New Moon in Sidereal Taurus 2018

This new moon is at 0° 30’ Sidereal Taurus, exact at 7:49 am EDT. It is just inside the constellation of Taurus and therefore could retain some flavor or Aries as well. Taurus Sun and Moon widely oppose a retrograde Jupiter in 5th Area Libra. Balancing relationship issues may come up for us this month: Security vs. Others, our personal values vs. other’s value systems, etc. We need to stick to our own values rather that trying to squeeze ourselves into someone else’s for the sake of harmony, or loneliness. We do not win when we give up our Selves to get what we think we want. If we know who we are and what we need, we should be fine.

We have Chiron in sidereal Pisces and Neptune in Aquarius with the Mid-Heaven point. There may be some painful awareness and confusion or idealism around our career or public Area of Life. Step back and observe what is happening in this area of your life and don’t act out of fear. Stay grounded and notice. If you are called to make decisions that are potentially life-changing, wait until you can calmly think it through first. The same could open up in the Global Arena with political leaders reassessing their strategies. Remember, the Universe shows us what is. It is our job to accept that and let go our ego gratification if it doesn’t match up. We will be guided by noticing what is. If it is not to our liking, we need to reassess our values, not push against what is, but move into acceptance and learn the lessons the Universe has set forth.

In 11th Area of Life Aries, Uranus and Mercury conjunct. We may have some sudden lightning bolt ideas that change the game for us. Or information comes to us right when we need it and can act accordingly. We need to hold off any new long-term commitments to groups or projects involving more than just ourselves. Again, stand back, observe and see how everything falls in or out of place. Then we can make up our minds and act accordingly. Follow the path of effortless doing.

And with Venus, as the Evening Star, conjunct this chart’s Ascendant in Gemini, knowing what our values are will be very important in this coming month: an echo of the New Moon configuration. This aspect squares Neptune so we need to give this some careful thought and attention, see if we want to alter anything in our value system and then step forward into that with authenticity and clarity.

Both Saturn and Pluto are retrograde and in 7th Area Sagittarius. We will be revisiting issues to do with relating as well as beliefs or philosophy. Black Moon Lilith is conjunct Pluto (and both are opposing Asteroid Lilith) and we may have feelings of inadequacy, and banishment for being ourselves. It is best to observe these feelings as they arise, noticing any knee-jerk urges that might crop up. Then we have the ability to heal with conscious attention rather than perpetuating the same habitual responses.

Energetically it is a time to really commit to self and our authenticity. The month of May could give us a collective breather, but life is still intense. Don’t be fooled into complacency. There is no place for that any more. If something isn’t working for you, reassess the process even if everyone around you insists that technique works. Listen to your own wisdom. Let go of seeking answers on the Internet, through books, or ‘other’ sources other than yourself. Go even more deeply than you have ever gone and commit 100% to Self through love, listening and then acting when appropriate. Release fear, sorrow, grief, bitterness, etc. This means you will feel it as it is releasing and this is tough – but so worth it! It passes more easily without resistance.

Personally, this is a very intense time for me with six transiting Uranus aspects (some once-in-a-life-time), a major once-in-a-lifetime Pluto transit and various other astro intensities. I am going to once again pull back from my writing & videos and be for me. There is some deep listening to do as the Universe points the way with what is. Uncluttering and allowing are the watchwords.

I will still be offering private astrology readings. Please get in touch if this work has resonated with you. It is a lifeline to me as I navigate through this time, and it is wonderful to share this bright wisdom with others.

Thanks to everyone who has liked, shared, commented, etc. on my various social media. I always appreciate knowing that my work has affected someone positively.

