Our Womb Power

WombPower by Zuzanna Vee 24″ x 36″ oil on linen

In my recent blog post, Isis in the Underworld (May 19, 2021), I talked about the disappearance of Sirius below the horizon until mid-August and how it symbolized Isis’ journey in the Underworld, a yearly event.

This Time in our awakening, is a very potent moment. The awakening Dragons are directly connected to the rising of Goddess RIGHT NOW. They are the Avant Garde, heralding Her arrival. And this, too, is a cyclic event. It has happened many times in the deep ancient past of which we are now largely unaware; we think humanity is at the height of so-called civilization.

When patriarchy became ascendant around the end of the Age of Cancer, Goddess went underground. When She did, each of us descended, too. A part of us fractured and became unavailable in our conscious, waking lives. The world we live in presently is an outcome of that collective fracturing.

With the Rise of Goddess presently, we have the opportunity to rise with Her. We are doing so. We have available to us, for the first time in many thousands of years, two very important pieces that make us whole: 

Our Cosmic Heart and Our Wombs.

Now is the Time to reclaim these lost pieces of ourselves from the Underworld and regain our entire Selves, whole and wondrously alive, at last.

Feel into your Womb space, and your Cosmic Heart. Open and receive the wisdom that was once there, plainly felt. Remember!

Awaken the Dragons where you physically reside as well as in your body. Connect the Dragon Lines to Sacred Places of Goddess. When these Lines connect, we bring true power back online, assisting this awakening process. 

This is not a Time to be apathetic. No one else can do it for you. To re-member ourSelves we need to act in a sacred manner and take the Journey into the Underworld, too, to reclaim our sacred Womb and Heart. The time of workshops is over.

In my last post, Demonstrating the Process ( May 28, 2021), Daphne reflects this for each of us as she shares her first Sacred Walk to awaken the Dragons in Crete – they called her to do this. She is doing another in a second location today as I post this. 

I feel/see the Dragons moving in the Earth under my feet – this began in May 2019; the Dragons started coming to me in January 2013. Through intent I connect the Dragon lines of electro-magnetic energy throughout the Earth. 

What are you drawn to in reclaiming this once-fractured Self? Let me know what you are experiencing. When we talk with others in resonance with this magic, things happen.

And you can join the Enter The Dialogue Zoom group three times a month and be with resonant folks across the Earth for support, encouragement and communion. You needn’t feel alone anymore.

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Demonstrating the Process

The Yellow Dragon, 24 ” x 48″ Oil on Linen, by Zuzanna Vee

Recently I’ve written briefly about my friend, Daphne’s, experience in awakening the Dragons in Crete. This is not isolated to Crete, of course, but is happening world wide. However, Crete is an ancient Centre of Goddess and Daphne is called to work where she lives – as are we all.

About a week and a half ago Daphne and I sat down on Zoom so that she could tell the entire story about what happened on this first Sacred Walk to Awaken the Dragons. I feel that this is a very important document of not only her experience, but a demonstration of the PROCESS. 

Another friend, Eileen Meyer, has been repeatedly told over the years by her ‘Team’ that when two or more resonant people get together to talk about their experiences, everything expands exponentially, and things really start to happen.

We do this one-on-one, or in groups, like the one Eileen offers in which I participate. Click here to see the latest dates to sign up for June. If you are ready for profound change, please join us.

The recording below is a document of profound inner experience expanding through the veils to affect the 3D world, and beyond. It is a document of one woman’s process to Enter the Dialogue, and what happens when we are willing to NOT KNOW, to follow intuition, and to move through our personal and collective fears.

It is a document of what happens NOW when we engage with the whole of who we are.

With Daphne’s kind permission, I post our conversation here to DEMONSTRATE what we are here to do right now, and the profound gifts that await those who do so. 

As I write this, Daphne is currently planning a second Sacred Walk as the Dragons call her to continue the Awakening process, and to lay the groundwork for The Awakening Woman events in Crete that she is creating for November 2021 and beyond.

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The Still Small Voice…

I have recently had a number of frustrating incidents when trying to interface ‘out there’ via internet and phone. It gave me ample opportunity to experiment with deeper levels of felt guidance

This is the new paradigm, and I will share in general terms how I experience this.

