About Zuzanna Vee


photograph by Zen Shoemaker

I am an Inter-dimensional navigator in service to The Field. A life-long Contact Experiencer, I was 2½ years old at the time of my first remembered contact with non-human Intelligences. It is my job to bring the Inter-dimensional Teachings forward to share with those who are ready to receive it.

Since 2018 I have lived a nomadic lifestyle, trusting my Inter-dimensional Team to guide me toward Truth. I blog about my adventures on this site.

The Goddess Consciousness work was created through transmission with my Inter-dimensional Team and brought me to an entirely new paradigm. You can still read the archived articles; the course work has now been retired as of February 12, 2020. The Goddess Consciousness apprenticeship and Goddess Astrology training facilitated movement into the New Reality. My work now is to help those who have stepped into the New Reality and need navigation skills.

To step into the New Reality we let go of all our past stories and who we tell ourselves, and others, we are; let go of fear and the need to ‘fit in’ to a reality that is no longer relevant. To operate effectively in the New Reality we embrace love, surrender and trust in our Source connection.

“Evolution of an Experiencer”, a dialogue between myself and Eileen Meyer, recorded March 27, 2020.

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For more Info
Contact me here.

For Goddess Astrology Readings, click here.
For information about sidereal astrology, read this article.

Jennifer Pennington conducted an interview with me that was posted August 10, 2015. With her kind permission, you can read it here.

I am honored to have four of my oil paintings of Sekhmet included in Daughter of the Sun: a devotional anthology in honor of Sekhmet, published  October 18, 2015. You can read more about the book and order here.

All paintings are copyright © Zuzanna Vee and may not be used without permission expressly from the artist.

21 thoughts on “About Zuzanna Vee

  1. jeanw5

    Zusanna, I’m so impressed with your obvious talent and wisdom and that you have become what you are and still retain (or have developed) a gentle face. I’m only a would-be in so many callings; how could I not feel envy.


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