New Moon in Sidereal Scorpio, November 29, 2016

As mentioned at the last full moon, this will be my final blog entry for now (I may come back to this at a later date). This journey began with a new moon, and appropriately ends on one. I have come to the end of this mode of exploration and sharing. I can’t even begin to articulate the deep healing and profound transformation the inquirey into the Great Year, Goddess Consciousness and the implementation of it’s wisdom and tools has brought to me. When I look back over the last two and a half years, I am staggered. Though I intend to focus more deeply on my own inner work and process, I will continue to see Western Sidereal Astrology and Tarot clients; I will always continue to paint. Please contact me if you wish to participate in this work with me.

Broadly, I see my work as dismantling the patriarchy and helping to usher in the rebirth of Goddess Consciousness. Toward that goal I work tirelessly to uncover the patriarchy within myself, so there is a chance it can be dismantled outside of me. It begins with a change in thinking: the conscious choice of words, and small daily choices of being – many not easy – none popular. The Collective Unconscious, which directs humanity as a whole at certain levels, is under tremendous pressure to become conscious and change – and it is. We are on the upswing of consciousness in the Great Year rather than the downswing (as we experienced after the cataclysms and resultant inexorable movement toward what would become our present patriarchal way of life). That is some comfort in these dark times for me.

The website, Cycles of Healing, will remain public – all writing and art work is © Zuzanna Vee, please respect this. The time sensitive material has been (or will be) removed. The Cycles of Healing Facebook page will remain active and I will post astro-updates and other posts I feel are relevant to Goddess Consciousness. Please join the page if you are interested in receiving these notices.


Scorpio; from a set of 60 divinatory cards created by Zuzanna in the mid-90s; 2.5 x 4; mixed media

Scorpio; from a set of 60 divinatory cards created by Zuzanna Vee; 2.5 x 4; mixed media

The New Moon in Sidereal Scorpio is exact at 7:18 am EST. In the last post I stated I would be looking at the new moon chart. Instead I will be looking at the Solstice chart. Read about the Age of Scorpio here for more information about healing with the New Moon cycle.

The Winter Solstice is at 5:44 am EST on December 21, 2016. If you can, meditate for 15 minutes either side of this time and align yourself to the changing of the season. Be receptive to what comes up for you, but focus on your breath, bodily sensation, or a mantra – whatever is your usual practice. This Solstice feels as if it will be particularly powerful. Try to maintain awareness on your inner life and not distracted by the outer – this is what the patriarchy expects: busy-ness, maxing out credit cards and running about trying to manage the ‘holiday spirit’. Try something different for a change if you would like a different outcome.

If these planets aspect planets in your natal chart, you will likely feel the effects personally as well as collectively.

The Sun is in the 2nd house at 5º 54′ Sagittarius. Our vitality is adventurous, broadminded and curious. These are the qualities that will bring true security to our lives, and keep us getting up in the mornings. Nurture them.

The Moon is 10º 01′ in 11th house Virgo and is sextile Vesta in 9th house Cancer. We feel our calling to service through certain circles and must always remember to take care of Self first. If it is our knee-jerk reaction to look after others first and foremost, then step back, ask for assistance if we need it. Get enough quality sleep, nourishing food, and healing herbal teas (Virgo). When our base camp (Cancer) is in order then we can step out (9th house) and interact on a larger platform. What is needed now is warrior women, not martyrs.

The North Node is n the 10th house of public identity at 12º 41′ Leo. While the North Node is in Leo we are collectively called to be more creative, spontaneous and fun-loving. These are additional qualities to navigate toward. The NN is a little more than half way through this constellation, so we have several more months to get this Leo energy well integrated. We may need to be more imaginative with what our career life looks like now. Things are changing rapidly and we need to keep flexible and adaptable. Letting go of preconceived ideas in the 10th house area is strategic wisdom.

Asteroid 1181 Lilith (18º 40′) is conjunct Venus (21º 44′) in Capricorn 3rd house.  We may have come up for us, as women, the familiar feelings of not being wanted, of needing to deny our true selves in order to achieve ‘apparent’ safety and security. Observe these feelings and step away from the Collective that dictates how women should be – how you have been told you need to be – and start to live your life as a free, unfettered woman. Recognize patriarchal manipulation and refuse to be duped any more. Speak your truth, speak your mind with kindness, strength and solidarity. Align with Goddess. With retrograde Asteroid Eurydice highest in the chart at the cusp of the 9th/10th houses, we are intuitively feeling that we need to do this ourselves and not relying on men to make the world right again. The patriarchy has taken us to the brink of annihilation and they are not to be looked toward as saviors. We do our part as women by uncovering the patriarchal programming in ourselves and refusing to be part of the destruction any longer. Keywords: self-sovereignty, self-reliance, authenticity.

