Western Sidereal Astrology

"Shiva's Naandi"; acrylic on canvas, 16 x 20; by Zuzanna Vee

“Shiva’s Naandi”; acrylic on canvas, 16 x 20; by Zuzanna Vee

The western sidereal zodiac is where the stars actually are in the sky rather than the theoretical coordinates of the tropical zodiac used by mainstream astrology. Western sidereal astrology is how our ancient grandmothers approached astrology before the patriarchy decided Nature was not to be trusted.

Where each of the constellations sit with regard to the ‘houses’ and their relative sizes – as you can see, the constellations are not uniformly 30 degrees each.

Western sidereal astrology takes into consideration the scientifically observable precession of the equinoxes. Therefore, you may or may not be the same sign you thought you were. (For more about this fascinating subject, please read this article.)

The natal chart is a fundamental guide to the energies, tendencies, drives, capacities and abilities with which we are born. It is an example of our interdependence upon and with the Universe, showing time and again that we are connected in ways we can’t even imagine.

In our 90-minute session I will help you to understand more of who you authentically are, and how best to navigate your way through life’s potentials.

You can read my assessment of the late, great David Bowie’s sidereal natal chart here.

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Natal and Transits & Progressions sessions are $225 USD each and run approximately 90 minutes with you, and several hours in preparation. My readings are very detailed, and clients are welcome to record our session or take notes. 

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  • Other types of readings are available, for instance, Solar Return, Lunar Returns, Life Cycles… Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

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What my clients say:

I was thrilled to have an astrological reading by Zuzanna recently. Although I’ve had several readings done over the years, Zuzanna’s focus on the sidereal chart was an entirely new experience for me.
Zuzanna’s brilliance in offering this different kind of chart creation is matched by her incredibly articulate delivery of interpretations. She spent a generous 90 minutes on Skype with me, and every second was packed with new understanding and deeper knowledge of my self – past, present, and future. Zuzanna has the insight, clear communications, compassion, and fun personality to make the session touching, dynamic, and life-changing.
If you haven’t had your chart read, or if you haven’t been comfortable with interpretations you’ve received, a reading with Zuzanna will open you to new levels of awareness and harmony with yourself. And if traditional tropical readings have worked for you, go ahead and book a session with Zuzanna anyway: you’ll be awed by the widened perception it brings you! – Mary Ruth, Gainesville, FL


My reading with you was truly magical. I really loved learning about myself during the session. Hearing a new perspective on why things have lined up the way they did for me was so interesting and really helped me to make more sense of things.
Because of this new perspective on my life journey I feel more at peace with things that have happened in my past, feel content in the present moment, and now have insight on the steps I can take in order to have a happy, healthy, and successful future.
Thank you so much, Zuzanna. You are to the point yet gentle and soothing with your words. I really appreciate you taking the time to be so clear and so informative when reading my chart! You are awesome!
– Natalie Baker, Culver City, CA


Zuzanna is a talented artist, writer, and astrologer with the added dimension of a wonderful integrity. She recently did a reading for me based the sidereal system of astrology. She has put many years into learning this very complex art. Each reading requires hours of analysis and preparation before the interpretation session. I came to the reading knowing nothing about astrology and with an open mind. I learned that the sidereal zodiac is based on the pre-patriarchal vision of the actual heavens.
As a woman of a ‘certain age,’ the majority of my life has already passed. It was fascinating and affirming to learn how closely my life’s path followed my chart. Zuzanna is gifted at interpreting the chart in a practical manner that is helpful for the client. Some aspects of my life that had seemed contradictory fell into place with her reading and explanation. The guidance this provides is useful as I look to my future. Anyone, especially the young who haven’t quite ‘found’ his or her self, will also benefit from a reading by Zuzanna.   – Marcia, Pittsboro, NC

All artwork is copyright © Zuzanna Vee and may not be used without permission expressly from the artist.