Blessings to you all,


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Aries New Moon 2018

This new moon is at 2° Sidereal Aries, exact at 8:58 pm EDT. Both sun and moon are closely conjunct Uranus in 7th Area of Life Aries in this chart. Our feeling nature as well as our vitality is up for some powerful influence. Look out for sudden, possibly dramatic, upheavals in this area relating to others. Take extremely good care of health on all levels (sleep, eating, hydration, emotional/psychological balance) and use the tools at hand for support during this time. We may discover some deeply rooted emotional component that might suddenly makes sense in the overall scheme of what we need to release to move forward. This can be a great time of self-vitalization if we do not stubbornly try to hold onto what was. This is where suffering is guaranteed. Let that stuff go and move on! That means we no longer feel badly about it – it just doesn’t come into our awareness anymore once it is release. There is now space for other things to come up into our consciousness to be released likewise. It is a continual process. Spring cleaning and getting rid of the past that one no longer needs, looks at or uses is a great step in clearing energies out. If you haven’t done anything with it in the last 2 years, move it on.

Venus is now the Evening Star and can be seen low in the West just after sunset in Aries. Get out and admire Her beauty. She is very available to commune with us and give us support in aligning more authentically with what we value in life. This will also help with the steps we need to move forward at this time. Opposite retrograde Jupiter, this can enhance the process (Jupiter’s energy won’t be quite so excessive), and guide us to a more authentic philosophy of life generally.

Neptune is sextile Venus and trine Jupiter, so they are all working together for our best possible outcome even though it may not always feel like it. Neptune can create confusion and delusions of grandeur, so, as is always wise, use a balance of head and heart when making choices however small. In this way, we may accomplish our dreams through judicial use of these powerful forces.

Mercury is going direct today, April 15, and is moving away from its conjunction with Chiron, but only 5 degrees away in 6th Area of Life Pisces. This may have brought, or will bring, challenging conversations, or mental stress and pain generally, over the last month. As Mercury moves away, and if we took the opportunities for clarity and authenticity, we can integrate the process now and move on. See a theme building here for this month? Retrograde asteroid Eurydice opposes this conjunction and lends Her need-to-do-it-Herself energy to this mix.

At the bottom of the chart in 3rd Area Sagittarius are some heavy hitters: Saturn, Mars, Black Moon Lilith and Pluto are in a stellium (all lined up). This accentuates everyone’s power that appears in the stellium. Depending on where this falls in our personal charts (which Area of Life is Sagittarius in your Sidereal chart?), we will experience strong, powerful forces in our lives driving us toward responsible, patient, transformative action and dealing with feelings of not being good enough for who we are.

The Ascendant of this new moon chart is in Libra, and therefore we are seeking balance. We do not have balance – Libra is not the easy-going energy we may think – we will collectively be floundering around trying to gain equilibrium. Knowing this can help when issues arise, or things seems to spin out of control. These are situations in which we have the opportunity to find poise within ourselves even as we seek harmony in the world around us.

Watch the sister companion video for Aries here. I talk about fear and the ascension process.

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New Moon in Sidereal Pisces 2018

This new moon is at 3° Sidereal Pisces, exact at 8:13 am EDT. Mars is at the top of the chart at 5° 47’ Sagittarius in the 10th Area of Life. So, there will likely be an increase of desire to stretch for goals in the public arena this month. Mars is spontaneous, but also reckless. Use a balance of head and heart to move toward goals and above all exercise patience.

Stacked up behind Mars is Saturn, the Mid-Heaven, Black Moon Lilith, Pluto and asteroid Yoko. The energies here are intense and require mature, responsible bearing. There could be feelings of not being good enough as you are, feeling ostracized or exiled, reviled or attacked for being you. This can have a positive transformative effect ultimately if you do not react, but simple observe what is happening (this does not mean not to protect oneself or step out of the fray). This all depends upon if these transiting planets are aspecting your natal planets, so not everyone is going to experience these ‘symptoms’.

Then in the first Area of Life there is another stack of celestial bodies, squaring the 10th. Sun and Moon are obviously here. Then right behind them are Venus, Mercury, Ascendant, Eris; and closely conjunct but in Aries is Uranus: another power spot in this month’s chart, with the majority of action happening in these two areas, 10th and 1st.

