Time is moving more quickly now than ever before. It is not subjective. And Reality is not anything like we were taught.

Harmonics of Change; acrylic on canvas © Zuzanna Vee

We are being asked to adapt to massive frequency changes and NOTHING will be as it once was.

In Ages past knowledge was power. In our lifetime money has always been the currency of exchange. As our paradigm alters dramatically, we must shift perspective toward a vastly different medium of exchange.

That of the Caring Currency.

Over the past few years, and intermittently through several decades, we have been given opportunities to experiment with trade, barter, and gifting currencies. If we took these opportunities to entertain a new perspective, this next big leap will not be so challenging for us.

I have noticed, that in my life, as I give freely to one person, I am often repaid from another direction entirely. They may, in turn, receive reciprocal energy exchange from yet another direction as well. Everyone gets what they need (begin to discern the difference between ‘want’ and ‘need’ in your life). It needs to start with each individual. There is no waiting anymore for the next person to do the right thing, just to see how it goes.

When I first became a nomad three years ago, it quickly became evident to me that kindness was of a vastly greater value than money. And sometimes kindness came in the form of money, because right now that is still used. But….

If we cultivate TRUST in the Universe to have our back, She will meet us more than half way. There is no negotiation, no way to ‘fudge’ trust. We cannot legislate Care Currency. You either have it or you don’t. You will know soon enough. Just reading this may have broken you out in a sweat or made you very angry or fearful. That is important information.

Just trust. Change the way you live, think, respond and how you express care. Jettison all that is unused, unnecessary, and unwanted. EVERYTHING! Take back your Sovereignty.

Care is the currency that benefits all equally. There is nothing to hide behind, no status to fall back upon, no struggle or uncertainty. 

Shifting to Care Currency opens and directs our Life Force toward the new way of Being. Care Currency will develop sooner rather than later if we take this step now, but it is coming. You have a powerful opportunity right now to affect the future. 

Will you take it?

All blessings to you on this New Moon in sidereal Aries,
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