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The Dance of Truth Part 4


In this last installment I will take a look at sanity vs. insanity and how this pertains to Nijinsky specifically, but it is very relevant to us all right now as we shift consciousness and become More than we knew ourselves to be. 

I feel this simple premise, sanity vs. insanity, is, in itself, flawed. The issue starts in the prevailing paradigm: science. Science does not recognize the existence, let alone the validity, of a spiritual paradigm. In the split, during the Renaissance era, from the Church and religious doctrine, science threw the proverbial baby out with the bathwater. While findings in the Quantum sciences excites the spiritually inclined these days, the opposite is not necessarily true. 

The sciences generally are partitioned off from one another. Scientific discoveries are not recognized, nor applicable, across disciplines. In the West, we ‘specialize’ through receiving a very narrow education. We are trained to stay inside the safe ‘box’ and to protect our salary and tenure.

With a great deal of Reality not being taken into consideration by this replacement religion of science, the conditions were ripe for labeling people as crazy, insane, unbalanced, psychotic, etc. There is intrinsically no room for something other than the quantifiable and measurable in this paradigm. 

As any Contact Experiencer knows, if we shared our experiences with most psychiatrists, we would be medicated and very possibly institutionalized. Even in the greater UFO community, there are the scientifically minded who are ‘studying’ the actual experiencers. It is the ‘scientists’ who get the air time with their hypotheses and theorizing, while the actual experiencers are still largely marginalized.

The Contact Experiencer, by the way, is only one category on the bandwidth of ‘spiritual experiencer’, which includes the mystic, the shaman; those who see Angels and departed loved ones; channelers, speakers of Star, Light or Mother Tongue Languages, etc. Until this Expanded Bandwidth is experienced and accepted as normal and natural by those interfacing with clients and patients, there is no common frame of reference, and therefore, no wholeness possible to either side of the psychiatric coin.

The essay, Pivotal Mental States (January 28, 2022, Aeon) suggests, as has been my gut feeling for 40 years, that what is going on in the brain preceding a so-called ‘psychotic event’, and a spiritual experience, is the same thing – they cannot be differentiated. I am not going to go into the technicalities here; you can read the article for yourself. You might also find Stanislav Groff’s book The Stormy Search for Self useful. 

The various outcomes after an Event are dependent upon the individual’s ability to process the information coming through their hardware (physical body) and their software (programming). The same Event, then, can lead to a perceived psychosis or an expanded state of understanding. Both are measures of the bandwidth available to each of us in which we perceive our reality, and subsequently, orient to Reality.

Here, I refer you again to the analogy of the fast spinning gear trying to interface with the slower spinning gear from the Introduction.

There are many stages or states of Reality depending upon the bandwidth of consciousness we are tuned into. This determines how the information is received by our body/mind/spirit unit, and more importantly, how is it translated by the individual, not the psychiatrist. No one can assess what is going on within you with any accuracy. You are the greatest expert on the subject of you.

One of the criteria that science uses to determine a psychotic state after the Event is one’s usefulness in society; one’s orientation and ability to interact with others in ‘socially acceptable’ ways, being properly socialized into their ‘culture’, and picking up on ‘social cues’, etc. 

I strongly object to this defining criteria of psychosis/psychotic behaviors. Perhaps some do not want to interact in the usual 3D material paradigm, a paradigm that contributed to the state they landed in, i.e. being seen as crazy; a paradigm that does not make sense to them. Those operating on the spectrum/bandwidth of what we habitually call Autism do not receive social cues, nor do they adhere to our socialization rules, etc. Should they be considered psychotic, or in a ‘diseased’ state – meaning they need drugs to make them more acceptable (compliant) to society at large?

As science does not recognize a spiritual dimension of reality or a state of spiritual existence, it has only a small portion of the total available information for its assessments, and therefore, treatments. Science purports to look at observable, replicable facts. One cannot observe Consciousness, nor another’s mental processes, only the effect of them, and that effect is determined by our bandwidth.

An individual’s past experiences determine their present perceptions. If one lives in a loving, open-hearted, accepting family and broader cultural context, then one is much more open to the Event establishing into a positive outcome. If one is severely abused, neglected, or has a rigid, dogmatic, narrow-minded orientation, one is likely to experience the Event negatively: demons persecuting one, eliciting fear and dread, shame and guilt. Trauma, also mentioned in the Introduction, is a key component here to opening us to More Bandwidth.

And then there are those, that may not fit the either/or who are just ready for More Bandwidth regardless of what it looks like. Increasing bandwidth is always a challenge because it requires us to question our previously cherished beliefs and it takes time to integrate the information. This is exactly what many of us are being asked to do right now in our lives. Take that time to integrate! Those with whom we have established relationships are often strongly motivated to maintaining the status quo, not expanding bandwidths. It is often more convenient to ‘put someone away’, or medicate them, rather than trying to understand that they are perceiving something we are not.

The Scottish psychiatrist, R. D. Laing (1927 – 1989) had very different views of the causes and treatment of psychopathology than the mainstream professional, and was deeply influenced by his study of philosophy – something the psychiatric orthodoxy took a dim view of. He felt that one should take the feelings of a patient as a valid personal experience rather than as a symptom of mental illness. This may seem obvious to us today, but Laing was way ahead of the curve. 

Laing felt that psychiatry itself was founded on false ‘knowledge’, i.e. that a mental illness was diagnosed by conduct, but treated biologically. He further felt that schizophrenia was a theory and not a fact; he rejected the conventional medical model of ‘mental illness’ and questioned the use of antipsychotic pharmaceuticals. He did not deny the existence of mental illness, but felt it could be a transformative episode similar to shamanic journey: the experiencer could return from the Event with important insights and perhaps a path toward personal healing. Exactly the point I am making above. Laing pioneered the way forward to a more wholistic, personally empowered way of looking at the therapeutic process, and recognized the spiritual element that his colleagues denied.