Our vitality is nurtured with dreamy, quiet, Oceanic vistas under the stars. Take time to get the equivalent. Our values and how we use our mind this month will take on Piscean qualities: compassion, expanded love for all, and deep empathy for All Our Relations.

Jupiter is now retrograde in the final degree of Libra, moving back into Libra for a final opportunity to revisit, and reassess how we do relationships, what needs balancing in our lives, and how to expand our relating whilst remaining balanced and being there for ourselves. Neptune is off by itself widely trining Jupiter that could lend a bit of confusion in the reassessment process. This is just an opportunity to look at things with a different perspective, and will pass as the aspect widens.

Uranus in Aries, the second area of life in this chart, may signify some upheaval in the security and financial stability of our lives. Take care to do what you can to keep afloat – financial risk taking is inadvisable this year generally.

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New Moon in Sidereal Aquarius 2018

Aquarius by Susan Seddon Boulet

This new moon, at 3° Sidereal Aquarius and exact at 4 pm EST, is semi-sextiling last month’s Capricorn new moon. It is also an eclipse.

At the top of the chart we have the Mid-heaven conjunct Uranus and Eris. We may be seeing some political volatility… governments, and governing institutions that are on the way out. They are struggling to stay, implementing draconian measures to ensure their continuation, but they are their own undoing. Uranus is in the first degree of Aries and may bode violent machinations.

However, in our personal lives, for those who are awakening day-by-day, Uranus in Aries can give us the strength, determination and power to go forward creating a paradigm that has more compassion, love and good for All Our Relations. It is our choice – always. Eris is the Goddess of Choices and often these choices seem to be damned if you do, damned if you don’t. But as Stephan A. Schwartz says in his wonderful book, The 8 Laws of Change, if we make each choice the highest we can reach for in each situation each day, we will soon change the entire world. Do not choose from fear, choose from your highest knowing of what is correct. This is how the world will change.

Opposing this configuration in the first degree of Libra, we have asteroid Haumea, the sovereign lady who belongs to no man, and represents our awakening Goddess consciousness. She brings about this awakening often through traumatic events. The Goddess is awakening. She is the foundation of our deepest Self, the real home which we all long to find. Seek that belonging through Her, and welcome deep sudden changes, long waiting in the wings of our life. It is time!

Libra is Goddess Athyr’s Court. Here is where true beauty, art and culture reside. Sink your roots deep into Beauty. Ask yourself what is beauty. How do you involve yourself in the arts – do so directly, not as a passive viewer only. Participate! This is this month’s vital energy….. Actively seek Beauty in whatever way that means to you.

Jupiter is going to almost get out of Libra and then retrograde on March 9th. So, we will have more time to expand our relationships and meet new people who perhaps can travel for a time with us on this new venture. Jupiter will finally enter Scorpio mid-October, where seeking our deepest truth will be expanded and moved forward with the help of others, and other’s through our help. While Jupiter remains in Libra, ask yourself what is your deepest truth. What are your values…what is it that you most value?

We have a conjunction in Aquarius of Sun, Moon, and Mercury. Our very life’s vitality is dependent upon our finding the way to express our deepest feeling nature in a way that is unique, surprising and of use to Goddess-aware humanity. Our feeling nature needs to break free into a new way of experiencing life; our deep wisdom needs to embrace Aquarian ideals, not just giving lip-service with comfortable platitudes.

The Constellation of Cancer is rising in this new moon chart-map indicating that we must give our deepest love and caring to ourselves first before we can go out into the world and change a thing. We need to honor ourselves and be vigilant about our health, what enters through our senses, who we associate with and what we lend our valuable time to. We are learning how to be different than we were taught. The only way to learn it is to do it. It won’t be easy; nothing worthwhile ever is. Unplug and get out into Nature. Sit and space out. Walk and breathe. Let the Mother soothe your soul and speak to your heart.

