The Yellow Dragon


The Yellow Dragon, oil on canvas, 24 x 48 x 1.5; Zuzanna Vee

Very early in 2013 dragons began showing up in my life. On a robe and carved bone ring given to me, a singing brass bowl and Feng Shui bell I’d had for some time and previously hadn’t noticed the design; on labels of bottles, jars or boxes of tea I brought home from the grocery. Even the name of a volunteer group that cared for a favorite nature spot of mine.

I have always loved dragons and been dismayed by how they are portrayed in the West. Wanting to rectify this negative image, I began to plan a series of dragon paintings. The Yellow Dragon is the initial one of my personal healing paintings during a challenging period of time. He is ‘my first born’; guide, guardian and friend.

The Yellow Dragon’s story is this: he appeared to an emperor of ancient China who was in a boat on a body of water. The Dragon gifted the emperor with the foundations of culture: astronomical knowledge, written language, knowledge of advanced architecture, etc. On the back of the Yellow Dragon were also the markings that would become the trigrams of the I Ching. This is a very mysterious gift because these trigrams synchronistically match the way DNA is visually presented (DNA sequencing was recently ‘discovered’ in 1970; the double helix structure was discovered in 1953). Essentially the I Ching and DNA code sequences use the same ‘alphabet’ and speak the same binary computer language.

I read years ago about Michael Harner’s first ayahuasca experience. A serpent appeared to him and told him how the dragons had traveled from very far away to escape a dangerous enemy that was hunting them. They came to Earth and hid in human’s DNA.

My painting depicts the I Ching trigrams on the Yellow Dragon’s back as he swims in the Cosmic Ocean with The Milky Way, Sirius and Orion visible near his left forefoot. Along the bottom, swimming with him, are DNA double helixes and a glyph for the star Sirius that also has great significance in my personal mythology. The nebulae signify stellar nurseries where perhaps other civilizations are being helped into being by other nurse-maid dragons.

All paintings are copyright © Zuzanna Vee and may not be used without permission expressly from the artist.


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