Heather Ensworth, PhD., a shamanic practitioner, astrologer and wholistic psychotherapist, states: “The difference between mysticism and psychosis is the capacity to be grounded so that you can integrate that expanding consciousness, otherwise it tends to destabilize you and overwhelm you, and then you get caught in distortions and imbalances with it.” (Pam Gregory, Youtube, Conversation with Heather Ensworth)

I recently saw a very insightful video interview with Itzhak Bentov, Czech scientist, mystic and inventor. Watch the 30 minute video on Tupacabra channel: Shadow of the Invisible Sun part 1.

Bentov postulates that highly conscious and evolved populations will most likely be found in mental institutions. “These people live in a different reality, a reality which is very changed and few of them are adapted to live in this reality. So naturally they can’t function very well,” states Bentov.

Our senses, through which we perceive are an extension of our nervous system. As our nervous system evolves to accommodate a higher consciousness, our bandwidth of perception widens. “The non-physical reality” becomes part of our perception. He uses the example of a child seeing a dead relative and telling his mother. The child is then labeled as having had a psychotic event or acute schizophrenia. 

Bentov, and others, suggest we look to the Artists because they are the first to apprehend expanded realities. Or better yet, be the Artist.

Gary P. Nolan, immunologist and inventor, in the same video, states that the intuitive function interpreted into 3D is done in the basal ganglia. This is also called the brain within the brain. Recall one of the Nijinsky quotes from part 3 written in 1919: “I am the brain in the brain. I like to look closely in the mirror and I see only one eye in my forehead.” 

Straight from the Artist’s mouth…. The basal ganglia is a form of higher functioning processing.

Moving forward, we come at last to consider Nijinsky. What did he experience? We cannot know this, but we can know, in part, how he evolved through it by our observation of his life trajectory.

Nijinsky was a child prodigy. He was envied by his peers at a very young age and this never stopped. His parents supported his dancing, but punishments were harsh and he visibly shrunk, according to his sister, when contemplating what would be meted out each time. As a youngster he was very active, mischievous, and often in trouble. As noted in Part 2, he was also incredible sensitive to everything around him.

Vaslav Nijinsky at 12 years of age

When he was 12 years old, school mates devised to dare him to jump over a heavy wooden podium. Transiting Pluto was conjunct natal Black Moon Lilith in 8th Taurus (powerful, transformative energy eliciting feelings of not belonging, being ostracised and not fitting in). They soaped the floor and at the last minute, raised the obstacle. Nijinsky crashed into it, hitting full force with his abdomen. He was taken by ambulance to hospital and it was found that he had internal bleeding with laceration to the liver (A Leap Into Madness, Peter Ostwald, 1991, p 12). The attending physician told the family to prepare for the worst; the boy’s condition was hopeless. He came to consciousness on the fifth day, and was in hospital for the rest of the school year. Afterwards he was home on a special diet through the summer. (Early Memoirs, Bronislava Nijinska, 1981, p101/102) Where did he go and what did he experience during those five days?

Nijinsky was fortunate: he had no broken bones and his spine was not injured. He would be able to continue to dance. However, Ostwald makes some interesting points: “Clearly there had been severe trauma, both physical and psychological. Massive bleeding into the abdominal cavity probably had occurred, producing a drop in blood pressure, with concomitant effects on the general circulation. Marked reduction of blood pressure can lead to the coagulation of blood within the main arteries of the brain, a serious complication. “Water infarcts,” these are called, tend to form in the frontal lobes and spread sideways. If that happens, there may be loss of speech (aphasia)…..” (Leap, p12) Was this the inception of Nijinsky’s communication problems, unnoticed at the time and unlinked to the accident later?

Throughout his life he was the recipient of extreme jealousies, petty slights and recriminations from peers. The dance world is a cut throat business. He depended upon Diaghilev for life’s necessities and opportunities to dance. When he was offered the chance to choreograph, he took it.

The public reception of Faune, so far ahead of its time, caused Diaghilev to reconsider Nijinsky’s choreographic career. There was a lot of underhanded negotiations involving Mikhail Fokine who was previously the sole choreographer of the Ballet Russes. Fokine hated Nijinsky and didn’t hide the fact. He quit the Ballet Russes rather than share choreographic privileges with Nijinsky. One wealthy patron, on whom the Ballet Russes depended, wanted Fokine reinstated; but he wouldn’t come back with Nijinsky still a member. What to do?

Nijinsky as the Faune, 1912

This lack of support from anyone, and indeed, the behind-the-back activity of Diaghilev laid the groundwork of extreme stress and on-going trauma that precipitated the Event in Nijinsky’s life: his first breakdown in the spring of1914. Prior to the Event, Nijinsky’s stress was compounded by his dismissal from the one institution where he could express himself artistically, the Ballet Russes. After the Event it was further exacerbated by inappropriate psychiatric treatment over a 30 year period.

The majority of Nijinsky’s doctors, as well as the staff in the various institutions where he stayed, did not speak his language – Russian. His mode of communication was through dance, not language, anyway. Somatic therapeutic practices as a method of healing were many decades away. No one was adequately able to reach him. 

Had R.D. Laing, or someone like him, been available to Nijinsky, his prognosis may have been very different. Laing recognized the importance of a one-to-one relationship with the client as well as with a therapeutic team. Nijinsky’s journal and his personal experiences would have been seen as important, valid and meaningful, rather than a sign of mental illness. There would have been no question that Nijinsky be provided with support and sympathetic understanding that would facilitate a healing process. He would not have been given drugs for his condition, and his care givers would have been interested in him personally and encouraged Nijinsky’s personal autonomy, creativity, and participation in his own healing process. 

