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A Dialogue with Eileen Meyer

My last blog post was deemed ‘false’ by Fbk when I posted it to my Cycles of Healing Fbk page! So, not many got to see it. I was really bummed at first, but then realized what a complement it was! I really dislike Fbk, and now even more, as the suppression of personal experience and opinion continues. I never flaunt my writings as true, but they are my true personal experience. It is odd to me that personal  experience or opinion could be viewed as true or false. It’s just opinion or experience. Never mind…..

When I got to Virginia, I was going to order my go-to herbs that have always worked miracles for me. Neither of my usual two places to order were selling any more – too many orders, and they didn’t have the woman power to manage. Then I remembered Tina Perrone in West Virginia from whom I’d gotten some items in the past. Yes! She is still open for cyber business. If you need any herbal supplies do try her. She is trying to make ends meet through a trickle of online orders as her store is, of course, closed down. Check with her to see if she has what you need: https://sagemoonherbshop.com/

I also want to mention that, because my site is free, there are dumb, inappropriate ads that show up. This has nothing to do with me and I do not get a kick-back from them. Just so you know….

Yesterday, March 27, I had a delightful dialogue with Eileen Meyer for her “Evolution of an Experiencer” series. I enjoyed myself very much, and we both seemed to have a very good time. It is 55 minutes long. Please check out Eileen’s website, Koyopa Rising, for more about her, her work, and more wonderful videos.

Wishing you all good health, clarity of mind, and the strength to change for the good of All Our Relations!

January 2020 Update

Happy new year everyone! I hope it has been as thrilling a ride thus far for you as it has been for me. I have been in my long-term four-and-a-half month house sit since just before Samhain. I am so grateful for the relative stability and comfort it affords for the second year.

2020 has brought in a whole new feeling energetically, and I have truly felt the impact.

In 2015 I ‘came out’ with my admission of switching over from tropical zodiac astrology to sidereal zodiac astrology and why that made so much sense to me. I’ll put a link below to that article. Two years ago I ‘came out’ with my adopting a nomadic lifestyle sans domicile per se, and in 2019 I was brave enough to blog about my experiences.

Now 2020 finds me impelled to ‘come out’ yet again with another admission – another step toward my personal quest for utmost authenticity as I seek the true nature of Reality. Each coming out has given me pause for sure, but they were just practice sessions. This feels like the big one. I find myself, frankly, holding my breath.

On January 5, 2020, I had a pivotal, life altering experience. As I was getting ready for bed, I could see a ‘movie’ being played a few inches from the right side of my face. It showed me a room full of boxes. As I continued my nightly routine, I kept an eye on this scene. Over a couple hours, the boxes disintegrated and I knew that this was my mental filing system dissolving before my eyes. I love to have things in categories, and compartmentalize my life. It has provided intellectual comfort. Some of my categories were spiritual experiences, the metaphysical, nature spirits, channeling, shamanic journey experiences, Spirits, dreams, ghosts, and Visitor experiences.

When I awoke the following morning, I viscerally felt I’d shifted into an entirely different paradigm. I felt free and expansive, but nonetheless disoriented. This lasted several days until I acclimated to my new ‘normal’. My realization was that all the experiences I’d had in my life could be put into one category: My Bizarre Life. This rocked my world, though it may not sound like much as you read this. I spoke to a friend that day who wished me a Happy Epiphany – it was January 6th. I got chills as I realized that I woke up with an epiphany on Epiphany! What a great corroborative message.

Later that evening, as I was washing dishes, I had the feeling that I should go through all my journals that I’d transcribed onto computer, and cut and paste all the things that now fit into the one category. I have kept dream/event journals since the early 90s, though I have been interested in dreams since I was at least 10 years old.

There was a lot of material to go through. It took me a week of persistent effort, five to six hours a day. When I took the document to be printed, it was 225 double-sided pages of single-spaced 12-point typing. This seemed unduly voluminous despite my being 63. I began to rethink my interpretation of my life.

It has been a very long journey to get to this point. It began consciously when I was on spiritual retreat in India during the summer of 1995 with my daughter. I met there, at the very end of my stay, a young man who had recently had a powerful experience in the States, which precipitated his memories of a lifetime of Contact Experiences going back to when he was a young boy. Up until that time I had thought this phenomenon was absolute bunk, and although it interested me vaguely, I was not going to waste my time on delving into it. That changed after this trip.