This information presupposes that you are at a particular level of understanding now and provides just a little corroboration, that, “yes, you’ve got this! You’re on the right track”. 

Here’s what I know:

If one keeps doggedly pushing ahead, one will meet with dead ends , frustration, and confusion. Contrary to what consensus reality supports, instead: just stop

Observe the unfolding of events and feel within. If you have learned to listen within for that small nudge, poke or hunch, you will receive a quiet suggestion to move forward when it is time

Act on it.


If it was indeed the Still, Small Voice Within, you will have movement forward. The trick is to have patience and keep listening. You are attuning your instrument to Cosmic Timing.

If it was only ego urging you forward yet again, you received a very good indication of a ‘false’ outcome for your experiment. It’s kind of like attuning a pendulum, but you are attuning your body. Notice what you felt like just before you got the negative result.

When you get a positive result, again, notice what you felt like just before. What feeling prompted your action? 

Keep feeling, noticing, honing; feeling, noticing, honing…..

And when trying to make a decision? Hold the thought of each decision-path you might take one at a time. How does your body feel? Expansive, joyful, light, excited is a green light, baby: go for it! 

Do you feel contracted, hot, heavy, dark? Red light – pay attention and save yourself having to extricate later for an inauthentic direction taken.

This is the most important skill you have right now in our time of extreme uncertainty. It will put you in the right place/circumstance at the right time, and possibly more importantly, have you exiting the right place/circumstance at just the right time.

Listen to your body. It is a win-win scenario every time. 

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Isis In The Underworld

On Tuesday, May 18, 2021, the star Sirius set helically. She will not appear again until mid-August when She becomes a Morning Star, rising helically.

In our time, Sirius is called the Dog Star or Canis Major. But it is Isis whom Sirius actually represents. The Ancient Egyptians called the star Sopdet; the Greeks named Her Sothis. Somewhere along the line Sirius was mixed up with Isis’ faithful, fierce companion, Her nephew, Anubis.

In the ancient story, Chaos (Set) dispatches Fecund Life Force (Osiris) in multiple pieces around the world. Isis, in grief, travels the world searching for Her Beloved, the principle of Life Itself, and eventually re-members the body.

From May 18 until August 13 Sirius will not be visible to our eyes in the Northern Hemisphere. Isis will be traveling in the Underworld seeking Her Beloved, the the very essence of Life.

We have an opportunity to travel with Isis as Guide, particularly if our fourth house of the sidereal zodiac is in Isis’ Court. We can re-collect the pieces of ourselves that we have ignored or been unaware of. As we become whole, the world in general benefits. At this point in our history, this is a sacred duty; for many of us, this is our mission.

I have to wonder if this ancient story informs the many summer romances and June weddings – an unconscious yearning for the Beloved outside ourselves. Until we integrate the Beloved, our divinity within, this never works out in anyone’s favour.

In ancient times Sirius rose in late June heralding the flooding of the Nile and granting blessings for a fertile year. The rich black soil left behind by the river gave the name to ancient Egypt: km.t or Kemet – the black land. The larger Cycles of Time inexorably move along in precessed or processed directions. Even the course of the Nile herself has shifted with Sirius over time. Hence we have a much later date for this yearly astronomical event than was celebrated in ancient Egypt. 

Yet, unlike many other yearly festivals, we have Sirius/Isis herself to show us the natural cycle of this important Journey. If we look to the heavens and Mother Earth we discover our natural selves, flowing in accordance with Nature.

If you would like assistance navigating these times where Chaos seems to hold sway, consider booking a Goddess Astrology reading with me. You can find out more about it here

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Awakening Woman

There is presently incredible and exciting work afoot in Europe and Russia that is helping to bring the new paradigm into full focus. America, once a world leader on many fronts, feels as if she is being left in the dust as so many try desperately to hold onto ‘what was’. 

My colleague, former apprentice, and dear friend, Daphne Kourkounaki, is organising and co-facilitating a series of gatherings called Awakening Woman. The six weekends and final 10-day retreat will be on the beautiful southwest coast of Crete commencing November 2021 through October 2022 and will be facilitated by Elizabeth Serra of Barcelona.

Daphne is actively awakening the Dragons in Crete, and their energy will be informing and energising the Awakening Woman path. This promises to be a profoundly transformative experience for those women who are ready to become MORE of who they were born to be.

