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March 2020 Update

My Spring Equinox 2020 Dragon Crystal Grid

So, here we are in the New Reality, many of us. Goddess is taking things into Her own hands finally (because humans weren’t getting around to it) and we are moving rapidly through material crises and toward something more different than we ever knew was possible.

I am not being flip or glib about the peril in which we live these days, nor the dire circumstance in which many of us find ourselves. I am well aware of the potential situation. However, I choose to see through eyes awakened through decades of living in a world in which I did not belong; a world in which I was a complete and utter stranger. This crisis is what I was born for – many of us were: all the Contact Workers, Light Warriors, hidden school students and teachers; all of us who came here just for this time to awaken in a fragile human body, and help The Field to reset. This is our time. This is familiar because I remember my contract now, and what I’d planned before coming to Earth. It took me this long to loose the amnesia, train in the hidden schools, and get to a point where I am the person I was to  become. Continue reading

The Age of Virgo: Healing the Intuitive Mind

If you are new to this site, or have just missed it to begin with, please read this article, the fourth of four groundwork articles. This information will help you to personally get the most from this New Moon Healing Cycle: how to apply the healing suggestions, and to make the Great Year Cycle a powerful healing experience each month, each year.

The Age of Virgo; 12x12; mixed media; Zuzanna Vee

The Age of Virgo; 12×12; mixed media; Zuzanna Vee

The Age of Virgo (approximately 15,000 – 12,500 BCE) is an extremely fascinating time. It is the age just coming out of The Garden, and moving headlong toward the vast changes that will be brought in by the Ages of Leo and Cancer. Continue reading

Musings on Loss and Detachment

Full Moon at 7° Aquarius, July 31, 2015, exact at 6:43 am EDT

As I’ve noted before, the full moon marks the halfway point of the new moon cycle. This Cancer new moonth so far has been quite up to the Age of Cancer’s destruction through rains and floods, with emotional loss on a very personal level for me.

Zuzanna with the Teacher Tree, July 17, 2015; photo by Diana Fortuna

Zuzanna with the Teacher Tree, July 17, 2015; photo by Diana Fortuna

During the last nine months I have come to a place, for the first time in my life, of contentment. My life is simple, contemplative; I don’t worry and inwardly agitate as much as I used to – a habitual state for most of my life. I cultivate faith and trust in a benevolent Goddess rather than the punitive God I grew up with. I am happy.

Through most of this past year domestic peace has reigned with two very special women with whom I share a house. Continue reading

Musings on Sirius

For the greater part of my life I have had beautiful, compelling dreams of star filled night skies. Sometimes the stars were dropping out of the sky all around me in a field where I had grown up. Although there is a feeling of awe, and maybe even ‘import’, it is beauty that is most apparent in these dreams. Later, the ‘dream’ stars became recognizable constellations, most often Orion and that portion of the sky known in ancient Egypt as the Duat.

Harmonics; acrylic on canvas

Harmonics; acrylic on canvas; Zuzanna Vee.

Years ago an Indian friend told me that the Orion (the Greek name for Osiris) constellation is known as Rama in India. Orion, near the zodiacal constellation of Gemini, is followed by Sirius in Cancer: Sirius, the Dog Star, and faithful companion of Orion, the Hunter. In ancient Egypt Sirius was called Sopdet or Sothis and is one of the names for Aset (the Greek Isis). Although we really don’t know how to properly pronounce ancient Egyptian, Aset is probably pronounced ‘Ah-seh’, similar to the sound: ‘Isis’. The ‘t’ ending in some Egyptian words denotes the feminine and may not have been sounded. Continue reading