Goddess Consciousness Apprenticeships

Change the trajectory of your life!

Goddess Consciousness Apprenticeship program is a year-long immersion that looks deeply at our inner patriarchal programming. The apprenticeship program is a foundation course and is a prerequisite to Goddess Astrology Module Two training program, and Goddess Empowerment Module Three activation experience.

Goddess Consciousness is guided by traveling the Great Year Cycle in conjunction with the monthly new moon. We will work to enhance, and listen to, your intuitive faculty, hone the very necessary skill of discernment and much more.  You will learn the very new modes of operation that are now in effect for each dedicated seeker.

Begin by reading the 26 free foundational articles in the archive commencing August 2014 and see if the Goddess Consciousness apprenticeship is right for you.

I have offered apprenticeship programs on a one-to-one basis since 1998.  If this work resonates with you, and you are interested in exploring yourSelf through Goddess Consciousness, please contact me for further information. This personal, deep study will change the direction of your life. It requires a solid commitment to your Spiritual Path above all else, and involvement in no other study programs during our year together.  Serious inquires only, please.

Goddess Consciousness is for those women who have begun to awaken to the Mystery of who they truly are and who want to deeply activate their consciousness rather than living by default.

Goddess Astrology info here. For more about Zuzanna, click here.

 What my readers say about the work:

Absolutely gifted. Am inspired by your writings. I find them accurate, resonant and nurturing. Blessings, Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD, Malaysia, astrologer and priestess

It is difficult for me to articulate what your postings have meant to me, not just by way of fascinating me, but also by way of healing. Bright Blessings to you!   – Marcie Ba, NYC

This is amazing! You combine considerable writing talent with a skill for research, intuition and guidance! Congrats. I am very impressed too at your knowledge of astrology!      – Randy Wasserstrom, Cary, NC, astrologer

Absolutely fascinating. I learn something each time I read your articles. Thank you.              -Yasmin Zaman, England; The Portable Guru

All paintings are copyright © Zuzanna Vee and may not be used without permission expressly from the artist.


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