Announcement: Hi Everyone! I have created a 12-month newsletter project, Goddess Consciousness, for awakening women. This newsletter will contain energy-astro updates (a la the blog, but often with additional info), a channeled message from The Seas of Long Ago Time, a link to my most recent Youtube 12-part video series, The Great Year and New Moon Healing Cycle, original artwork from a new year-long project I’m working on, and a creative challenge exercise. Much information will be included in the newsletter that won’t appear anywhere else. If you are interested in receiving this, contact me  and you will be included. Thanks!

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Full Moon Eclipse in Sidereal Cancer 2018

Full Moon Eclipse, 8:28 am EDT on January 31st, 2018, at 17° Sidereal Cancer.

We have another 5 weeks of all planets direct? How are you all experiencing this long time of no retrogrades? Is the logjam breaking up? Catharsis, anyone?

We are still in the cycle of the New Moon that happened two weeks ago. Now, with the full of the moon, we may begin to see outward signs of that which we experienced internally. What is coming your way? What feels ‘eclipsed’?

There is much inner darkness to face. When we do this with Self-compassion, and not judging or reproaching ourselves for such, we can release it. Revulsion is the same as attraction. It keeps the energy with us.

Here is a piece from my team about what we are really being asked to do.

The way IN is inward
Not by looking outward

The way IN is through quiet,
Solitude, Self-absorption

The way IN is long, laborious,
And with many obstacles

The way IN lies through
Inner absorption to the exclusion of all else

The way IN is through a
Tightly locked door whose only key
Is one hidden amongst the Mess of Mind

The way IN is the only Path worth traveling
Even though it is fraught with
Hardships innumerable

The way IN is
Your only way out…

Blessings to you all on this full moon eclipse – keep going….


Goddess Astrology is here! A new precedent for astrological knowledge. Follow your destiny….

Goddess Consciousness Apprenticeships start at any new moon of the year.

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New Moon in Sidereal Capricorn 2018

Happy New Moon at 3° Sidereal Capricorn (exact tonight at 9:18 pm EST)! With all the planets direct now until early March, it is a great time to get things moving. Make plans, build structure, move what you’ve been dreaming about into the public arena. Set your intentions for this month’s cycle to begin this process.

If you are not clear about what your intentions are, now is the time to gain clarity through quietude, meditation and journaling.

Asteroid Lilith is on the MC, so you may experience feelings of exile, or banishment for being your beautiful authentic self publicly. Don’t buckle to collective pressure to compromise. Authenticity is your most precious possession.

Eris and Uranus are still conjunct. Uranus has just moved back into Aries and will be here till June 2014.

Sun has just moved into Capricorn and is conjunct the moon (as always at the new moon) and Venus.

Seshen’s Ambassador Mars is in the Court of Selket in the 4th area of life. There is a new push to move into the metaphysical world and seek deep truth. Mars will give you the stamina necessary for his journey. Through challenges we gain great gifts: remember that the Lotus struggles upward through the muck and mire and eventually breaks the surface of the water into the light: enlightenment comes with effort. Keep this image in mind throughout this Capricorn cycle.

As mentioned previously, we are entering a pivotal 2-year period, 2018-2020, when much is changing swiftly. I can’t stress the importance of this enough. It will profoundly affect everyone and everything on the planet. It’s happening now.

Security is most cherished and that needs to shift solidly from a material base to an inner spiritual one. This will not be easy for anyone who has been dependent upon material security (all of us) yet must be met head on if we are to thrive.

To make this personal adjustment it will be necessary to understand our Selves more than ever, to hone and listen to our intuition, and to have confidence in our inner guidance – a huge challenge as we go from one paradigm to the new Goddess Consciousness.

Goddess Astrology presents your Life Contract clearly. Consider booking an appointment at this transitional time. If you feel called to deeper inner study, the Mystery School is now open: a Goddess Consciousness apprenticeship or Goddess Astrology training may be your Path. Contact me for more details.

