The Age of Pisces – Healing Our Past

Healing painting for the Age of Pisces 2015; mixed media; 12 x 12; by Zuzanna Vee.

Healing painting for the Age of Pisces 2015; mixed media; 12 x 12; by Zuzanna Vee.

We work with the new moon each month to connect to the Great Age of the same sign on the wheel of the Great Year. We now commence some the most important work: that of healing our Collective Past. This new moon is at 29° Pisces; 5:37 am EDT. First, a brief summary of the Pisces New Moon energies with which we will be working and then we will dive deep into the collective unconscious with this month’s tools and further foci.

The new moon is about beginnings. That it occurs in the last degrees of Pisces indicates that new beginnings will come about through finishing up and letting go of old business; in other words, our ‘stuff’; our things, our relationships, our jobs – our comfortable familiarity. We have been having cosmic help in letting go of all that is now unnecessary for quite some time and the Uranus-Pluto square, the seventh and last exact (March 16th), continues to help us let go of all that is no longer relevant – personally and globally. As mentioned before, the energy of this square will be felt for quite some time. So all of this final ‘letting go’ energy is highlighted, increased and giving us all another big opportunity, if we didn’t get it done previously, to get rid of something vitally important to our onward progression. A Solar Eclipse occurs with this new moon and that only serves to enhance all of the above. AND on this very same day, March 20, 2015, is the Spring Equinox (when the sun moves into Aries 0º), at 6:45 pm EDT. Of course spring is all about new beginnings; spring cleaning gets rid of all unnecessary junk – out with the old, in with the new, etc. This is a big one! What we don’t let go of now will hang on to us potentially creating frustrations for years to come. What we do release will give us the lightness we need to make great strides. The key word to remember is authenticity.

Pisces; mixed media; 2.5 x 4; from a set of 60 divinatory cards Zuzanna made in the mid-90s.

Pisces; mixed media; 2.5 x 4; from a set of 60 divinatory cards Zuzanna made in the mid-90s.

The image we often associate with Pisces, two fish swimming in opposite directions, may give us a clue to the Great Age of Pisces energies. This Pisces image indicates duality, and the experience thereof. The Age of Pisces gave us a much more dense experience of duality than previously in past Ages. Duality is Yin/Yang, Female/Male, Light/Dark, Right/Wrong, Victim/Bully, Them/Us, Madonna/Whore, etc. It seems this last 2000 years was an extensive intensive in human lessons of duality and all its variegated shading.

Those who won the wars, wrote the history and we have all internalized this one-sided ‘story’, not realizing that there is another side: herstory. These ‘other sides’ are coming to light more and more as we enter the Great Age of Aquarius and will continue as the prevailing paradigm is dismantled. Consciously working with this powerful Pisces new moon can give us the energy and know-how to throw off the mantle of the patriarchy in our own hearts and minds and then help to dismantle it globally through being in our different paradigm.

There may have been pockets of time and place where the Age of Pisces found expression in love, compassion and oneness, but it has been comparatively insignificant within the broad context of how we, as women, remember and experience the past. Instead, during the Age of Pisces, the energy on this planet, experienced and expressed by humanity, has been Deep Shadow Pisces: rigid orthodoxy, severe structures, matricide, genocide, Gaiacide, ad infinitum. This journey, this month, is potentially one monster Underworld trip. Everyone, at one time or another, came under the hammer of orthodox/political rigid agendas: midwives, Gypsies, herbalists, healers, Cathars, Jews, Farsees, Muslims, Christians, Buddhists, Hindus, Rhodesians, Serbs, Communists, Socialists, UFO abductees, CND and Green Peace advocates, LGBT, priestesses, witches, and pro-choicers – on and on it goes. Anyone who steps outside of sanctioned control has been tortured, burned, raped, sold, imprisoned, ridiculed and ostracized. This is the legacy of the Great Age of Pisces. This is the great healing we women are left to do.

This month may find us pulled into victim or martyr mode (shadow Pisces). Observe and make peaceful, empowered choices. Counter the last 2000 years with a different way of being – non-reactive. We create safe boundaries, say ‘no’ often, take care of our health and well-being, stand up for those who do not or cannot stand up for themselves. We take an empowered, not embittered, stand.

The shift in energy, when we do this deep work, will chip away at the foundations of patriarchy. So be courageous as we empower ourselves (and others) in ways we have learned from our hearts. This is a pivotal time. Conscious acts of kindness and refusal to be pulled into a dispute or political argument is empowerment. Choose wisely as every action we individually participate in this month affects our collective future in small ways, and ultimately, large ways. It may express wisdom to do the opposite of what has been modeled by the patriarchy. The polar axis of the Age of Pisces may hold the key, that of Virgo, the Goddess. No coincidence there! As we heal (Virgo) ourselves, we heal the world (Aquarius).

As always, notice what comes up for you; journal, dance, sing, paint. Express what you discover! Get it out of you. My healing painting for the Pisces Age was at first shocking to me. But not everything has to be pretty; not everything is pretty, particularly when deep unconscious healing is underway. Past articles on the Cycles of Healing site have more suggestions on how to work through to healing. If you are new to this site, or don’t remember, please consider reading/re-reading  these four main groundwork articles (pre-Winter Solstice new moon postings) to get the most out of this Cycle of Healing paradigm.

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