Star Language Oracle

Star Language painting by Zuzanna Vee

I am now offering sessions of Star Language coupled with an oracle card reading. 

*Gain insight about your correct Path
*Receive clear information about what to cultivate within
*Have clear steps with which to move forward
*Release what no longer serves you
*Choose your question…. What do I most need to know now? gives great results
*I shuffle, you tell me when to stop and I reveal the cards
*We end the session with personalised Star Language to help you integrate and open to new potential

Star Language is not understood with the mind, but felt in the heart. We are learning a new way – there is no ‘interpretation’ but what you feel. Interpreting Star Language defeats the purpose of exposure to a Star Language: to retrain our natural ‘software’ programs for the New Paradigm. 

  • $55 USD for 35-50-minute sessions depending on what comes through for you. 
  • We meet via Zoom. 
  • Use this link for payment:
    Make sure I have your email address, and I will be in touch to set up an appointment time. Contact me here.
  • I am on the East Coast, USA, and my first appointments are at 12noon; last one 4 pm.

Send me a Zoom link after we have set our appointment time; you are then able to record the session. Repeated exposure to Star Language is beneficial to integration of those energies. Come to the session well hydrated with water.

Zuzanna first received Star Language in 1999, but it is only recently that she has been encouraged by her Team to share it publicly. You can hear and see her Star Language at the end of this Cosmic Weather Report.


Thank you so much, Zuzanna. I feel excited about my life now. – Eledina, Crete

Thank you, Zuzanna, so much for an amazing reading and Star Language session. I knew you could see exactly where I was, and what was needed. I could feel you moving, modifying, clearing and fine-tuning energy and frequency within my chakra system, my central channel and around my ears. A lot of sensation was in the throat and heart and encouraging me to share from there – the modifications you were doing helped to clear the way for this. There was something to do with how I hear things, too… hence the flow, creation and encouragement from here. 

There were warnings for me in there, too – things to look out for and be aware of, and to not be distracted by for these no longer serve me.

In my humble opinion, this modality is very, very useful in these times, in fact I feel it is absolutely necessary because it is pure Truth frequency. In the times that we live in, directly feeling, receiving, and Knowing this as Truth is imperative, as this is how we begin to discern Truth from non-truth in our own lives. 

I loved receiving this from you, Zuzanna, and I will reiterate how humble I felt, and having direct contact in this way with Star Language directly speaking to me, is so mind blowingly humbling – i can’t thank you enough! – Liz, UK