Laing states, “the ‘psychiatric ceremony’ of examination, diagnosis, and treatment invalidates the clients as human beings and interferes with the healing potential of their process.” (Spiritual Emergency, Stanislav Groff, M.D., 1989, p 51)

Nijinsky tells us himself what happened in his own words: “I worked hard, but later I lost heart because I noticed that I was not liked. I withdrew so deep within myself that I could not understand people. I wept and wept…” 

Nijinsky’s deepest pain was not being understood. His deepest fear was not being able to dance and create what he felt. He longed to be in nature and live a simple life. He spent his life in the large cosmopolitan centers of Europe. We recognize only in our own time how healing Nature Herself is when we need balancing on any level. Nijinsky longed to hear the Russian language and those around him, including his caretakers, only spoke French, German or Hungarian. 

And please recall that this is in the early 1900s. There were no self-help books, nor workshops to attend; no collective acceptance of Jungian thought, no R.D. Laing, no one mirroring him, validating or corroborating the experience of his inner life either emotional or spiritual. Nijinsky was utterly isolated.

Thus, Nijinsky made a decision to retreat within. There was certainly an on-going deep struggle within him between the creative artist, the sensitive needing safety, and the enraged individual who cannot abide injustice, cruelty, war, and deception. His decision was so thorough that after a time, he never would return. Yet the spark of his genius was still noticed on occasion by those with whom he connected. It would ignite briefly, and then too soon disappear, as he again chose to stay safe within himself. 

Nijinsky’s legacy

Incredibly, with only an approximate 10-year career, Nijinsky inspired and still inspires thousands. There are many ballets honoring him, of course; the one by John Neumeier comes to mind. And a ton of books about him, many written by those who never met him or saw him dance. They usually reference Bronislava Nijinska’s wonderful memoirs for their information, as I did in part.

portrait of the artist Nijinsky by John Singer Sargent

He inspired many beautiful artworks from the artists of his time: Barbier, Sargent, Troubridge, Cocteau….

Nijinsky as the Golden Slave in Scheherazade by George Barbier

At 18 years of age, at the Maryinsky Theatre he did away with not only the full-skirted costume, but the traditional wire frame wings for the Blue Bird part in Sleeping Beauty. He used his body to dance the act of flying rather than relying on the traditional props.

When toe shoes were typically worn only by women, Nijinsky learned to dance en pointe, a rare skill among men at that time. It wasn’t until the late 1940s that more men started doing so.

There are poems, music and plays dedicated to him; he appears as a character in several novels.

There was a racehorse named Nijinsky (1967 – 1992) who became one of the greatest, most successful racehorses in history. After his retirement he sired a great number of successful offspring.

There aren’t many films about Nijinsky’s life and work, sadly. The 1980 Nijinsky staring the fabulous George de la Pena, and Riot at the Rite (2005) which was about the making of Sacre du Printemps are well worth seeing in my opinion. I keep hoping that Peter Jackson will have a secret desire to make a series on Nijinsky’s life. It’s about damn time!

In 2003 a champion Russian figure skater, Evgeni Plushenko, created A Tribute to Vaslav Nijinsky

Nijinsky and Nijinska as the Faune and Nymph by Giennadij Jerszow

In 2011 bronze cast figures of Nijinsky and Nijinska as the Faun and Nymph were unveiled in Warsaw’s Teatr Wielki’s foyer. The sculptor was well-known Ukrainian artist, Giennadij Jerszow. Rodin also created a sculpture of Nijinsky who sat for him, and it was cast in 1912 after Rodin’s death. 

The Spirit of the Rose, rare Russian pink diamond

There is a 14.83 karat Russian pink diamond named The Spirit of the Rose (the ballet created for Nijinsky); the raw diamond was named The Nijinsky. The cut piece sold for $26 million in 2020 in Geneva, Switzerland, to an anonymous buyer.

But the most important legacy that Nijinsky has left us is our fascination with him and his life that many of us feel. Not just professional dancers, but just ‘regular’ folks that really resonate with him. I love reading the comments on Youtube pieces having to do with Nijinsky. He touches many so deeply 70 years after his death, and more than 100 years since he stopped dancing professionally. 


I have learned so much throughout the writing of this article over the first months of 2022. Not only did I come to understand more about what Nijinsky was up against as an artist, and his deep inner conflicts and longings, but I learned a huge amount about myself. It rekindled my love of dance both as a participant and an observer. I connected with an era of time that had been very important to me as a young woman. It awakened an awareness of myself in a much broader context: trans-dimensionally. It has been extremely cathartic on occasion, and a healing process of the old unworthiness wound has begun.

I keep wondering what this piece is. During so much of the research and subsequent writing I felt driven; as if I were writing to save my life. I can’t explain it any more than that. Is this piece a series of dovetailing essays, a short book, or very long article? A magical spell-working?

But now as I come to the end, I believe that what I’ve written is actually the longest love letter ever. I fell in love with the Spirit of Nijinsky 40 years ago when Pluto squared my natal Moon, at last giving it expression in this 4-part article as Pluto conjuncts my natal Moon. I hope it does his life justice, brief though it is; I hope he will accept my offering.

In closing, I will let Nijinsky’s dear sister, Bronia, have the last word, which I feel sums up his life’s necessity pretty succinctly, as well as my own conclusions.