Jupiter (25º 48′ 11th house Virgo) conjuncts dwarf planet Haumea (28º 30′); opposes retrograde Uranus (26º 29′ 5th house Pisces) and squares Pluto (22º 30′ 2nd house Sagittarius). Jupiter expands what it touches, and in this case Haumea has to do with awakening global consciousness. This could happen in unexpected, creative ways (Uranus) and produce a deep transformative experience (Pluto) that could finally begin to get us to look at security in very different ways. This configuration also supports self- sovereignty, self-reliance and being our authentic selves.

The Saturn-Neptune square, which we will feel the effects of for quite some time, is no longer active as an aspect. However, Chiron (26º 46′ 4th house Aquarius) has stepped in, and squaring Saturn, may bring some much needed healing in to our rocked foundations (forth house). Difficult issues will come to the surface to be faced frankly and then released, so that we can move forward more fully integrated than previously. The steps are important: face the challenge, be/act accordingly, forgive/let it go.

In forth house Aquarius we have: Chiron; Pallas Athena conjunct Mars; the south node conjunct Neptune. This forth house energy may play is huge part in the next three months. We want to get things done, but wounds are up for healing now and it isn’t the time to forge forward – yet. Instead take the spiritual warrior stance rather than the worldly warrior (that personae is so old school now anyway). With Neptune in the mix we may be confused, and not see what is going on clearly. The appropriate response when we feel stuck is to look to the 10th house polarity of Leo: be creative, out there, and demonstrate the royal mastery of what our years of spiritual training have readied us for with the Lioness’s open heartedness and unbounded compassion.

Uranus is still conjunct Eris, and now Ceres, and is trine Saturn in the first house at 26º 03′ Scorpio. This aspect could ease the changes coming in our midst now as Saturn tempers the erratic Uranus, and disruptive Eris. Ceres demands that we nurture ourselves creatively and go with the flow of whatever changes need to happen. During this entire Eris-Uanus conjunction, we have been presented choices that can bring dire consequences. Yet it is our free will and choice making that brings on these conscequences, not Eris Herself. Pay attention to the choices you are presented with and be congnisant of the global effect the outcome may (and has) had.

Mercury (20º 49′) and Pluto (22º 30′) are conjunct in 2nd house Sagittarius. Our way of thinking, communicating and processing mental data is up for transformation. Whatever looks as if it is on the way out, let it go, bless its past benefit, and look forward. Whatever leaves as a result of Pluto – any time – it is a good practice to burn those bridges and get into a higher octave of living. Our culture does not support burning bridges. We tend to hang on to things, people, and circumstances way beyond the time they were helpful or appropriate. This is another of the many, many ways to get out from the patriarchal grip: always question ‘collective wisdom’. It has its roots in control, domination and subjugation.


You can view all 12 paintings that I created for the first cycle of the New Moon Healing and the Great Year Cycle here

At the new year I am opening up a limited number of one-year apprenticeships in working with the Great Year and Goddess Consciousness material. The applicant will be an awakening woman who is interested in the symbolic languages of dreams, archetypes, myth and astrology; she knows she is ready to deepen her experience of Self and has a deep knowing that what we have been sold as historical fact is not true; she questions everything of the patriarchy and is dedicated to uncovering her inner patriarchal programming. This course is a spiritual mystery school in purpose and practice. Contact me if you are interested, and I will send you further information. Serious inquiries only, please.

I thank each and every one of you who took the time to follow, read, comment, share, and ‘like’ the articles, donated, or worked with me individually. I hope the exploration has enriched your life as much as it has mind, and will continue to do so.

As challenging as life is for all of us, regardless of gender, race, or socio-economic status, I feel we are blessed to be alive now and to have the opportunity to midwife a new way of being into the Collective. We live in the pivotal time of cusp transition from one Yuga and one Age to another. As difficult as our journey is, the benefits of continuing to try are proportional. Keep up the great work, brave souls! Blessed be.

Goddess Astrology is here! A new precedent for astrological knowledge. Follow your destiny….

Goddess Consciousness Apprenticeships start at any new moon of the year.

On my Youtube channel, Zuzanna Vee,  I will post, monthly for the new moon, information pertinent to healing with the Great Year and the New Moon. The first of 12 will be the Aquarius New Moon 2018.

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About Zuzanna Vee

I am a visual artist and writer exploring the Great Mystery. The Great Goddess is my doorway to numinous wisdom; The Great Year Cycle, my multi-dimensional inspiration. I offer Goddess Consciousness apprenticeships and Goddess Astrology readings and training. Blessings to you all and thanks for reading.
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