Tarot Work

Photo on 3-3-15 at 12.38 PMI offer tarot readings via Skype; and have been reading professionally since 1996. I use the Waite-Smith deck.

Together we will discover the energies at work in your life presently, how best to work in harmony with them, and plan strategies where appropriate. I work with people who are motivated toward exceptional personal growth and feel life is to be lived in the magical moment of multi-dimentional flow. My work is process oriented (not fortune telling). Readings are not about anyone else who is not present – the process is about you, my client, and how you may enrich your life.

The article, Tarot and the Great Year: click to read.

Why have a tarot reading? It is often helpful to be alerted to the issues that may show up in our lives so that we are not thrown off center. (I use tarot very much like astrology in that we can thus highlight the positive and be prepared for the learning experiences) We can then act definitively and powerfully rather than react by default or habit pattern.

Booking a reading:

I am available between 1 – 5 pm Eastern Time in the USA. Please be as clear, concise and specific as possible with your wording of the question/s. This will help both of us.

30 minutes – $75 USD
One hour – $150 USD
One and a half hours – $225 USD

You will receive a digital recording after our session. So much is addressed in a reading that re-listening to your session several times over the period covered will provide much information that may be overlooked the first time around. Clients are also welcome to record our session; take notes is encouraged.

Please contact me if you want more information. Pre-payment is required via the PayPal button below. If you know me locally and prefer a session in person, that can be arranged. Please note: I do not offer same day bookings.

Click the button below, and it will take you to PayPal. Just enter the correct amount for your session. Then contact me for your appointment time. I look forward to being of service to you.

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What my clients say:

What a wonderful tarot reader you are. I appreciated your clear focus on the questions I asked and your insightful response. Thank you, Zuzanna!         Randy W, Cary, NC

Your readings were really valuable: clear, incisive, and based on an enormous amount of knowledge and study. You were wonderful at quickly understanding the particulars of my situation and where I was coming from; were supportive and found a way to help me think through the information. You are terrific! – Diana F, Brooklyn, NYC

Zuzanna, Hello!…the reading was spot on, however no way, no how, could I have guessed this outcome. It really is an allowing for the Universe to show up how it’s going to and to get out of its way. The Universe had bigger dreams for me. Wild. – Zen Shoemaker, Bynum, NC

Thank you so much Zuzanna- a pleasure to meet and work with you. I so appreciate your presence, support, and non-judgment. – M.B., Seattle, WA

Zuzanna is gifted and intuitive. I recommend her work without hesitation.  – Shara Eisen, San Diego, CA


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