The Awakening Woman gatherings are terribly important not only for the rising of the Divine Feminine of Crete, an extremely sacred ancient Goddess land, but this Awakening Woman energy will join with others world-wide as women engage in the sacred work of awakening ourselves, the world, and connecting the Dragon Lines of Earth.

Below is a link to complete information about Awakening Woman. There is also an invitation to join Elizabeth for an introductory online event, The Erotic Relationship, May 23, 2021. 


Please share this information with your groups, friends and on you social media platforms if you feel inspired to help awaken the new paradigm.

Daphne’s beautiful Shiva-Shakti dance meditation video:
To find out more about Daphne click here.

A short clip of Elizabeth Serra talking about surviving or thriving as women in a patriarchal world. There are more videos on Daphne’s Youtube channel: 

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Engage The Dialogue

I have been engaging in The Dialogue, as demonstrated by Eileen Meyer, for about a year now. I find it an essential skill for navigating these times and those to come. 

The Teacher Tree, oil on stretched linen © Zuzanna Vee

I want to share it here for those who recognise what is necessary now.

Sit in a comfortable meditative posture.
State out loud, “I am here….”
Say this until it is true; until you are sensing yourSelf in your body, fully present.

Then say, “I feel…..” And begin to speak out loud what is going on with you: what are your concerns, gratitudes, questions – everything current and present with you. 

It is not so much that you are speaking as if there is a dear friend present, but because there is. 

This dear friend may have once been called non-human intelligences, ETs, Angels, Guardians, our Team, etc. This dear friend is actually YOU in your vast aliveness. 

Engaging with The Dialogue creates resonance. You will receive answers through dreams, synchronicity, intuitive awareness, etc. 

But this is much more than just about receiving answers. It is about being Connected!

This may not seem as exciting as “channeling ETs”, but it is more to the point within the much larger question of who and what we really are as individuals; as a species; as a fully equipped bio-energetic unit born with everything we need to access the Universal Principle of Love.

Just enter The Dialogue. There has never been a better time to reach within for all that you require, and receive the answer. EVERYONE has it within them.

To find out more about Eileen, click here. We are both here to help if you need it. You can contact me here; more about me here. And please check out my new offering: Star Language Oracle readings.

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Time is moving more quickly now than ever before. It is not subjective. And Reality is not anything like we were taught.

Harmonics of Change; acrylic on canvas © Zuzanna Vee

We are being asked to adapt to massive frequency changes and NOTHING will be as it once was.

In Ages past knowledge was power. In our lifetime money has always been the currency of exchange. As our paradigm alters dramatically, we must shift perspective toward a vastly different medium of exchange.

That of the Caring Currency.

Over the past few years, and intermittently through several decades, we have been given opportunities to experiment with trade, barter, and gifting currencies. If we took these opportunities to entertain a new perspective, this next big leap will not be so challenging for us.

I have noticed, that in my life, as I give freely to one person, I am often repaid from another direction entirely. They may, in turn, receive reciprocal energy exchange from yet another direction as well. Everyone gets what they need (begin to discern the difference between ‘want’ and ‘need’ in your life). It needs to start with each individual. There is no waiting anymore for the next person to do the right thing, just to see how it goes.

When I first became a nomad three years ago, it quickly became evident to me that kindness was of a vastly greater value than money. And sometimes kindness came in the form of money, because right now that is still used. But….

If we cultivate TRUST in the Universe to have our back, She will meet us more than half way. There is no negotiation, no way to ‘fudge’ trust. We cannot legislate Care Currency. You either have it or you don’t. You will know soon enough. Just reading this may have broken you out in a sweat or made you very angry or fearful. That is important information.

Just trust. Change the way you live, think, respond and how you express care. Jettison all that is unused, unnecessary, and unwanted. EVERYTHING! Take back your Sovereignty.

Care is the currency that benefits all equally. There is nothing to hide behind, no status to fall back upon, no struggle or uncertainty. 

Shifting to Care Currency opens and directs our Life Force toward the new way of Being. Care Currency will develop sooner rather than later if we take this step now, but it is coming. You have a powerful opportunity right now to affect the future. 

Will you take it?

All blessings to you on this New Moon in sidereal Aries,
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