I am here to support this crucial development with many tools and insights. This promises to be a time we let go of all we’ve previously relied upon, and step up to a way of life that will make the previous ‘new age’ seem like kindergarten.

It’s time to step into your Mastery –

2018 will be the most important year of your life

if you are willing to step up to Life

In Love,


Goddess Astrology is here! A new precedent for astrological knowledge. Follow your destiny….

Goddess Consciousness Apprenticeships start at any new moon of the year.

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Happy New Moon in Sidereal Sagittarius 2017!

It has been 13 months since I stopped posting on this blog to have more time to be quiet, contemplative, and introspective. I hope you all have had an inspiring year too. What an incredible year it has been!

I began my first year-long Goddess Apprenticeship program working the new moon in conjunction with the Great Year, and so much more that comes up, as we are guided by my Team to work deeply in de-programming the patriarchal overlay we all carry. It has been gratifying, inspiring and better than I could have imagined.

I spent the last half of this year channeling profound downloads that led to the creation of Goddess Astrology, a whole new system of astrology, the cosmic influences we experience. There is potential for great healing in working with this system, and in conjunction with Goddess Consciousness studies, is an entire Mystery School of Wisdom. I am humbled.

I finished my first book, Goddess Consciousness: dismantling the patriarchy, in what appears now will be a non-fiction Goddess Trilogy. I am currently working on the book Goddess Astrology, which like Goddess Consciousness, will be a manual for teaching this work. Goddess Astrology Training will begin next year; the readings are available as of January. You can book now.

I also started a Youtube channel, Zuzanna Vee, for channelled messages this summer. If you were following Cycles of Healing on Facebook, you already know about this.

Here’s a look at current celestial events :

The new moon at 2º Sagittarius, marks a celestial new year. It conjuncts the Great Rift of the Milky Way contemporarily set at 3º Sag. On the 21st at 11:29 am EST, we also have another new year when the constellation of Sagittarius rises at dawn, right around 5º marking the Winter Solstice. This is double-whammy energy of the Great Rift, the gateway through which we access the Galactic Center, The Great Mother. The Sagittarius new moon and the Solstice don’t always happen so close together. Make conscious use of this auspicious timing for a new year and make sure you are doing those creative activities that enthuse and inspire you and that you want to include in the coming year.

The energy of this new moon can give us enthusiasm to follow what inspires, and inwardly motivates us. Without overdoing anything, you can feel positive and good during the holiday season as long as you choose personal authenticity as your guiding principle. The holiday season is always a time for making these often difficult choices and helps us practice being true to ourSelf.

You will more easily see the constellation of Sagittarius in the summer months after dark in the south. Have a look for a teapot – it looks nothing like a centaur or an archer. Sagittarius the Teapot suits me fine!

Mercury is retrograde in Scorpio until the 23rd; out of its shadow period January 10th.

Uranus is retrograde on the Aries cusp the rest of this month. Going direct on January 2, 2018, this marks a period of no retrograde planets until March 9th when Jupiter begins that process right at the end of Libra.

This more than two month period of all direct planets may help us forge ahead with things that have felt on hold for a long time. Be open to new opportunities and be ready for change. Depending upon your personal charts, this could be the time you’ve been waiting for what seems like ages . Try to stay balanced during this holiday season, rested, relaxed, and eating healthily. This will help when the new energies come along and you’ll be able to recognized and step forward with the best version of you.

You can get my free pdf 2018 sidereal moon calendar by contacting me and I’ll email you the file. It is a year-at-a-glance moon phases, the constellation, new and full moons with exact times as well as solstices/equinoxes with their exact times, and eclipses. If you were following Cycles of Healing on Facebook, you already know about this.

It may be that I will be back in 2018 with regular posts. We’ll see how the energy flows. In the meantime, have a great new year new moon, Solstice, and a graceful slide into 2018.


Goddess Astrology is here! A new precedent for astrological knowledge. Follow your destiny….

Goddess Consciousness Apprenticeships start at any new moon of the year.

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