Vaslav Nijinsky, circa 1910

“For many years I continued to believe that Vaslav would recover completely. Whenever a conversation around him touched on the Dance, one could see a sudden spark of consciousness. That part of his consciousness that lived in his vision of Art was preserved, and I knew that in this Vaslav remained completely sane. For Nijinsky, the Dance was credo, life, and soul. Without the theatre Nijinsky withdrew into himself and closed the door to the realities of life, to abide in his own inner world of the Dance.” (Memoirs, p515)

With all my heart,
Love, Zuzanna

The Dance of Truth Part 1


Creatives come in all shapes and sizes. They express themselves through many disciplines. The one thing I believe they all have in common is an ever expanding bandwidth of perception. That is, they go way beyond the approved fives senses and protocols.

Creatives are labeled and categorized as painters, musicians, writers, dancers, scientists, inventors, and more recently Contact Experiencers. Creatives use their expanded bandwidth of perception to bring in new ideas, and explore through their chosen medium.

Another thing that many creatives have in common is a history of abuse, trauma or other severe psychological and physical pressure that blows the lid off their previous reality and opens them to More. Whitley Strieber writes knowledgeably about this in his explorative books as a Contact Experiencer. I believe the Nazis also knew about this link between expanded consciousness and trauma and were actively exploring this, specially in their experiments on twins. There is dark stuff, here…..

Creatives are not necessarily artists and artists are not necessarily those who make a living through their art. An Artist is someone who has no choice but to explore reality through their personal creative lens of expanded bandwidth. They may never make a penny from their art, they may never be recognized for their contribution, even posthumously. Yet, they risk all – material stability, meaningful relationships – and sanity – to continue seeking Truth.

Truth is the operative word here. Centuries ago artists had patrons who supported those whom they considered worthy. This system necessitated the creative individual doing what the patron wished. It was also a system that didn’t churn out artists. Not many people were able to become working artists. These blessed few made a living, were able to create masterpieces, but rarely had true artistic freedom. They did however become very creative at getting their vision out there within the perimeters drawn for them. Often a win/win scenario.

In the early 20th Century this form of art patronage began to dissolve along with the monarchies of Europe. What replaced individual patronage became what we see today: Art as mass commodity. As we see, the brilliance of the potentially highly Creative is subjugated beneath corporate profit through the sales of a product: the artist’s explorations become a means to an end (money), rather than the end itself (creative satisfaction).

Today we find ourselves as bereft of Truth as we are of inspired, enthused (filled with God) artists. Money is the driving force, technology the new ‘art form’, and we are all starving for a connection to our inner creative motivating life force. We recognize, at best, past successful (money making) forms of entertainments crafted to keep us collectively quiet, dumbed down and above all, not personally Creative.

This, then is the antithesis of True Art. This is where we are now. A creative revolution needs to take place, in my opinion, in order to access much needed guidance forward. That revolution would look like art for art’s sake – to feel the Soul – and a non-commoditized tsunami of creative inspiration toward a natural way of life with Mother Earth.

And art often jumps off into the deep end: forging a link between the highly creative individual and what is termed ‘insanity’. Throughout history we see great artists subject to what we term, mental illness. The list is petty impressive: 

Michaelangelo, Van Gogh, Hogarth, Georgia O’Keefe, Jackson Pollack; Lord Byron, Emily Dickinson, Virginia Woolf and Silvia Plath; Beethoven, Mozart, Schubert, Tchaikovsky, Schoenberg, Wagner, and Satie.…. there are endless more.

In our own time we seem to have an endless list of casualties as well: Marilyn Monroe, Woody Alan, Janis Joplin, Michael Jackson, Kurt Cobain, and Poly Styrene. There are many who are living with their creative-life challenges such as James Taylor.

So, my leading question with this introductory discussion is what is mental illness? Is it pathological, i.e. does it have a physical origin (organic disease, physical impairment, etc.) or only a physical (noticeable by us) manifestation. Is it really a ‘mental’ illness, something of the mind, which we cannot see, only apprehending physical evidence of the mind (i.e. speech patterns, tendencies, personal ethics, choices, attitudes, etc.). Or is it of an entirely different nature, something that modern science (our current religion) doesn’t even take into account: a spiritual illness caused by disconnection from our Source which that very science insists does not exist. 

In Russian, the word to denote insanity literally means ‘soul sickness’. 

If it is a spiritual disease, (we are indeed spiritual beings living in a physical human form using a once-natural system of hard- and software to perceive the world around us), how can science in all its attainment hope to help, cure or otherwise banish a spiritual illness in which it will never believe? Quite the conundrum!

Daryl Anka (channeller of Bashar) gives a perfect analogy from his own personal experience. I paraphrase here: say that higher consciousness is a gear spinning incredibly fast, and our body-mind unit is a gear spinning quite slowly. When these two gears connect, the slower one’s gears get stripped. (Translating Infinity podcast no. 4)

I came to this deep pondering over decades of personal spiritual exploration without the use of drugs or anything outside of my own innate technologies. One historical character that exemplified this deep questioning for me was the early 20th Century dancer, Vaslav Nijinsky. It is he with whom I will explore these deep questions that it seems I’ve been moving inexorably toward over the past 40 years: I take a look at his life as the Artist-creative who dove deeply and didn’t come back.

I start this exploration with Part 1 and how I came to be involved in dance and the trajectory on which dreams can send one. In Part 2 I write about Nijinsky’s early life and career; Part 3 covers his gear-stripping experience and subsequent institutionalization. And in closing, Part 4 looks at the concept of sanity vs. insanity.

Part One: Why am I writing this?

I am a Contact Experiencer*. It is a lens I use, not an identity. My first memory of meeting ‘the Others’ was when I was 2-1/2 years old. I have been a desperate seeker of the true nature of Reality ever since: I am 65 at this writing. I‘ve been here a lot longer than I thought I’d be…most of the time I’m glad I decided to see the Mission through. But it was touch and go for decades.

