Insight Sessions

Greetings, dear Souls,

We are living through extreme times. My body has been speaking loudly to me through a full body itching precipitated by chigger bites whilst camping. What to do?!!

This morning I received guidance.


I am now offering 30-minute Insight Sessions by donation via my website. We can connect by phone anytime, or Zoom/Skype/Messenger when I have Internet (depending upon my camping/house sitting schedule). Continue reading

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July 9, 2020 Life Now

watercolor by Zuzanna Vee

watercolor by Zuzanna Vee

I have been having numerous remembered dreams that seem very powerful in one way or another.

How has your dreaming life been lately? What are you being taught in that realm?




What I have come to experience is that the world of ‘dreams’ is more real than this physical one, more vital, more alive – very much more REAL. Continue reading

May 2020 Update

Life is moving fast. The past three weeks had so many things coming in, leaving as quickly, changes in schedule, and then re-arrangement of schedule. As it stands now, I will be in northern Virginia until the end of the month.

Mayan glyph Q’anil: May 1, 2020 Four colors of corn; four pillars, seeds, life creation, Mother Nature; a good day to plant a project. Artwork by Zuzanna Vee; colored pencils and ink

The work with the Q’anil Sisterhood, as I’ve begun to think of us, that is Eileen, Jeanne, Janine and myself, is exponentially expanding and producing so much awareness and big ‘ah-ha’s’, it never ceases to amaze me.

I’ve started a video journal that may be used in future productions published on Youtube. We’re each involved in doing so, and the content is more about personal process and the tools we use, rather than information exploration. This personal process will no doubt involve a degree of future-feeling, too. Every two weeks we have an open group meeting through the Soul Continue reading

The Clarion Call

We have a Sidereal Aries new moon on the 22nd of April (which just happens to conjunct my ASC and that has just had its last pass of a Uranus transit), hence this blog is directed toward Light Warriors. Continue reading

April 2020 – At Home

So, what are you all doing with your time at home? Are you learning anything new, exploring your inner frontier?

Where I practice qigong here in northern Virginia, with the Blue Ridge Mountains to the W-NW.

We recently had several beautiful sunny days, though very windy, here in northern Virginia. I’ve been able to do qigong out side and after my session, I lie on the ground and soak up Mother Love, and Vitamin D. In the evenings I star gaze when it is clear. There have been several beautiful nights with all the stars I love to commune with.

I am participating in two different weekly meditation online groups and loving that addition. I also have several meditations and healing sessions I do for myself that I have been doing for months, or more than a year, to keep myself connected and healthy. Continue reading

A Dialogue with Eileen Meyer

My last blog post was deemed ‘false’ by Fbk when I posted it to my Cycles of Healing Fbk page! So, not many got to see it. I was really bummed at first, but then realized what a complement it was! I really dislike Fbk, and now even more, as the suppression of personal experience and opinion continues. I never flaunt my writings as true, but they are my true personal experience. It is odd to me that personal  experience or opinion could be viewed as true or false. It’s just opinion or experience. Never mind…..

When I got to Virginia, I was going to order my go-to herbs that have always worked miracles for me. Neither of my usual two places to order were selling any more – too many orders, and they didn’t have the woman power to manage. Then I remembered Tina Perrone in West Virginia from whom I’d gotten some items in the past. Yes! She is still open for cyber business. If you need any herbal supplies do try her. She is trying to make ends meet through a trickle of online orders as her store is, of course, closed down. Check with her to see if she has what you need:

I also want to mention that, because my site is free, there are dumb, inappropriate ads that show up. This has nothing to do with me and I do not get a kick-back from them. Just so you know….

Yesterday, March 27, I had a delightful dialogue with Eileen Meyer for her “Evolution of an Experiencer” series. I enjoyed myself very much, and we both seemed to have a very good time. It is 55 minutes long. Please check out Eileen’s website, Koyopa Rising, for more about her, her work, and more wonderful videos.

Wishing you all good health, clarity of mind, and the strength to change for the good of All Our Relations!

March 2020 Update

My Spring Equinox 2020 Dragon Crystal Grid

So, here we are in the New Reality, many of us. Goddess is taking things into Her own hands finally (because humans weren’t getting around to it) and we are moving rapidly through material crises and toward something more different than we ever knew was possible.

I am not being flip or glib about the peril in which we live these days, nor the dire circumstance in which many of us find ourselves. I am well aware of the potential situation. However, I choose to see through eyes awakened through decades of living in a world in which I did not belong; a world in which I was a complete and utter stranger. This crisis is what I was born for – many of us were: all the Contact Workers, Light Warriors, hidden school students and teachers; all of us who came here just for this time to awaken in a fragile human body, and help The Field to reset. This is our time. This is familiar because I remember my contract now, and what I’d planned before coming to Earth. It took me this long to loose the amnesia, train in the hidden schools, and get to a point where I am the person I was to  become. Continue reading