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Demonstrating the Process

The Yellow Dragon, 24 ” x 48″ Oil on Linen, by Zuzanna Vee

Recently I’ve written briefly about my friend, Daphne’s, experience in awakening the Dragons in Crete. This is not isolated to Crete, of course, but is happening world wide. However, Crete is an ancient Centre of Goddess and Daphne is called to work where she lives – as are we all.

About a week and a half ago Daphne and I sat down on Zoom so that she could tell the entire story about what happened on this first Sacred Walk to Awaken the Dragons. I feel that this is a very important document of not only her experience, but a demonstration of the PROCESS. 

Another friend, Eileen Meyer, has been repeatedly told over the years by her ‘Team’ that when two or more resonant people get together to talk about their experiences, everything expands exponentially, and things really start to happen.

We do this one-on-one, or in groups, like the one Eileen offers in which I participate. Click here to see the latest dates to sign up for June. If you are ready for profound change, please join us.

The recording below is a document of profound inner experience expanding through the veils to affect the 3D world, and beyond. It is a document of one woman’s process to Enter the Dialogue, and what happens when we are willing to NOT KNOW, to follow intuition, and to move through our personal and collective fears.

It is a document of what happens NOW when we engage with the whole of who we are.

With Daphne’s kind permission, I post our conversation here to DEMONSTRATE what we are here to do right now, and the profound gifts that await those who do so. 

As I write this, Daphne is currently planning a second Sacred Walk as the Dragons call her to continue the Awakening process, and to lay the groundwork for The Awakening Woman events in Crete that she is creating for November 2021 and beyond.

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Awakening Woman

There is presently incredible and exciting work afoot in Europe and Russia that is helping to bring the new paradigm into full focus. America, once a world leader on many fronts, feels as if she is being left in the dust as so many try desperately to hold onto ‘what was’. 

My colleague, former apprentice, and dear friend, Daphne Kourkounaki, is organising and co-facilitating a series of gatherings called Awakening Woman. The six weekends and final 10-day retreat will be on the beautiful southwest coast of Crete commencing November 2021 through October 2022 and will be facilitated by Elizabeth Serra of Barcelona.

Daphne is actively awakening the Dragons in Crete, and their energy will be informing and energising the Awakening Woman path. This promises to be a profoundly transformative experience for those women who are ready to become MORE of who they were born to be.

The Awakening Woman gatherings are terribly important not only for the rising of the Divine Feminine of Crete, an extremely sacred ancient Goddess land, but this Awakening Woman energy will join with others world-wide as women engage in the sacred work of awakening ourselves, the world, and connecting the Dragon Lines of Earth.

Below is a link to complete information about Awakening Woman. There is also an invitation to join Elizabeth for an introductory online event, The Erotic Relationship, May 23, 2021.

Please share this information with your groups, friends and on you social media platforms if you feel inspired to help awaken the new paradigm.

Daphne’s beautiful Shiva-Shakti dance meditation video:
To find out more about Daphne click here.

A short clip of Elizabeth Serra talking about surviving or thriving as women in a patriarchal world. There are more videos on Daphne’s Youtube channel: 

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