I’ve experienced visitations by ‘the Others’, heard recurring non-discernible murmuring up until puberty, had dreams that were much more Real than ‘reality’ and many more experiences. Later in life, I now receive Transmissions from ‘the Others’, my Team I call them, and speak Star Language. But this is not the subject of this exploration.

I am now predominantly a visual artist, in the realm of art expression that is, but when I was younger, dance was a large part of my life. I remember dancing in front of the TV at a very young age, copying the movements of ‘hula-girls’. Around the age of 6, I saw my first full-length classical ballet on PBS – The Nutcracker. I was totally smitten. I never took ballet classes as a child, although that was a ‘thing’ for many young girls back then. I was not encouraged toward extra-curricular activities in my family. 

At 9 I was again dancing in front of the TV set –  this time, to the Beatles. I found that when music moved me, and so much of it did, I would dance. I often feel so fortunate for having been born at a time of great music, and great dancers, too: Rudolph Nureyev, Mikhail Baryshnikov, Natalia Makarova, Alexander Godunov, to name but a few.

In 1972 I was taken to see my first ballet by a dancer-friend and her mother. I don’t remember what ballet was performed, but I do remember the star: Edward Villella, America’s premier male dancer at the time. I was 16 and we had front row seats. 

When we went backstage afterwards to get our programs autographed, Villella warmly greeted me, saying he’d noticed me in the front row. I was thrilled beyond belief! But when nothing was said to my friend as she stepped up, I was mortified. She suffered from scoliosis and wore a body brace most of the time. I plunged into feelings of deep unworthiness, which rather set the tone of life, an on going painful struggle.

In my late 20s I began to have recurring dreams of dancing with Nureyev. I cannot adequately describe the feeling of freedom in these dreams; being unfetter by the physical. It was otherworldly, and magnificently wonderful! I had the incredible experience of see him dance, not once, but three times in London in 1977. I will never forget the dramatic feeling of Presence as he came onstage. It rolled out over the audience and palpably hit me with a physical force.

The Spirit of the Rose, watercolor, © Zuzanna Vee

In 1982 I came across a biography of Vaslav Nijinsky by his wife, Romola. Pluto* was squaring my moon. It was then that I was introduced to a being of incomparable beauty both inside and out. Someone who was used and projected upon; seen as ‘the god of dance’ and is still considered the best male dancer of the 20th Century. After about only a 10-year career, he was said to have suddenly gone mad. Soon after reading this book, my life took off on a course of my own unconscious devising. I entered a hell-state for quite some time as I endeavored to remember who I was. Entering my first Saturn Return*, in many ways I often felt as if I was loosing my grip. But I was never really sure I wanted to be here anyway.

By 1992 I had returned from 15 years abroad and was living in Durham, NC. One day I received a paper in the mail advertising the American Dance Festival, held annually at Duke University nearby. I clearly remember the large print across the page: 

This is the summer that will change your life!

Message received – I immediately signed up for a week’s intensive Dance Therapy Workshop with Marcia Leventhal, now president elect of the American Dance Therapy Association. I was then also taking twice-weekly modern dance classes at Duke University with Carol Child, enjoying weekly swing dance lessons with Richard Badu, and attending weekly dances held locally. Dance, at this point was my life. I was 36.

The week of dance therapy was an amazing and life altering experience. It started at 10am each morning, and ended in the late afternoon, after which we were expected to attend performances in the evening. It was a hectic, but joyous schedule. Our classroom was an old wooden building, and not air-conditioned. It was July in the South. Needless to say, I sweated profusely, something my body didn’t do easily. I loved this total experience so much and my body had never felt so fit.

The Saturday morning after the week of dance immersion finished, I was on the phone telling a friend about my experience. Suddenly, seemingly out of no where, I began to shift in consciousness so dramatically, that I recall vaguely saying into the phone, “I have to hang up now – something’s happening.”

I then experienced a two-day period of my third eye opening. I could feel a pressure in the center of my forehead as if something was forcing it to split in two. I sat most of that time on the screened porch and just observed. My entire representational orientation to the Divine altered, and I ‘knew’ in those moments how the Divine created everything: through projecting an image out from Herself. 

Fortunately I had a long-standing background of personal yoga practice and as a trained instructor, so I was not afraid. I had also had a similar experience in Italy in 1989 involving my heart center and crown. I knew what was going on: the intense, sustained physical activity and cleansing I had just undergone had opened one of the portals within my body.

It was around this time (though I can’t pin point the exact date) that I had another important experience. I was on spiritual retreat with a friend and her son, and because we came as ‘a family’ we got to stay in a house that I never would have gotten to stay otherwise. On the Saturday afternoon, I was alone in the house when I began to perceive what I could only describe as the Spirit of Dance communing with me. It was such a deeply moving experience and lasted for quite some time. All that night I felt held in the arms of love by the Spirit of Dance.

Later, when my friend returned, I told her of the experience. She didn’t know that I didn’t know, but this had been the house of Margaret Craske a famous dancer in the early 20th Century who went on to teach Cecchetti technique until in her 90s. She had died in this house before it had been moved to the retreat center. I only discovered now, as I research for this article, that she actually danced with the Ballet Russes’ production of Les Sylphides in London in 1920! Very soon after my experience, the house was hit by lightning and burned to the ground. No other damage in the vicinity was done. I guess the business of the Spirit of Dance had been completed.

