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Book announcement!

It is with great joy, and quite a lot of relief, that I can finally announce the publication of my book:

Vaslav Nijinsky: A Dance of Truth an astrological and spiritual perspective

I have been working on this project one way or another the whole of 2022. I never expected it to be a book, but thanks to the interest of my friend, Ken Coleman, and encouragement from others, this has now become a reality.

A lot of rewriting, and additions to the original 4-part article series happened in June/July, public domain photos needed to be found, and more information arrived to be included in the book version. The book is much expanded from the original articles. 

Vaslav Nijinsky: A Dance of Truth is a radically different perspective on the great dancer’s life that tells of his long spiritual struggle within the confines and restraints of western culture.This book offers unique insights into Nijinsky’s life that shifts the narrative from one of psychotic breakdown to one of a life-long spiritual emergence. First sharing some of my own mystical experiences, I then detail the dramatic historical life of Nijinsky from astrological and spiritual perspectives, revealing not a life of madness, but one of choices. Researched through Original Sources including documentation from his beloved sister, but most significantly through Nijinsky’s own statements from his Diary, we begin to see, not a tragic artist, but a Beautiful Soul far ahead of his time. There was only one choice, in the end, for him to make. 

Even though the subject matter of Vaslav Nijinsky: A Dance of Truth may seem of narrow interest, this account is very relevant to our situation today as we are challenged with accepting broader bandwidths and self-definition, questioning how far we might want to interface with the mainstream Collective, and reaching for better understanding than we previously have had regarding mental health issues, and personal spiritual experiences. 

Vaslav Nijinsky: A Dance of Truth is available as a paperback, 
and as a Kindle e-book on Amazon. Click here!
You will also find it on other countries’ Amazon pages.

If you do read and enjoy my book, I would so appreciate a review on its Amazon page. And please share on your social media if you’d like to help. It’s all about algorithms now – this will help others be able to know of its existence.

I want to thank all those who supported me, in all the many ways I received, during this project. You know who you are (see the Gratitudes at the back of the book).