Fire & the Awakened Warrior Woman

Greetings everyone! I am thrilled to bring you the next instalment of the Dragon Walks that Daphne is doing in Crete to awaken Goddess, and Dragon energies. This is number 3 of possibly 4; maybe 5….. we don’t quite know yet.

What a View! photo by Daphne K.

The video below obviously speaks for itself. However, I want to draw your attention to a very definitive demonstration here of following guidance, going with the Flow and having Trust that all will turn out well and in the right timing – no matter what hardships we may experience.

At this Time of massive Paradigm Shift, many of us are finding ourselves in the midst of a huge Initiation of sorts. Probably only the latest of many! Each of our Initiations will look different from previous ones and from other’s Initiations. The one common factor is that is it a huge, monumental challenge for us to face and transcend. This is a great gift at this Time as we create the template for a totally different way of living.

Ancient-future technologies are now available for many to bring online, using the ‘hard- and software’ with which we were born to expand more and more each day. These technologies have always been available to all, but not all have taken up the Path needed to move forward and in. But there is no judgment because everyone gets there eventually. Some take a more circuitous route than others. If one finds oneself judging others and feeling superior, one is facing more of a different kind of challenging work. 

In this video Daphne first gives some background of how she got here, doing these Walks; then tells us the highlights of her two-night adventure.

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I find the process of inner spiritual discovery fascinating. Please share any insights you may have gleaned in the course of your own present Initiatory process. 

Blessed Be!



7 thoughts on “Fire & the Awakened Warrior Woman

  1. Eileen Meyer

    I really honor your journey, Daphne, and I am so grateful that you found the strength and resolve on all levels to complete it. Together we are weaving the soul of the Divine Mother back into the natural harmonics of our bodies and the Earth. With this, each heart may be re-infused with the memory of our ancient-future origins. Blessings and gratitude 🙏🐉🌪💕

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    1. Daphne

      Thank you dear Eileen for your support and encouragement. It means a lot to feel us united. I love your words “weaving the soul of the divine Mother back into our bodies”. Yes, we are doing this together – so many of us, each in our own way. Let’s keep going ♥️🙏🏼🐉🌺

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  2. Prem

    Love the deep wisdom that weaves through this journey being discussed – the shamanic initiation – making a sacrifice – “having your barnacles taken off so your light can shine” – “the spirit of hospitality and generosity” love this conversation – thank you Zuzanna and Daphne

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