The Clarion Call

We have a Sidereal Aries new moon on the 22nd of April (which just happens to conjunct my ASC and that has just had its last pass of a Uranus transit), hence this blog is directed toward Light Warriors.

When the name of this website/blog, Cycles of Healing, came to me, I thought it was because of the content at that time, i.e. The Great Year and the Goddess material: the great cycles of time. Now, I realize the name of the site indicates that its content would change and shift over time as I continue my own evolution. My Team clearly has a long-term, panoramic view of my life.

After the Great Year material, 26 foundational articles still available in the archives, I did new and full moon tarot readings for a time. Because of the time sensitive nature of that material I deleted it all from the blog – too much clutter. Then came the Great Experiment: the nomadic lifestyle. That is still ongoing, but I feel I am now shifting into the very necessary expression of what is currently going on in the world, how I see/feel it, and how it can impact us personally if we allow it. The recorded Experiencer Dialogues served as a segue into this territory, and will continue to be posted as we Experiencers explore our previously hidden lives (not necessarily hidden to us, but hidden to the outside world).

To get you up-to-speed, listen to this incredible offering of Perfection from poet Eileen Meyer: this is the Clarion Call I allude to in the title of this blog. Then continue reading if you feel it is relevant to where you, as a woman of the New Reality, want to be.

Now, if this poem spoke to you, I have a few other questions for you: Have you felt, since the Corona Virus came onstage that things suddenly fell into place for you? Do you feel that this is the time you were born for? Have you sustained, without much, or any effort, a heightened joy for the past month or so?

On March 23rd of 2019 I received the transmission below. At the time I had no idea what this implied. Now I do. Where we are right now, with lockdown and Corona Virus fear, started at least a year before we locked down, and a good many months before the Virus even materialized. Whatever you feel the cause of the Virus may be, it has deep implications, significance and origins.

There is a wave of energy from the Center and other side of the Galaxy coming through this solar system just now. So, although the CMEs contribute, a much larger issue is at hand. This energy has the capacity to change life dramatically by altering consciousness in all beings that are open to such dramatic shifts within themselves. There will be many humans who will experience this negatively and attribute it to various illnesses. If they remain on that trajectory, they will loose opportunities. So, don’t go thinking this is illness. It is not. It is not tick-borne disease, cancer, chronic fatigue or anything else.

It is a highly challenging energy from an entirely different place in your physical portion of the Universe. These waves will come in sweeping rhythms for at least several months. Possibly six or more. As you continue exposure to them, you will acclimate slowly. It is important at such times, as you are aware of their presence, to drink lots of fluids, sustain your nourishment with food (and supplements if needed). Time outside in the sun and under the stars will also help because all are getting this foreign energy and All will help all to acclimate.

Ultimately this energy will redirect your purpose, motivation and desires if you allow yourself, as you knew it, to dissolve away. As this old you begins to dissolve, there can potentially be felt panic. This is ego based and not to be feared. Allow the feeling to flow through and out. As this is accomplished, more of the new you can build itself from within. This is a unique opportunity for quite quick and successful changes to take place not only thoroughly within the individual, but on a rather large scale within the grand sweep of species generally.

This may be difficult for a time, but you have many tools that will help you. For even though you become new, what you have learned will sustain you. You will not be left without the ability to help yourself with these tools and modalities. Yet, the expected outcomes may be different. So, we advise that you pay attention, learn and note the changes and go forward much more aware and better informed through and for this new process. It is ultimately a cleansing. Those for whom it is a disease will suffer because they won’t have a cure. There is only change. Be willing to be different and in that way help the forward movement of this special influx from across the Center and from the other side (of our Galaxy/Milky Way).

I actually talked about this energy in some posts throughout the year, but I did not have the big picture by any stretch of the imagination. What this transmission has done for me now is to show me that something much bigger is going on. How I felt about the Virus when it showed up was much as I state in the questions to you, the reader, above. I do not make light of other’s suffering, and that I feel the need to say so only indicates my experience of how such information is often received by the Collective: women get burned at the stake. Or now, we are simply ignored.

So, now I ask you: how have you spent the past month in lockdown? Has it been a torture and you can’t wait until things get back to normal? Or, are you embracing the changes as a very necessary time of re-evaluation of how we live on this beautiful blue planet, our Mother in every sense of the word. We are reliant upon Her for our very lives.

Hopefully it has not passed by your notice that since we have been stopped from living our usual lives, the air has cleared dramatically, the waters have brightened, animals have ventured where they once feared to go, and humanity has been given the incredible opportunity to turn inward and reassess what it is we are doing with our lives, to this planet, to Nature, and each other. It is an inside job. You can no longer point a finger.

It is possible that when the stay-at-home order lifts, many will rush out to once again destroy the planet, to distract themselves however they were used to, and life may seem to go back to ‘normal’ (but not natural). I suggest caution in how you reintegrate back into outer life when the time comes. You have been changed by this. Can you embody it? If nothing else this hiatus has shown that Mother Nature, Gaia, does not need humans to clean Her up, save Her, or anything else. If nothing else have humility and think before getting in your car, before purchasing anything, and before distracting yourself with your favorite addiction.

I humbly suggest considering down sizing dramatically, consolidate or liquidate your assets (if you are feeling ‘nudged’, follow it), and consider working from home if you can, or even better, working for your community instead of Corporate America (no matter how benign you believe that business to be). Learn to get along well with less. Reduce what is ‘necessary’ for your upkeep and reduce spending (the most rebellious act you can do in America), pay off what debt you can if you can, and learn practical skills that will help you live, i.e. vegetable gardening, wild plant identification, raising chickens, actually cook your meals, not relying on restaurants or packets of so called ‘food’, self healing and herbal medicine.

Learn to look at, and identify, the stars, bring back the art of porch sitting, note where the four directions are from your home, meditate often, lay on the ground daily if you have that available to you. Learn the rhythms of The Mother: where and when the sun and moon rise and set from your home, the weather and cloud patterns – they are related, where the moon is by daily observation (day and night), the growing season, and what grows easiest where you live. Exercise daily in some way. Get fresh air and stand barefoot on the ground often.

Below is the latest Experiencer Dialogue where the four of us, Eileen, Jeanne, Janine, and myself, discuss how we receive information, transmissions, guidance, and what that has looked like over the decades. This is a skill that everyone has available to them. We are not special or ‘different’ in any way. If you wish to have support in learning this skill, I am available to you. Contact me here. I have successfully taught this to other women in the past, and now it is even more important to do so. You may also have experienced women in your own local community who can support you in this endeavor. This skill may be the most important thing you learn in the coming years. It will help you in everything you do. Don’t wait until you need it before getting familiar with the process! That is dicey at best.

In closing I will say, thank you for getting this far, if you are still reading this! We are headed into challenging times, confusing times, the best of times. The proverbial chaff is being separated from the wheat. Shortly Pluto will be exiting Sidereal Capricorn and retrograding back into Sagittarius temporarily. Toward the end of the year when Pluto re-enters Capricorn, and stays there for approximately 14 years, things are going to heat up. More Truth will be revealed, whether we want to see it or not, across all levels and areas of life. This is the Change we’ve been talking about ad nauseum for decades. We chose to be here for it. What is our part in this change and how do we flow with trust and faith? That is up to each of us to discover over time and with careful inner focus. We have help available to us. Reach out and ask.


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3 thoughts on “The Clarion Call

  1. Eileen Meyer

    Pure brilliance in the receiving and sharing of your intuitive gifts. Thank you for your radiance in this world, Zuzanna. I am so honored that you have included my poem in your important message to the world. I hear and respond to the call alongside all True Light Warriors. Onward!

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