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Fire & the Awakened Warrior Woman

Greetings everyone! I am thrilled to bring you the next instalment of the Dragon Walks that Daphne is doing in Crete to awaken Goddess, and Dragon energies. This is number 3 of possibly 4; maybe 5….. we don’t quite know yet.

What a View! photo by Daphne K.

The video below obviously speaks for itself. However, I want to draw your attention to a very definitive demonstration here of following guidance, going with the Flow and having Trust that all will turn out well and in the right timing – no matter what hardships we may experience.

At this Time of massive Paradigm Shift, many of us are finding ourselves in the midst of a huge Initiation of sorts. Probably only the latest of many! Each of our Initiations will look different from previous ones and from other’s Initiations. The one common factor is that is it a huge, monumental challenge for us to face and transcend. This is a great gift at this Time as we create the template for a totally different way of living.

Ancient-future technologies are now available for many to bring online, using the ‘hard- and software’ with which we were born to expand more and more each day. These technologies have always been available to all, but not all have taken up the Path needed to move forward and in. But there is no judgment because everyone gets there eventually. Some take a more circuitous route than others. If one finds oneself judging others and feeling superior, one is facing more of a different kind of challenging work. 

In this video Daphne first gives some background of how she got here, doing these Walks; then tells us the highlights of her two-night adventure.

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I find the process of inner spiritual discovery fascinating. Please share any insights you may have gleaned in the course of your own present Initiatory process. 

Blessed Be!



The Dragon Lines

Sougia Dragon, watercolor on paper © Zuzanna Vee

My first post on this subject included an hour’s conversation with my friend Daphne who began a series of Sacred Walks in Crete where she lives. The intent was specifically to awaken the Dragons and their energies. It was made known to me that this is a step in the emerging Goddess, the new paradigm. Watch this first conversation here.

So much is happening and so fast. Do you feel it? It is challenging to keep up with it all and to manage the intensity of feeling. As our solar system continues through the photon belt of Alcyone, our Mother Sun and the central sun of the Pleiades, we are experiencing a big difference in sunlight and frequency on Earth. This Light is altering us and helping to awaken those on that trajectory.

Several women I know, me included, are feeling a nexus point for this July. Something big is unfolding. 

I am including a half hour conversation with Daphne as she reports on her second Sacred Walk in which she also got a lot of information for her third, scheduled for June 26th. There may be five in total.

Another very important video is a compilation of clips from a recent transmission group session with Eileen and Eduardo. There is vastly important information in this video, also 30 minutes, but specially, a mention of Ley Lines and one of their purposes. 

It is terribly exciting what we are waking up to and I can barely contain myself some days. I have made catnip, passiflora, and red rose tinctures and began taking them in an effort to keep a calm, peaceful feeling rather than the overloaded revved-up feeling that pours through. There is often a pause for breath, but they are getting shorter and shorter just now.

I also have two other reports of interactions with Dragon Lines by friends of mine other than Daphne. These happened organically, and naturally. They weren’t expected.

The first is my friend, Florentina, who lives in the heel of Italy. I had told her about the European Dragon line I’d recently charted and that it ran up the centre of the boot of Italy, not far from where she lives. She went to an area that she felt was a sacred place north of her with the intent to awaken this stretch of the Line. I include her report below in her own words with editing only for brevity and clarity:

I almost didn’t go on this trip, because I didn’t feel “worthy”, or ready, to take up such a huge job of awakening the dragons, or unblocking the Ley Line etc. So then I decided to just go and pray, check it out, enjoy the trip, and see what comes back with me. No pressure 🙂

I went on the trip with my partner. It’s a 2 and 1/2 hour drive, coasting the sea, and the last bit you climb up the mountain (around 800m altitude) and it was breathtaking to see the sea from up there; the day was sunny and warm and the sea was of the most amazing blue. What I particularly loved were all the hundreds of olive trees that grow just near the seashore, creating this amazing green “blanket”.

Just as a background (that I actually discovered today doing research), the Gargano area (the “spur” of the boot) was an island many years ago, and it slowly merged with the continent, but the flora and fauna are very unique. It is placed on a tectonic line, and its grounds are created by pressure.