Fast-forward 25 years and here we are. I am opening up to and about this aspect of my life, which has informed who I was my entire life. I remember a lot, as my 225-page document attests, and suspect I am as amnesiac as the next person, too. This phenomenon is nothing to fear. It has brought me untold joy, inner exploration and communion with the Deep Others. It is not what we’ve been told it is. It is not physical space ships from physical universes across the galaxy. It is the Inter-dimensional realms interfacing with humanity as they always have.

Shakespeare has written: a rose by any other name would smell as sweet. Though we may have called these beings elves, pixies, nature spirits, aliens, angels, Guides, Guardians, ‘secret friends’, guardian angels, messengers, Faeries, and a whole slew of other epithets, the Inter-dimensionals, non-human intelligences, ETs, etc. are not entirely, if at all, physical. They interface with us, but there is no proof of their existence by any scientific means that we possess today. It is a messy business: fear colors our perceptions and when we believe that  perception is eveything, well, that creates and solidifies our reality.

As many of you know I have been channeling for 20 years on and off (another coming out to chalk up, I realize). This was safely compartmentalized in some recess of my mind that saw channeling as safe and somewhat sane. Where did I think this information was coming from? It is amazing how the human mind, through fear of the unknown and concern for being ridiculed, is compelled to be a crazed contortionist.

I am not here to provide proof to anyone regarding this matter, and will not go into details about my personal experiences throughout the decades just yet. There is no proof, in our ‘civilization’, of the non-physical. As I was previously a cynic, I well understand the fear that creates the need to deny that we have a very unknown reality as human beings spinning fast on this blue ball, alone and ‘special’ in the Universe. How can we face that we are, in fact, not alone, not in control, and that what we perceive with our five senses is incredibly limited.

The Contact Experience is real, though maybe not entirely physical. And we have been indoctrinated to respect the knowable, quantifiable sciences as the pinnacle of human achievement. But we are so much more than we have ever, ever considered ourselves to be. The Contact Experience is about consciousness, and expanding that consciousness as multi-dimensional beings, inter-dimensionally with the rest of creation.

I have reached out to the Foundation for Research for Extraterrestrial and Extraordinary Encounters (FREE), of which the American Astronaut, Edgar Mitchel (1930 – 1916), was a consulting member. Mitchell had a profound paradigm adjustment upon returning from his Apollo 14 mission as Lunar Module Pilot. He set about creating the Institute of Noetic Sciences, an organization that began pioneering research into consciousness in 1973. FREE has been a lifeline for me, as well as their Contact Modalities group, in these short weeks following my epiphany. There are many people out there who have had similar experiences – PhDs, medical doctors, former presidents, tax accountants, published authors – people who string proper sentences together daily and proof read for typographical errors before pressing ‘send’.

Formerly the focus has been, almost exclusively, upon the professional researchers into the  Contact phenomenon. The tide is changing in all things on planet Earth and the focus is now shifting, appropriately, to the many Contact Experiencers who are coming forward, no longer cowed by fears of ridicule, ostracization and career loss. After many decades, our need to express our reality overrides these concerns now as we tumble toward a potential Sixth Mass Extinction. There is plenty out there that has the definitive ring of veracity to explore if you dare challenge the status quo, and discover your true heritage as a human being.

For my part, what I can offer you, my readers, if you have had such experiences, or suspect you have as I did throughout my whole life, is to be a resource for you. Please do feel you can contact me. I’m here for you and will point you in the direction of further resources and support if you wish. Or just be an understanding person on the other end of the cyber tube. I do not have answers, but I do have Experience. The Contact Experiencer has had a lifetime of pain, not through the experience itself, but through the enforced perceptions that society and family impose upon our lives. This will change eventually. Have courage.

Life is crazy; life is grand. We live in exciting, fascinating times. Last December, less than a month ago, the last thing I thought I’d be blogging about was this! I am a very private person. But, my inter-dimensional family, whom I have come to trust more and more, have suggested this would be a good direction in which to travel. We’ll see where this road leads…..

If you got this far in reading my blog today, thank you from the bottom of my heart. May you have an amazing 2020 and beyond!

In Light, Love and the search for Truth,

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Update October 2019

Gourds I’m drying. Going to try making bowls out of them.

Greetings everyone! It is Autumn, and it is October !!! My camping season is just about at an end. I go into my long-term house sit on October 28, until March 18, 2020, according to present plans.

