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May 2020 Update

Life is moving fast. The past three weeks had so many things coming in, leaving as quickly, changes in schedule, and then re-arrangement of schedule. As it stands now, I will be in northern Virginia until the end of the month.

Mayan glyph Q’anil: May 1, 2020 Four colors of corn; four pillars, seeds, life creation, Mother Nature; a good day to plant a project. Artwork by Zuzanna Vee; colored pencils and ink

The work with the Q’anil Sisterhood, as I’ve begun to think of us, that is Eileen, Jeanne, Janine and myself, is exponentially expanding and producing so much awareness and big ‘ah-ha’s’, it never ceases to amaze me.

I’ve started a video journal that may be used in future productions published on Youtube. We’re each involved in doing so, and the content is more about personal process and the tools we use, rather than information exploration. This personal process will no doubt involve a degree of future-feeling, too. Every two weeks we have an open group meeting through the Soul Continue reading

The Clarion Call

We have a Sidereal Aries new moon on the 22nd of April (which just happens to conjunct my ASC and that has just had its last pass of a Uranus transit), hence this blog is directed toward Light Warriors. Continue reading

September 2019 Update

Well, it’s been over a month since I last posted. That’s mostly because not much, that’s different from the past months, has been going on outside, but lots going on inside. I guess I’m in integration mode.

Sweet Freya drinking water; one of two petsit kitties presently

I did a lot of moving back and forth it seems in August. Lots of pet sitting (paid), some house sitting (unpaid) and a little camping. A couple new clients came to me for which I am thankful. The little goats where I camp have grown so large – almost full-grown. The two little boy goats have been put in a pasture away from the females now.

This month of September, for the first time this spring/summer, I have no camping! I am fully booked with either pet or house sitting. This was very fortuitous this past week when Hurricane Dorian blew through. As with last year’s September hurricanes, I just ‘happened’ to be staying with a friend during the storm. This year’s Dorian didn’t impact much where I was fortunately, but many other places didn’t fare as well. It is still hurricane season, so more storms are possible. Continue reading

August 1, 2019 Update

Greetings, Everyone!

A Dragon in my bedroom at a recent house sit!

Well, this has been some week, I’ll tell you. Most notable because it has given me the opportunity not to become ungrounded and pulled back and forth with the drama of life.

A week ago Monday, I went to collect my mail. In it was a check from the State of Florida for $1400! Now, I’ve known about the potential of this for about a year, but not the amount. It was a 14-year late resolution of my mother’s estate. This is too weird because not only were we not a family to have stocks, shares and such, but my parents always lived in Florida. These stocks were from Duke Power, the electricity supply company where I’ve lived since 1991, in NC. How on earth did this money come about, I ask? A complete and utter mystery to me! Continue reading

Summer Update, Late June 2019

Hi there!

First of all I want to thank everyone who donated thus far to my request for help to get my car shipshape. I truly appreciate it more than you can know. See the original request here. At the time of writing this I have received nearly $700 ($2K worth of work needed) with two additional promises for donations very soon. THANK YOU!!!

And because this is the first time I ever attempted anything like this (I don’t ask for help as a rule – this is changing, thankfully – thank you Angela and Amanda Palmer!) I have done it a bit backwards, but that is also a theme in my life – Heyoka. 

I am actually offering services for your assistance

For a $20 donation you will get a Goddess Astrology Root Goddess, and 3 Dantien info stream. Send me your birth info (time, place, date are all necessary). I will email the info to you.

For a $50 donation you will get a Goddess Astrology Root Goddess, Shadow Goddess, 3 Dantien, service to body/health, service to soul info stream. Send me your birth info (time, place, date are all necessary). I will email the info to you.

For a $100 donation you will get a 45 minute live tuning fork adrenal reset (and whatever else might come up). This will happen via Messenger chat.

For a $250 donation you will get a 2 hour Goddess Astrology natal/transits reading and some extra channelling time from me. Send your birth info and we’ll schedule the appointment. This will happen via Messenger chat.

For a $500 donation (yes, I received one) you will get 3 live sessions with me. First a Goddess Astrology natal/transits reading (1.5 hours); and two one-hour tuning fork sessions to clear relevant energy from your Biofield relative to your chart. Big potential healing! This will happen via Messenger chat. Send me your birth info and we’ll schedule the appointments.

You can donate via the PayPal button on the right. The button says Buy Now, but it is a donation page as you will see when you click on it. And you don’t have to take the service if you don’t want to. I plan to have the work done on my car at the very beginning of August, just one month away. Continue reading

Love is All There is

Dear People,

It has been quite some time since I have posted here and really hadn’t planned to do so. I’ve had a year of dramatic life-style changes and am living the most authentic life of my life: I wander. I house sit, I camp, I stay with friends and barter my skills.

This morning I was prompted to return to social media with this message:

What can you do today, and each day forth, to orient toward Love?

It is imperative to give no energy to fear, divisiveness, confusion and hate. For your children and children’s children it is time now to cut the bullshit out of our lives – no excuses. Continue reading

The Age of Scorpio – The Last Battle

If you are new to this site, or have just missed it to begin with, please read this article, the fourth of four groundwork articles. This information will help you to personally get the most from this New Moon Healing Cycle: how to apply the healing suggestions, and to make the Great Year Cycle a powerful healing experience each month, each year.

Scorpio Rises; pastel on black paper; 14 x 16; by Zuzanna Vee

Scorpio Rises; pastel on black paper; 14 x 16; by Zuzanna Vee

The Age of Scorpio (20,000 – 17,500 BCE) finds our consciousness reaching ever upward, longing for the Divine, as the claws of the constellation of Scorpio reach up toward Libra, anticipating a long awaited Golden Age of unprecedented ease, peace and harmony. It is a time of sweetness when life is not quite perfect, but optimism is so high, joy and love so fierce that most always the correct path is inevitably known and taken. Continue reading