The Alphabet Versus the Goddess, by Leonard Schlain. A crucial book about the dark side of literacy, right and left brain characteristics, and the patriarchy.

Awakening the Planetary Mind, by Barbara Hand-Clow. Our ancient past, cataclysms, time lines and very innovative, thought provoking discussion.

The Lost Star of Myth and Time, by Walter Cruttenden. A very plausible alternate theory of what causes the Precession of the Equinoxes, Earth’s possible relationship with Sirius, and the effect precession has on consciousness.

The Binary Research Institute     The above author’s (Lost Star) research website with updates and lots of technical information.

In Search of the Cradle of Civilization by George Feuerstein. Read it here free; a new look at the Vedic culture, time lines, etc. Written by three respected scholars, this is a highly readable and excellent book.

The Myth of the Goddess by Anne Baring and Jules Cashford. This link is Anne Baring’s website and you can read the preface and find out more about this important book here.

God Herself: The Feminine Roots of Astrology, by Geraldine Thorsten. A scholarly researched book that will open your eyes to what has been appropriated and lost to women’s wisdom ways. This book was published in 1980 – never heard of it? I’m not surprised!

Women’s Evolution, by Evelyn Reed. A classic work that redefines the part women played in the history of our world. Essential reading for everyone. Get your daughters to read this. It will change their perception of themselves and their place in the world.


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