On the top of the mountain there is this small town built around the sanctuary; very nice medieval town, the Basilica was very beautiful though extremely minimal in style and when I descended in the grotto, that is the actual sanctuary I could feel this extremely potent energy and immediately started crying. I didn’t stop crying until I went away. I did stop to pray, to listen to the silence. I also saw the altar of Saint Francis (the one who would speak to birds), who did not enter the cave because he didn’t deem himself worthy enough for such a holy place.

How can I describe what I felt? I felt like a little child, I felt humbleness, I felt a lot of suffering concentrated all together (I think I could feel the energy of all those millions of people who visited that place in thousands of years). I asked for courage and truthfulness, for all of us (these are the two energies I mostly associate with Archangel Michael). When I got outside, I felt empty and at peace.

Then we went in nature….It was a descending track, and ever since the start of it we were continuously guided by these beautiful black butterflies. The forest was full of this amazing sweet smell that would appear out of nowhere and disappear just like that – a smell similar to lime trees (tilia) or jasmine… I quickly gave up trying to identify it and just enjoyed it as a gift. Next surprise were these very beautiful rocks; similar to geodes, inside they were milky green or blue or yellow – it seems the mineral is called “flint”.

And then we got to the fountain. The fountain was supposedly built by monks in the 7th century, and there is a strange inscription above it (I believe it was much, much older than that); in front of the hole where water used to come out there is a small slope that to me immediately looked like the legs and triangle of a goddess statue… then I came back on my own to say my prayers and do the ritual that came to me – I invited the goddess to rise from the underground, offering her a piece of the food I ate and telling her that I would be honored to be a vehicle for her in this world.

All throughout the walk I tried my best to leave my mind dormant, not to “try” anything or “do” anything, but just absorb the energy and listen. And be seen. I was feeling a little hot and flowy, like I was floating on air, and time really melted. I felt waves of pleasure and peace, and tingly sensations in my central line, from the entrance point in the coccyx until around the stomach/heart. I felt total harmony with my partner; we were almost completely silent the whole way, except for showing each other stuff in the wild or making silly jokes.

When we started climbing back, we got to the most difficult piece of the track – a continuous quite steep ascent during which I felt shortness of breath and felt like stopping lots of times – but I decided to face it all, telling my body to adapt to the harshness, breathing mindfully like I do when practicing yoga, and not even thinking that it will finish at some point, on the contrary I would say this is the new normal, embrace it and be strong. My heart slowed down, my legs got more energy all of a sudden and of course the end of the difficult piece arrived within minutes!

I left there with longing in my heart and with a special type of energy inside (even if I was EXTREMELY tired, like I hadn’t been in a really long time).

What I feel in resonance with is imagining/feeling the energy of the Goddess Awakening, taking her place in the world, as a Queen. And I can send this energy towards all the places on the Line that we talked about – from Egypt to England.

So this is it, my experience. I don’t know it’s impact yet, I hope to have been in alignment and of “service”.

I know this is a much longer blog than usual, but I didn’t want to skimp on the information. In fact, I decided to create a Part 2 because I had to shorten this somehow. My friend, Ivy’s, experience will be included in the next post.

Information is coming to me all the time either internally or externally, so we’ll see what the next post will include. In several day’s time Daphne is going on her third Sacred Walk, this time with Fire Dragon. Stay tuned…..

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Summer Solstice 2021

As we rush toward the Summer Solstice on June 20th, do you feel the intensity? This morning I was shown a fast slide down a long tube – a metaphor for the feeling I am presently experiencing. 

This much is true: Reality is nothing like we were taught.

July seems to be a focal point for many at this Time. While I can’t predict what this may look like, some Western Vedic astrologers (using the sidereal zodiac) do give pointers.

We are in Eclipse Season and experiencing massive geometries with our cosmic luminaries, the planets, and asteroids, etc.

And there is the increased energy from the Sun behind the Sun, Alcyone in the Pleiades. We’ve got 2000 years to ride the wave of this relatively new bombardment. From here on out, everything is unknown.

