May 2020 Update

Life is moving fast. The past three weeks had so many things coming in, leaving as quickly, changes in schedule, and then re-arrangement of schedule. As it stands now, I will be in northern Virginia until the end of the month.

Mayan glyph Q’anil: May 1, 2020 Four colors of corn; four pillars, seeds, life creation, Mother Nature; a good day to plant a project. Artwork by Zuzanna Vee; colored pencils and ink

The work with the Q’anil Sisterhood, as I’ve begun to think of us, that is Eileen, Jeanne, Janine and myself, is exponentially expanding and producing so much awareness and big ‘ah-ha’s’, it never ceases to amaze me.

I’ve started a video journal that may be used in future productions published on Youtube. We’re each involved in doing so, and the content is more about personal process and the tools we use, rather than information exploration. This personal process will no doubt involve a degree of future-feeling, too. Every two weeks we have an open group meeting through the Soul Reboot Facebook page, and several times a month we record one of our Experiencer Dialogues between the four of us. You’ll find the latest one below.

One of the things all four of us seem to be feeling is a pulling away from the written word – and we are all writers. This feeling has been going on for me for at least a month. So, it may be that my blogs will come less often, or be shorter in length. Leonard Schlain in his extremely worthwhile book, The Alphabet vs. the Goddess talks about how the written word was another nail in the coffin of Goddess consciousness during the Age of Gemini, creating another power-over structure for the patriarchy. Check out the video link in the book title above for more on this fascinating subject. The Gemini link above is an article about that Great Age.

For me it is becoming more and more about feeling and listening; leaving the intellect a little more at this time when Heart is the big missing piece in our Collective lives. The Transmissions I’m receiving now are even more challenging to put into current language perimeters. I feel the need for a new language. I’m sure it’s coming, but it’s not here yet!

Last night I had a powerful experience just before falling asleep. In the in-between state, maintaining consciousness and not falling to sleep, I was aware that the light filaments that are Me were being reconfigured. It was a very deep experience, but when I got excited about what I was being shown, I pulled up out of the experience. Emotion does that – stops or muddies the connection. Feeling, on the other hand, is all about connection. Know the difference: Feeling is sensation with the body being the sensing device, and requires one to stay in the present moment. Emotion is a chemical cascade, and inevitably takes you out of the body and the present moment. The former enhances connection, the latter disintegrates it.

I am currently offering Goddess Astrology Counseling, sessions for those who are here in the New Reality, but need some guidance and navigational help. Contact me if this appeals to you.

Here is the latest Experiencer Dialogue: The Way Forward, recorded on April 30th.

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6 thoughts on “May 2020 Update

  1. Eileen Meyer

    Yes! So beautifully stated about feelings vs emotions. I am very excited about our mutual unlocking and feeling our way forward. Thank you for being on the planet, Zuzanna. You are a treasure!

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  2. Sansara Nirvana

    Hello Zuzanna
    Today I was researching what I like to call the go-between state or in-between state of consciousness when transitioning between wakefulness and sleep. I often have a profound sense that what I encounter during this transitional process is a God-filled message that seems more real than what we call reality (or life on earth) and dreaming. I recently read that people like me who have idiopathic hypersomnia are more likely to encounter this inbetween sleep and wakefulness state in a more often and in a more profound way than most people who do not have idiopathic hypersomnia.

    Now, to get to the point, I found this description of what the visual forms that are encountered might be like and when I read it I remembered you telling me about your experience that you have written about here concerning the golden light and the shapes and patterns that you “saw” during your inbetween wakefulness and sleep state of consciousness. I thought you might find this interesting.

    “Among the more commonly reported, and more thoroughly researched, sensory features of hypnagogia are phosphenes which can manifest as seemingly random speckles, lines or geometrical patterns, including form constants, or as figurative (representational) images. They may be monochromatic or richly colored, still or moving, flat or three-dimensional (offering an impression of perspective). Imagery representing movement through tunnels of light is also reported. Individual images are typically fleeting and given to very rapid changes. They are said to differ from dreams proper in that hypnagogic imagery is usually static and lacking in narrative content, although others understand the state rather as a gradual transition from hypnagogia to fragmentary dreams, i.e., from simple Eigenlicht to whole imagined scenes. Descriptions of exceptionally vivid and elaborate hypnagogic visuals can be found in the work of Marie-Jean-Léon, Marquis d’Hervey de Saint Denys.”



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