Goddess Consciousness Apprenticeships

This course has been retired as of February 12, 2020. Contact me for information about the support I am offering now.

Change the trajectory of your life!

Goddess Consciousness

  • …Invites you to experience the greater Cosmic Cycles, connects you with an inner and outer congruency, and rekindles the wonder and mystery of life
  • …Facilitates deep inner inquiry into your true authenticity as a powerful woman
  • …Opens the way to understanding our Collective trauma; how that impacts you individually, and how to heal the wounds
  • …Supports your movement from the present patriarchal paradigm toward the Goddess Consciousness paradigm and beyond
  • ….Works with your personal birth chart map, and transits as a primary foundational framework tool
  • ….Encourages, through creativity, the full embodiment of the lessons each new moon brings through one year’s immersion experience
  • ….Through explorative dialogue, we discover insights to the issues most ready to release and work toward that goal with….
  • ….Specific meditation and visualization practices to support your on-going inner path of discovery

Testimonial: Daphne Kourkounaki, Crete

Goddess Consciousness broadened my horizons in many dimensions including mind,
body and soul. I learned to connect with the unseen realms, to trust my intuition more, to
develop my creativity and to use all these as tools for healing and connecting more deeply
with myself. I also enriched my knowledge base with information on various metaphysical
and other topics that opened up my thinking and helped me gain deeper understanding
about consciousness and the bigger picture. I am equipped with more lenses through
which I can look at the world and tools to ground the information in my every day life.

Zuzanna’s open-minded and heart-felt presence facilitated my learning in a way that I felt
encouraged and supported the challenges that came up. Her passion for all that she does (and she has many talents and interests) is inspiring. The gifts that she brings through channeling, her creativity, as well as her huge knowledge base never cease to amaze me.

During my year of studying Goddess Consciousness with Zuzanna she began to download
the Goddess Astrology Material. As she started sharing some of the information with me I
was experiencing shivers down my spine as well as an uncontrolled feeling of excitement.
I knew my body was giving me a clear signal to study this material and so I embarked on a
second year of study with her. I’ve always had a great interest in Astrology prior to
studying Goddess Astrology, but this was unlike any other system that I had learned before.
It’s been almost a year since I have completed the course and I feel I am only beginning to
scratch the surface compared to the potential that the Goddess Astrology system offers in unlocking profound information that lie within each astrological chart.

Furthermore I have had people requesting chart readings even before I had completed the course (and before I even felt ready to work as an Astrologer). I have been receiving amazing feedback from my clients and I am getting more and more clients just through word of mouth.

I can’t recommend this course enough to anyone who feels intrigued and has an interest in deepening their knowledge of astrology, or even without knowing much about astrology. (Note: If you think you may be interested in the Goddess Consciousness apprenticeship, and have further questions for Daphne, please feel free to contact her at the link with her name above.)

Contact  Zuzanna for further information.
Goddess Astrology readings here.
For more about Zuzanna, click here.

 What my readers say about the work:

Absolutely gifted. Am inspired by your writings. I find them accurate, resonant and nurturing. Blessings, Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD, Malaysia, astrologer and priestess

It is difficult for me to articulate what your postings have meant to me, not just by way of fascinating me, but also by way of healing. Bright Blessings to you!   – Marcie Ba, NYC

This is amazing! You combine considerable writing talent with a skill for research, intuition and guidance! Congrats. I am very impressed too at your knowledge of astrology!      – Randy Wasserstrom, Cary, NC, astrologer

Absolutely fascinating. I learn something each time I read your articles. Thank you.              -Yasmin Zaman, England; The Portable Guru

All paintings are copyright © Zuzanna Vee and may not be used without permission expressly from the artist.

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