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Our Womb Power

WombPower by Zuzanna Vee 24″ x 36″ oil on linen

In my recent blog post, Isis in the Underworld (May 19, 2021), I talked about the disappearance of Sirius below the horizon until mid-August and how it symbolized Isis’ journey in the Underworld, a yearly event.

This Time in our awakening, is a very potent moment. The awakening Dragons are directly connected to the rising of Goddess RIGHT NOW. They are the Avant Garde, heralding Her arrival. And this, too, is a cyclic event. It has happened many times in the deep ancient past of which we are now largely unaware; we think humanity is at the height of so-called civilization.

When patriarchy became ascendant around the end of the Age of Cancer, Goddess went underground. When She did, each of us descended, too. A part of us fractured and became unavailable in our conscious, waking lives. The world we live in presently is an outcome of that collective fracturing.

With the Rise of Goddess presently, we have the opportunity to rise with Her. We are doing so. We have available to us, for the first time in many thousands of years, two very important pieces that make us whole: 

Our Cosmic Heart and Our Wombs.

Now is the Time to reclaim these lost pieces of ourselves from the Underworld and regain our entire Selves, whole and wondrously alive, at last.

Feel into your Womb space, and your Cosmic Heart. Open and receive the wisdom that was once there, plainly felt. Remember!

Awaken the Dragons where you physically reside as well as in your body. Connect the Dragon Lines to Sacred Places of Goddess. When these Lines connect, we bring true power back online, assisting this awakening process. 

This is not a Time to be apathetic. No one else can do it for you. To re-member ourSelves we need to act in a sacred manner and take the Journey into the Underworld, too, to reclaim our sacred Womb and Heart. The time of workshops is over.

In my last post, Demonstrating the Process ( May 28, 2021), Daphne reflects this for each of us as she shares her first Sacred Walk to awaken the Dragons in Crete – they called her to do this. She is doing another in a second location today as I post this. 

I feel/see the Dragons moving in the Earth under my feet – this began in May 2019; the Dragons started coming to me in January 2013. Through intent I connect the Dragon lines of electro-magnetic energy throughout the Earth. 

What are you drawn to in reclaiming this once-fractured Self? Let me know what you are experiencing. When we talk with others in resonance with this magic, things happen.

And you can join the Enter The Dialogue Zoom group three times a month and be with resonant folks across the Earth for support, encouragement and communion. You needn’t feel alone anymore.

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