I continued to dance for several years after the Dance Therapy week. In about 6 months time, my life’s orientation changed. During a routine yearly exam in early 1993, I was told I had cancer. I swiftly booked a 3-week stay at a spiritual ashram in India. I mostly slept, waking only for meals or the bathroom. I felt I was being healed quietly and thoroughly on the inside. When I got back, not only did I not have cancer, but I took up the study of herbalism formally, and began to paint more than I ever had previously. My dreams also became much more enlightening. I have never been back to the doctor since.

Concurrent to my dance interests, I was also a visual artist as mentioned. I finally got the technical training I’d been sorely missing (being self-taught up till then) when I was in my early 50s, and living in New York City. I could now finally bring out of my depths all the visuals and visions that previously were stuck inside. Words could not render my experiences. Without a model or photograph, it was often impossible to effectively translate my inner life. Now a method, a means of expressing my rich inner life was available to me for the first time; this contributed greatly to the progressive excavation of Authentic Self I had embarked upon. 

I have had a full and varied life, but I will now jump ahead 40 years from Pluto squaring my Moon to Pluto conjuncting my moon in February 2022. It all started with a dream….

On January 26, 2022, I dreamt of Nureyev again after many, many years. In this dream I was at the foot of an old fashioned bed looking into a mirror that hung over the headboard. In the mirror I could see Nureyev leaning backwards onto the bed. I was given to know that he had once slept in this bed, and I was happy that I was going to be able to sleep in the same bed as he once had. The mirror showed me the past.

As I do with my dreams, I research them online when that feels appropriate. I watched films of Nureyev dancing, and some bio-pics and documentaries just to see what this might bring up in me. I got The White Crow out of the library to watch – a very worthwhile retelling of the lead up to Nureyev’s defection from the USSR in 1961. During this immersive research, the event with Edward Villella and its link with my underlying feelings of unworthiness came to light. 

Then, on February 6th I began to ‘connect’ with Nijinsky again. I felt not quite obsessed, but driven to find out more about him. I discovered much new research material that was not available to me 40 years ago. 

There was never any film footage taken of Nijinsky dancing or of the early Ballet Russes. He was one of the first to recognize the importance of cinematography and urged Diaghilev to preserve all their great ballets on film. Alas, Diaghilev felt the technology of the times was too crude, and he didn’t want the dancers graceful, fluid movements to be recorded as the jerky scenes he saw at the cinema (A Leap Into Madness, by Peter Ostwald, 1991 p139). But there are many beautiful photographs. Christian Comte has created short digital reconstructions from photographs to produce a sort of movement-illusion from a few of the ballets Nijinsky danced. You can find these on Youtube. They are mesmerizing. 

This deep dive began a series of ‘connections’ with the feeling of Nijinsky and I painted a watercolor of him as Le Spectre de la Rose, from the ballet by the same name. Then I began feeling that I was spending all my DreamTime with him, though I couldn’t remember much in the mornings – just the feeling. 

On February 11th I dreamt that two blue beings walked through a door into the room where I was. Then I saw a black and white stripped bed spread or table cloth. As I awoke, these three images (two figures and the patterned cloth) melded into synthesis, and I painted it. I based the figures on photographs of Nijinsky’s portrayal of The Blue God (Krishna) ballet because in the dream that was what these blue figures felt like. Two days later I dreamt that Spirit of the Dance was giving me an involved demonstration that showed a heart being placed between the two blue beings on the painting.

The Blue Beings dream, watercolor, © Zuzanna Vee

I began to feel that there was something I was supposed to do for Nijinsky, though by this time I couldn’t quite think of the Spirit I was feeling as him exactly. It was him, but in a more expanded sense; and neither male nor female. Very hard to explain. I began feeling a deep love for him; a very deep connection of communing. And this is where this article comes in: Was there more to be discovered about his life? Or my life through discovering more about him?

In my life-time the left brain characteristics of analytical, logical, computing, rule-followers has largely been the praise-worthy part of our brain functions. For millennia this was the direction we all happily moved toward. It is called the patriarchy. We reached the pinnacle of left-brain experience at the very point in time when the Earth reached a crisis point of devastation. No coincidence there. The insistence upon the logic of domination by the most ‘intelligent’ has created our present, dire global circumstances.

But what happens when one, or some, do not fall in line with this way of being? What happens when a very few, perhaps unknown to one another, are operating from a predominantly right brain ‘logic’? When feeling-emotions, and creative motivations are one’s predominant approach to living; when not money, career or relationships, but Art as Truth, is one’s driving force? 

I can tell you first hand what happens: unless one is highly financially successful, one is reviled, and misunderstood, often deliberately; denigrated, ignored, ridiculed, shunned, and labeled: crazy. Contact Experiences are very, very familiar with the Collective’s method of dealing with their own discomfort. So are Artists.

When one runs counter to the accepted, prevailing left-brain logic, following the heart’s feeling-knowing instead of head-logic, life here can be brutal. It is only when one has contact with others of like-heart and experience that one can obtain the much-needed validation, corroboration, and the necessary mirroring to feel safe, sane and able to thrive.

This has only been available to the contemporary Contact Experiencer of late, though many of us had been told for years that this time was fast approaching. For me, when it finally arrived in early 2020, all previous suffering was felt as well worth it. The expanding circle of Expanded Humans is now quickly realizing that our lives as the avant garde were the template of a future that is now. We were trained, formed, molded – often kicking and screaming – as we were taught how to be True Humans in isolation, often, but not always, in obscurity. 

And now, imagine the dear Souls who volunteered to come here a hundred years earlier to begin the creation of the energetic template for this new paradigm in which we now find ourselves. Imagine no psychedelic context, nor shamanic journeying, nor even the context of the ‘New Age’ of the 1980s and 90s, let alone the era of Love & Peace of the mid-1960s. What do you feel life would have been like for one so destined? 

I am going to show you, in the next installment…..