The first week of October found me camping again after an entire month of either house or pet sitting. It was so lovely to get back into Nature! Not that I didn’t enjoy the house/pet sitting – I did. September was a beautiful month of mild weather for the most part. Then, as I got back to camp the following three days were extreme heat again: 95º, 97º and 91º Fahrenheit respectively. I took this personally….. Continue reading

Early July 2019 Update

Hi everyone.

It is still really hot here in NC. In the 90s, often high 90s. So thankful for air conditioning when I’m in it! And doing OK when I’m not in it. I have a lot of to-ing and fro-ing going on: house sitting to camping and back again a few times until later in July.

My camping spot in the shade.

I want to thank you all again for the donations that have continued to come in. I have almost $1500 and will get the car started in a couple weeks. Thank you to Angela, Marcie, Florentina, Diana, Margaret and Barbara, John and Carol, Ken and Heeral, Deb, Shara, Gaines, and Carol. And to all the house sitting clients who keep me able to buy groceries and gas, etc. – thank you so much! Continue reading

Summer Update, Late June 2019

Hi there!

First of all I want to thank everyone who donated thus far to my request for help to get my car shipshape. I truly appreciate it more than you can know. See the original request here. At the time of writing this I have received nearly $700 ($2K worth of work needed) with two additional promises for donations very soon. THANK YOU!!!

And because this is the first time I ever attempted anything like this (I don’t ask for help as a rule – this is changing, thankfully – thank you Angela and Amanda Palmer!) I have done it a bit backwards, but that is also a theme in my life – Heyoka. 

I am actually offering services for your assistance

For a $20 donation you will get a Goddess Astrology Root Goddess, and 3 Dantien info stream. Send me your birth info (time, place, date are all necessary). I will email the info to you.

For a $50 donation you will get a Goddess Astrology Root Goddess, Shadow Goddess, 3 Dantien, service to body/health, service to soul info stream. Send me your birth info (time, place, date are all necessary). I will email the info to you.

For a $100 donation you will get a 45 minute live tuning fork adrenal reset (and whatever else might come up). This will happen via Messenger chat.

For a $250 donation you will get a 2 hour Goddess Astrology natal/transits reading and some extra channelling time from me. Send your birth info and we’ll schedule the appointment. This will happen via Messenger chat.

For a $500 donation (yes, I received one) you will get 3 live sessions with me. First a Goddess Astrology natal/transits reading (1.5 hours); and two one-hour tuning fork sessions to clear relevant energy from your Biofield relative to your chart. Big potential healing! This will happen via Messenger chat. Send me your birth info and we’ll schedule the appointments.

You can donate via the PayPal button on the right. The button says Buy Now, but it is a donation page as you will see when you click on it. And you don’t have to take the service if you don’t want to. I plan to have the work done on my car at the very beginning of August, just one month away. Continue reading

A Kick-Continuer – Help Needed, Please

Hi, everyone, and Happy Summer!!

This past week I had my car in for it’s pre-long-distance-travel evaluation. Last year she passed with flying colors, but this year she needs $2000 worth of maintenance work!

My mechanic is a very trustworthy individual, so I have no qualms about this assessment: timing belt and water pump replaced, both radiator hoses replaced, both rear shock absorbers replaced, remove and replace front stabilizer bar end link (so that is what that clunk has been!!), and a full brake fluid service.

So, I won’t be going to Wisconsin this summer as I’d planned. I do have a couple house sitting jobs lined up and hopefully more will materialize.

How you can help

As the great Amanda F. Palmer is teaching me, I am reaching out to you, my readers and friends, asking for help. If you feel able to, you can donate via the PayPal button on the right (it says “Buy Now” but it is really a donate button) or any PayPal button on this site. Just type in the amount and press the button. Any amount will help, no matter how small – it all adds up. It will be very much appreciated. Continue reading

Memorial Holiday 2019 Update

Hi, everyone,

It’s been another full week or so: births, new skills, and meeting new folks. I will try to be brief this time; we’ll see how it goes.

Right now, over this weekend, I am at my favorite house sit: the Donkey Farm. It is so beautiful and peaceful and I’ve had many deep inner experiences here over the years.

I am cooking up a storm this weekend. It is so nice to stand whilst cooking, and eat things I don’t have when camping. Continue reading