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you can help to heal the world

This is a brief message to those who wish to do something energetically – and practical – to help heal the country in which you currently reside.

My friend Prem Moodaley, in South Africa, has a beautiful EFT/Tapping protocol to release negativity, and then embrace healing for your country. Below is the link to the pdf which you can print and fill in the relevant country (this pdf is for South Africa, and the text is © Prem Moodaley.)

Please do share this with others and help the ripples of healing become a tidal wave of LOVE.

And here is a link to Prem’s website: https://www.sacredfeminism64.com/about/

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I have been doing this EFT practice daily for America. It only takes a few minutes once you are familiar with the technique. If you are unfamiliar with EFT/Tapping technique, you are in for a treat. Below is a short video – a 5 minute introduction by Brad Yates. You will also find on his channel many short videos for Tapping any number of conditions or ailments you might have. I have used Tapping, since around 2012 when I first became aware of it, for physical issues as well as emotional. It is deceptively simple. Tapping is very effective in my experience.

I would love to hear from you and where you are tapping from. There are many things we can all be doing for the current situation in which we find ourselves. Tapping is absolutely free, and works. So, you can begin personal healing as well as selfless healing for your country, and therefore, the world. A win/win scenario!

Blessings to you all,