Vaslav Nijinsky, about 21 year of age

*Contact Experiencer: a person who has a broader bandwidth of perception than the average person acceptably experiences. We receive information from unrecognized and unquantifiable sources. A person, for instance, who has ‘imaginary friends’; a muse, such as Carl Jung’s Philemon. Someone who sees what others don’t, can’t or won’t see: angels, ETs, light ships, Beings, Faeries, dead people…… Someone who hears messages or ‘knows’ things intuitively. Those who speak Star, Light or Mother Tongue languages. Those who journey and bring back needed information that does what it is purported to do. In other words, creative individuals who are open to more than the five perceptual senses. Religion calls this the work of the devil; conventional science calls it insanity, pseudo-science, quackery, Venus, or swamp gas because they cannot capture and measure the experiences of others. Who, I ask, can?

*Pluto is the planet of transformation. Whatever it activates through astronomical aspect, gets changed dramatically. It is often experienced dramatically because most of us have a vested interest in keeping the status quo. When Pluto affects a person by transit it is wise to let go and allow the process to proceed unhampered.

*Saturn Return is when the transiting planet of Saturn comes back to the same place that it was at birth. It signals an opportunity to step into further maturity and happens roughly every 28 years. Like Pluto, Saturn exacts certain necessities of change and we will suffer less if we accept what happens during this transit with equanimity, and allow the change to advance. 

My deepest gratitude to Florentina, Liz and Prem for reading my first drafts of all four parts of this lengthy article. Your support of the project and my process, as well as your stupendous editorial suggestions are appreciated beyond words.

For years of on-going support, mirroring and acceptance, I wish to thank Daphne and Eileen. I couldn’t have made it to ‘now’ without your Presence in my life.

And a deep karmic bow to Judith who has housed me over this last 14 months. I would not have been able to write this article, nor the many other creative projects I engaged in, without the shelter, and comfort this afforded me. I will forever be grateful for this selfless gift you gave me. 

Cosmic Weather Report Feb. Full Moon 2022

The full moon at 4 degrees sidereal Leo is Wednesday, February 16th at noon EST. The Star Language at the end helps to anchor the energies for the lunar month. Take a moment to ground, if you haven’t beforehand, before listening to the Star Language. You will feel and integrate it then.
Let us know what you perceive; does this resonate?
Blessings for the month.

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Voices from the Past II

Star Language by Zuzanna Vee

First, I want to announce that I am now offering Star Language Oracle readings. My Team has recently suggested that I should go public with this modality, and I’ve had a lot of embodied encouragement, too. Thank you all – you know who you are! 

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Now, onto the blog…….

Many years ago now, when I was doing something totally unrelated to receiving Transmissions, a statement came into my conscious mind. It said, “The Atlantis Codes are opening now.” I thought this was bullshit, and ignored it. Not very wise, and I’m embarrassed to say I’ve done this more than once. I didn’t write it down, so I don’t know the exact date, but I’m guessing 2016. The full Transmission was received when the timing was right. I’d been notified years before, but now (January 2019) was the time for the information to come forth.

Today, February 2022, I finally see the relevance of the information I received more than three years ago. I recently found several Transmissions written down in a composition book that I hadn’t transcribed onto computer. Right now this information feels very pertinent. I could never have guessed where we’d be in just 13 months after receiving this Transmission. It’s been full speed ahead since March 2020. Perhaps reading about the Atlantis Codes will unlock Remembrance within you.

Below is the full Transmission I received about the Atlantis Codes. I do not sugar-coat, nor make apology for anything I receive in this way, and acknowledge that no one is infallible, least of all myself. My understanding is that humanity survives, but life may look very differently in the future. And there is the distinct possibility that we can avert such a scenario mentioned in the Transmission. That is why wisdom is given: to encourage change and suggest different choices. Blessings to you all.

January 1, 2019: The Atlantis Codes are remembered DNA encoded memories of appropriate technologies required for Soul survival during the next time needed. The Codes received by Atlanteans in their time were called something else entirely, yet the information is the same. 

The Atlantis Codes are information catalogues of important details needed when coming to critical mass at times when this will likely destroy the existing paradigm with its power. All things must pass and just before each passing, or extinction, as you call it, a hyper-jump into a higher realm happens. (my note: clearly mass extinction is not total extinction and humanity and the flora and fauna have continued up till now. Cultural Myth supports this).

The Atlantis Codes have been unfolding for many years with the development called the New Age – your years in the late 1980s. The Codes start at the elementary level and gradually build in complexity and highest Source Knowing. Many have brought this knowledge forth into consciousness. They have come and gone. The work continues apace. Critical mass is soon to be reached.Hidden knowledge revealed, and then destruction through wrong use of it. This is because the Atlantis Codes are not kept secret – cannot be kept secret. All is revealed equally. Not all are developed well enough to use the knowledge for humanitarian advancement and instead seek to advance only a few. This is happening now, and has been for some time. When the Atlantis Codes are revealed all get the information regardless of their inner development. It is a cycle of consciousness. Even though culture may be dragged down, those who are enlightened will not be ‘punished’. Those who expedited the enslavement of humanity and cause the mass extinction through selfish pursuits will reap the consequences by being born into a world best not contemplated. 

Healing sacred sound is a way to protect your organism, mental field, and personal embodiment. Fine vibration is needed now – you have transcended modalities of the early enlightenment. It is important to keep evolving and using increasingly subtler healing methods. Sound healing is now becoming more accessible to more of you.

You are learning much in subtle ways, through dreams and subconscious eruptions into conscious. If you continue to follow what draws you, what interests you, you will find yourself educated in a timely fashion.

