The Experiencer Dialogues

The Experiencer Dialogues was the inspiration of Eileen Meyer and it is she who organized, and recorded them. I came to know of Eileen in January 2020. We soon found a resonance between us, and it went on from there. These Dialogues are the honest speaking of truth of who we are, what we’ve been through and who we have become because of these experiences with Non-human Intelligences.

We are the first hand Experiencers, not the academic researchers who have a nuts and bolts approach, and a driving need to prove the ‘reality’ of UFOs, UAPs, a variety of conspiracy theories, etc. We have no need to prove, defend or maintain an agenda. We are simply Experiencers of an Inter-dimensional communication that has been the undercurrent of our entire lives. And we share our experiences in the hope that those who have had similar experiences will remember and open to a larger version of themselves, releasing fear, and moving forward into the New Reality.

I am sharing those Dialogues here in which I participated. You can see more on Eileen’s Youtube channel, Translating Infinity and the Sounds of Gold Files.