was going on for you then; what was important, what were you going through? How have you evolved since that time and what lessons did you learn? Where do you feel you are being called to change now?

We consider 0° Aries as the beginning of the astronomical year, and the first sign of the zodiac. I have suspected for a while now that as the Great Year turns through the Yugas and Ages, this ‘new year’ may also move. As stated in past articles, the Age of Pisces we have just exited, is the low point of the greater span of time, the Kali Yuga (the Ages of Aries and Pisces). Our total available consciousness is at the farthest point from the Satya Yuga, otherwise known as the Golden Age (the Ages of Libra and Virgo). Humanity as a whole can no more understand the grand workings of the cosmos than can a flea hope to hold the Newton Chair of Physics at Cambridge. Humanity has forgotten and negated more wisdom during the Kali Yuga than can even be imagined by the less-than-5% brain capacity we now access. This wisdom was lost because of the war on the feminine principle that has been fully underway for 5000 years. We are pretty much groping in the dark all the time. The bright spot is that we are on the upswing moving toward higher potential consciousness now and there are always Guides for those willing to risk looking foolish by the rest of humanity’s standards.

The Great Year 'Hemispheres'

The Great Year ‘Hemispheres’

As the Earth precesses through the Great Wheel of the Zodiac, each Age may have recognized this cycle by commencing their astronomical new year with that Age’s sign. I didn’t do much with my theory until Emily Trinkaus mentioned something interesting in her recent article in The Mountain Astrologer: Author Geraldine Thorsten, in God Herself – the Feminine Roots of Astrology (1980), talks about Taurus being the beginning of the zodiac at some distant point in history: maybe during the Age of Taurus, do you think?

Our reckoning of Aries being the first sign of the zodiac would have begun at the Age of Aries, roughly 3000 BCE. By the time we got to the Age of Pisces (the shift from BCE to CE) no one remembered any more that we shift our focus astronomically every 2000 years or so. So we are presently continuing to still acknowledge Aries as the first sign, the commencement of the astronomical new year when right now, in my opinion, it should be Aquarius, the Age we have just entered. And not only have we entered a new Age, but a new Yuga as well. The Dwapara Yuga or the Bronze Age (not to be confused with the archeological bronze age). We are living in interesting times indeed.

Therefore, I propose that each Great Age recognized the constellation that rose with the sun at the Spring Equinox (or Autumn in some cultures)  within that Age’s portion of the zodiac as the commencement of their Zodiacal Year: currently Aquarius for sunrise on the Spring Equinox or the Leo for Autumn Equinox reckoning. The constellations of Pisces and Aquarius overlap, so it is anyone’s guess (remember we have forgotten so much) when to commence calculation of The Age of Aquarius, but I feel confident that we are there for many reasons.

You may well ask, “Who cares?” To which I will answer: I believe this information is fundamental and crucial to our current environmental crises. The basic feeling of connectedness with our Mother Earth is so entirely dead within our species as a whole, we are literally destroying the place that we depend upon for our very survival! This arrogant, enforced amnesia exemplifies how deep down in ignorance we have dropped compared to our far ancient grandmothers.

So many things that were once known are completely mysterious to us in an age when a great deal of humanity takes for granted that we are at the pinnacle of knowledge and achievement. This is the point I am trying to get across: that the cyclic rise and fall of consciousness as we precess through the Great Year is real and is the ‘missing link’ in many theories and supposed explanations about our distant past. We have no idea how the Easter Island statues were erected, nor Stonehenge, the pyramids, or Machu Picchu – nor even for what purpose they may have been built. Even though Western thought holds Plato in high esteem in the instances that comply with our preconceived ideas, we dismiss his information about Atlantis as fiction, myth or analogous to something he wished to get across about his own time. We view the past through our tinted, tainted lenses and call it accurate – call it Truth.

Humanity is in deep amnesia and many of us are struggling to wake up, re-connect and re-embrace the Goddess again; re-discover the ancient wisdom that is here for us. Nothing is hidden if we just open our ‘eye’. Clues are all around within and without. This is what I am writing about every month. I am trying desperately to remove these terrible lenses through which we have all been compelled for millennia to view the world-story. I will find and present a different story. It will not be the entire truth for that is not possible. But I will get closer to Our Story. And then what is further done with that is up to you.

The Ages of the Goddess, probably Leo through Taurus and Aquarius through Sagittarius, were so very connected to the Great Cycles. The patriarchy began its inroads from around the Age of Gemini gradually gathering steam until the Kali Yuga. It will be felt for at least another 2000 years (the overlap of the constellations Pisces and Aquarius), though dwindling in power and efficiency. I suspect that during the Golden Age, the Satya Yuga, folks didn’t focus on Goddess or God. I have a feeling there was just the ‘Is-ness’ of connection and it was as natural to them as our material dualism is to us.

As we continue with the exploration of Healing with the Great Year and the New Moon each month, a great deal more will be written about the Ages until there begins to come into view the herstory that we have been compelled to forget.

Many of us are remembering now because we have lived it all and we are awakening. We’ve lived through the Great Ages as powerful priestesses and highly conscious beings; and we’ve had to hide our female power and were killed for being women. If one takes reincarnation and karma into account, as I do, we have also lived the other side of the coin. We, as women, tend to identify with the victims of these patriarchal times, and that is natural because we inhabit women’s bodies. But as we move toward wisdom, perhaps we sense the shadow of our soul’s sojourn too: that of inhabiting a male body and being patriarchal oppressor, conqueror, orthodox rigid male ruler who destroyed our beautiful Goddess/Earth world. We all recycle around and through it all. So, really there is no one and nothing to blame except Ignorance. And from that place of compassion and hard-won wisdom, we make different choices to empower what we know from experiencing both positions: we make a stand for Love.

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About Zuzanna Vee

I am a visual artist and writer exploring the Great Mystery. The Great Goddess is my doorway to numinous wisdom; The Great Year Cycle, my multi-dimensional inspiration. I offer Goddess Consciousness apprenticeships and Goddess Astrology readings and training. Blessings to you all and thanks for reading.
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4 Responses to Musings on the Goddess and the Great Year

  1. Hi Zuzanna, This is such a good overview and has enough detail with personal nuances that it brings the whole, better into focus. Great work for us all. Much love,

    Angela K. Rider Sensible Mystic 503-206-7606


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  2. Marcia says:

    When the picture of your Libra card in this post showed up on my phone it was very small, of course. I thought you had drawn a uterus and fallopian tubes. When I enlarged it I saw it was the handle of the scabbard. Very clever!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Zuzanna Vee says:

    Thanks, Marcia. Fun with imagery!


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