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Cosmic Weather Report Feb. Full Moon 2022

The full moon at 4 degrees sidereal Leo is Wednesday, February 16th at noon EST. The Star Language at the end helps to anchor the energies for the lunar month. Take a moment to ground, if you haven’t beforehand, before listening to the Star Language. You will feel and integrate it then.
Let us know what you perceive; does this resonate?
Blessings for the month.

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The Cosmic Weather Report

Full Moon in Crete, 2021, photo: Daphne Kourkounaki

After quite some time of thinking eventually we would, Daphne and I have finally collaborated, and created the Cosmic Weather Report where we look at the energies and astrology each month. Included at the end of the video is some Star Language to help you through the month. Each time you listen, it will integrate more within you.

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Blessings for 2022

We are in the year of “I don’t know” and also the year of miracles. If you’ve been tuning in to your InnerSelf over the last many years, you are aware of where you are – changing fast. So much is happening on the inside, and in the world. The inner mirrors the outer and visa versa. Choose Love in every moment and you expand exponentially. There is no end to the Expansion, so keep choosing Love.

I have many projects on the go, and some may eventually be shared here. So stay tuned.

In the meantime, I want to share a profound production that my dear friend, Eileen Meyer, created that I had the opportunity to preview recently. It needs no further introduction. It speaks eloquently for itself. Enjoy!

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Blessings to you all,
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Summer Solstice 2021

As we rush toward the Summer Solstice on June 20th, do you feel the intensity? This morning I was shown a fast slide down a long tube – a metaphor for the feeling I am presently experiencing. 

This much is true: Reality is nothing like we were taught.

July seems to be a focal point for many at this Time. While I can’t predict what this may look like, some Western Vedic astrologers (using the sidereal zodiac) do give pointers.

We are in Eclipse Season and experiencing massive geometries with our cosmic luminaries, the planets, and asteroids, etc.

And there is the increased energy from the Sun behind the Sun, Alcyone in the Pleiades. We’ve got 2000 years to ride the wave of this relatively new bombardment. From here on out, everything is unknown.

What are you feeling? What nudges are you receiving that may seem odd, or very prescient.

We are far past the point of learning how to receive guidance. We need to be fully aware of our internal navigation system and methods; how to connect to Source and receive information on what to do and when. Timing is everything. We’ve had decades to practice.

If we feel fear, that is not the kind of guidance I’m talking about. Do not act from that place; it will be regretted. 

Pay attention to dreams. Write them down.

Be gentle with yourself until you feel that joyful urge to do anything. Otherwise, be happy just being, observing and listening. 


Know who you are. Commune daily with Mother Nature.

It has all come down to the present moment when we can rely on nothing outside ourselves ever again. We must have our Inner Being to the fore now.

Who are you, brave soul? 

This is what you came here to do. You were born for this Timing, and you were given everything you need to Connect and be truly free. Everything is inside YOU.

Nothing from the past paradigm is relevant any more, so leave it all behind. 


Keep Breathing….

Have Joy!

Laugh often, taking it all lightly.

Feel Love. It is here in magnitudes.

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Isis In The Underworld

On Tuesday, May 18, 2021, the star Sirius set helically. She will not appear again until mid-August when She becomes a Morning Star, rising helically.

In our time, Sirius is called the Dog Star or Canis Major. But it is Isis whom Sirius actually represents. The Ancient Egyptians called the star Sopdet; the Greeks named Her Sothis. Somewhere along the line Sirius was mixed up with Isis’ faithful, fierce companion, Her nephew, Anubis.

In the ancient story, Chaos (Set) dispatches Fecund Life Force (Osiris) in multiple pieces around the world. Isis, in grief, travels the world searching for Her Beloved, the principle of Life Itself, and eventually re-members the body.

From May 18 until August 13 Sirius will not be visible to our eyes in the Northern Hemisphere. Isis will be traveling in the Underworld seeking Her Beloved, the the very essence of Life.

We have an opportunity to travel with Isis as Guide, particularly if our fourth house of the sidereal zodiac is in Isis’ Court. We can re-collect the pieces of ourselves that we have ignored or been unaware of. As we become whole, the world in general benefits. At this point in our history, this is a sacred duty; for many of us, this is our mission.

I have to wonder if this ancient story informs the many summer romances and June weddings – an unconscious yearning for the Beloved outside ourselves. Until we integrate the Beloved, our divinity within, this never works out in anyone’s favour.

In ancient times Sirius rose in late June heralding the flooding of the Nile and granting blessings for a fertile year. The rich black soil left behind by the river gave the name to ancient Egypt: km.t or Kemet – the black land. The larger Cycles of Time inexorably move along in precessed or processed directions. Even the course of the Nile herself has shifted with Sirius over time. Hence we have a much later date for this yearly astronomical event than was celebrated in ancient Egypt. 

Yet, unlike many other yearly festivals, we have Sirius/Isis herself to show us the natural cycle of this important Journey. If we look to the heavens and Mother Earth we discover our natural selves, flowing in accordance with Nature.

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