Tones, the encoded frequencies of Knowledge forming the Atlantis Codes, are freely give to all. They can be used for good or ill. There is impartial sharing at this time. This is not always so, but at certain times in the Great Cycle, Knowledge is freely given – the era of Secret Brotherhoods that protect the information come later. It is a natural response in humanity, when potentially freeing Knowledge is used destructively. This is how it happens. 

We are sorry, we cannot change the rhythm. This is how it plays out. Know that the Soul is never damaged, only the ways and means for that Soul to Experience. 

The cycle is: unbounded Knowledge available; wrong use by some of the Knowledge; destruction; then sharing more prudently that which will maintain survival. Followed by the Knowledge going underground, used only by a few, hidden and saved secretly until the cycle starts again. This is a brief and general outline that spans long stretches of Time. 

You are at the portion of the cycle where you may quickly gain what you seek before the mass extinction occurs. Remember: what is gained is never, or rarely, lost. Take opportunities to learn all you can of knowledge/wisdom and experience while you can. Then it is always part of you and will be reawakened when called for. 

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Voices from the Past

Athyr’s Temple at Dendera; oil on linen; by Zuzanna Vee

I was looking through old notebooks this week, and to my surprize, I found three Transmissions that I hadn’t transcribed onto computer. They were from late 2018 and one from early 2019. It’s possible I hadn’t looked at them since I’d written them down.

As I was reading through them I was struck by the immediacy of the message. Although they were more than three years old, they were talking about the Times we are in right now.

Recently I have been given information about modes of healing that are effortless and energy based. At the time of this first Transmission, December 14, 2018, I was exploring sound healing and working with tuning forks, which I still do, daily. This was just the ‘angle of perception’ I was using at the time, and not intended to be taken as a specific imperative of working with tuning forks.

I’ve been encouraged to share this information, and if it resonates with you, use it. Over then next couple of years, we are going to be changing faster than ever before and will need to have a very different approach and attitude to everything in our lives. You might use these Transmissions as a jumping off place for your own explorations, or corroboration for your own intuitive knowing. Pass the information and experience on to others, for we are all going to be needing inspiration on the Inward Journey that we are now making.

Know that nothing is as you were taught; that Love is the force of creativity and Light is the medium of transmission. That you will need all your energy to maintain integrity of purpose and direction not to get distracted by Illusion, which may be the strongest it’s ever been these next two year. We’ll see.


“It is not only intent, but a frequency for mind, another for physical body, a third set for emotions. The Soul needs no healing. And by healing it is meant balance – and coming to acceptance, too, when appropriate.

“You will need to experiment for yourself and use intuition. We can assist, but we cannot do the work for you.

“Emotions reside in the Heart Body. Mind is different, and they all link up to affect the (physical) body. Mind can think thoughts that then create emotions felt in the body. The body can experience that which propels it into felt states. That is what you term emotions: Felt states in the body, and these felt states in the body can have a negative impact on the mind if the emotion is clamped down upon, denied, or in some way stopped from a natural expressing. The mind judges and gums up the process that could be smooth. Your ‘civilized’ ways of being seek to make behaviors uniform with nothing uncomfortable. This in itself creates extreme discomfort. You trade discomfort of a short-term for a long-term discomfort. This makes you ill, sometimes terminally.

“Use reason and intuition. So, learn about frequencies and how they can be expressed. Then see how they affect one or more of the three bodies.

“The Earth Resonance is a body frequency, but mind and emotions are intertwined, so they will be affected, too. It is a matter of finding primary frequency for each. Then if an issue starts in one body or another, a primary frequency usually addresses the issue from there. It filters down and ripples out into the others. The Soul is the Observer. It is also an Experiencer, but only through one of the bodies. 

“So, you have a primary physical body frequency in the 93.96 Hz (a multiple of the Schumann Resonance). With the 528 Hz tuning fork experiment with emotions. You would need to address said emotion before it lodges somewhere in the body and before the mind creates a story about it. If you find this can work primarily for emotions, then you will need to discover a primary mind frequency. This is very tricky, but mainly must move the mind to a slower state when aroused. A tool similar to meditation; Alpha, Theta states of insight. 

“There are many other uses for frequency devices such as opening memory, but there is so much to explore and music is the best to work with: modulating frequencies to entice memory, and altered states. 

“You will naturally discover new areas of interest as you explore. You know how this works. Explore what draws you, play and have enjoyment. You will be placed in the right place at the right time.”


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I will post the other two Transmissions also at some point soon. The most important thing to have in your life now is quiet time for reflection, a meditation/Dialogue practice, and time in Nature daily. However that looks to you is up to you. Learn to trust your intuition, and hone your discernment and discrimination. This is vitally important. Lead through your Heart, and have courage. Blessings to you as we go forward together. – Zuzanna

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The Cosmic Weather Report

Full Moon in Crete, 2021, photo: Daphne Kourkounaki

After quite some time of thinking eventually we would, Daphne and I have finally collaborated, and created the Cosmic Weather Report where we look at the energies and astrology each month. Included at the end of the video is some Star Language to help you through the month. Each time you listen, it will integrate more within you.

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Blessings for 2022

We are in the year of “I don’t know” and also the year of miracles. If you’ve been tuning in to your InnerSelf over the last many years, you are aware of where you are – changing fast. So much is happening on the inside, and in the world. The inner mirrors the outer and visa versa. Choose Love in every moment and you expand exponentially. There is no end to the Expansion, so keep choosing Love.

I have many projects on the go, and some may eventually be shared here. So stay tuned.

In the meantime, I want to share a profound production that my dear friend, Eileen Meyer, created that I had the opportunity to preview recently. It needs no further introduction. It speaks eloquently for itself. Enjoy!

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Blessings to you all,
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