What are you feeling? What nudges are you receiving that may seem odd, or very prescient.

We are far past the point of learning how to receive guidance. We need to be fully aware of our internal navigation system and methods; how to connect to Source and receive information on what to do and when. Timing is everything. We’ve had decades to practice.

If we feel fear, that is not the kind of guidance I’m talking about. Do not act from that place; it will be regretted. 

Pay attention to dreams. Write them down.

Be gentle with yourself until you feel that joyful urge to do anything. Otherwise, be happy just being, observing and listening. 


Know who you are. Commune daily with Mother Nature.

It has all come down to the present moment when we can rely on nothing outside ourselves ever again. We must have our Inner Being to the fore now.

Who are you, brave soul? 

This is what you came here to do. You were born for this Timing, and you were given everything you need to Connect and be truly free. Everything is inside YOU.

Nothing from the past paradigm is relevant any more, so leave it all behind. 


Keep Breathing….

Have Joy!

Laugh often, taking it all lightly.

Feel Love. It is here in magnitudes.

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Demonstrating the Process

The Yellow Dragon, 24 ” x 48″ Oil on Linen, by Zuzanna Vee

Recently I’ve written briefly about my friend, Daphne’s, experience in awakening the Dragons in Crete. This is not isolated to Crete, of course, but is happening world wide. However, Crete is an ancient Centre of Goddess and Daphne is called to work where she lives – as are we all.

About a week and a half ago Daphne and I sat down on Zoom so that she could tell the entire story about what happened on this first Sacred Walk to Awaken the Dragons. I feel that this is a very important document of not only her experience, but a demonstration of the PROCESS. 

Another friend, Eileen Meyer, has been repeatedly told over the years by her ‘Team’ that when two or more resonant people get together to talk about their experiences, everything expands exponentially, and things really start to happen.

We do this one-on-one, or in groups, like the one Eileen offers in which I participate. Click here to see the latest dates to sign up for June. If you are ready for profound change, please join us.

The recording below is a document of profound inner experience expanding through the veils to affect the 3D world, and beyond. It is a document of one woman’s process to Enter the Dialogue, and what happens when we are willing to NOT KNOW, to follow intuition, and to move through our personal and collective fears.

It is a document of what happens NOW when we engage with the whole of who we are.

With Daphne’s kind permission, I post our conversation here to DEMONSTRATE what we are here to do right now, and the profound gifts that await those who do so. 

As I write this, Daphne is currently planning a second Sacred Walk as the Dragons call her to continue the Awakening process, and to lay the groundwork for The Awakening Woman events in Crete that she is creating for November 2021 and beyond.

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Engage The Dialogue

I have been engaging in The Dialogue, as demonstrated by Eileen Meyer, for about a year now. I find it an essential skill for navigating these times and those to come. 

The Teacher Tree, oil on stretched linen © Zuzanna Vee

I want to share it here for those who recognise what is necessary now.

Sit in a comfortable meditative posture.
State out loud, “I am here….”
Say this until it is true; until you are sensing yourSelf in your body, fully present.

Then say, “I feel…..” And begin to speak out loud what is going on with you: what are your concerns, gratitudes, questions – everything current and present with you. 

It is not so much that you are speaking as if there is a dear friend present, but because there is. 

This dear friend may have once been called non-human intelligences, ETs, Angels, Guardians, our Team, etc. This dear friend is actually YOU in your vast aliveness. 

Engaging with The Dialogue creates resonance. You will receive answers through dreams, synchronicity, intuitive awareness, etc. 

But this is much more than just about receiving answers. It is about being Connected!

This may not seem as exciting as “channeling ETs”, but it is more to the point within the much larger question of who and what we really are as individuals; as a species; as a fully equipped bio-energetic unit born with everything we need to access the Universal Principle of Love.

Just enter The Dialogue. There has never been a better time to reach within for all that you require, and receive the answer. EVERYONE has it within them.

To find out more about Eileen, click here. We are both here to help if you need it. You can contact me here; more about me here. And please check out my new offering: Star Language Oracle readings.

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