March 2020 Update

My Spring Equinox 2020 Dragon Crystal Grid

So, here we are in the New Reality, many of us. Goddess is taking things into Her own hands finally (because humans weren’t getting around to it) and we are moving rapidly through material crises and toward something more different than we ever knew was possible.

I am not being flip or glib about the peril in which we live these days, nor the dire circumstance in which many of us find ourselves. I am well aware of the potential situation. However, I choose to see through eyes awakened through decades of living in a world in which I did not belong; a world in which I was a complete and utter stranger. This crisis is what I was born for – many of us were: all the Contact Workers, Light Warriors, hidden school students and teachers; all of us who came here just for this time to awaken in a fragile human body, and help The Field to reset. This is our time. This is familiar because I remember my contract now, and what I’d planned before coming to Earth. It took me this long to loose the amnesia, train in the hidden schools, and get to a point where I am the person I was to  become.

I know this world now. I know why I am here finally and why I chose to incarnate on this planet, as a human, at this time. It’s taken 63 years for me to understand. Thank goodness I had the good sense to stay awhile. There were many times that I would have gladly opted out given half a chance.

I arrived in Virginia on March 18th , the day my friends returned from their 4.5 months in India, and where I spent my late autumn and winter months. It took me about six hours from where I was in NC. I found the fast-food places closed except for the drive-through. No bathroom in the drive-through! But gas-convenience stores were open for bathroom breaks, and then finally on the Interstate, the last 70 miles, there was a blessed rest area where I could walk, stretch, and go to the bathroom in relative peace and green.

My pet sitting (paid work) is canceled – no one is traveling, of course. My family in England is on lockdown, and my friends in Crete, too. There is not much food on the American grocery shelves – panic hoarding has made short work of that. Has our supply chain severed? No one is officially talking about the fact that the shelves are not being restocked.

Zuzanna and Sansara, 1978 and 2020

I am staying with an old friend, from my music industry days, and her husband. It is a beautiful area of Virginia with a view of the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains from the front porch, open, rolling land around us, and spring bursting into bloom. I will be here through April and after that, I don’t know. This afternoon we all danced in the kitchen to 60s rock ‘n’ roll, one of the best things to do when life is intense. Music is the Magic of the Universe. Participate however you can: sing, play, dance. It will uplift you like nothing else.

It is hilarious to me that I have lived my life in relative seclusion for the last 7 years and now, when everyone is being told to self-isolate, I am staying with friends, and their two kitties, dog and parrot. The Universe is inscrutable.

Several days ago I was doing qigong outside with bare feet on the grass. It was a sunny day, though cold. When I was done, I was prompted to get my sleeping bag and lay out on the lawn for a time to make some Vitamin D. I spontaneously started to meditate: techniques I’m being trained in by my Inter-dimensional Teams. Suddenly, behind my closed eyes, I saw more deeply. It was a golden field with brighter golden symbols flowing toward me, funneling into me. They kept flowing and I felt so happy, I smiled several times during the experience. I just watched and felt so good! The shapes were so beautiful I could never hope to replicate them on paper. Afterwards I felt as if I’d had some miraculous meeting. As is happening more these days, there is no way to articulate the messages. It’s just feeling – joyous feeling.

March 24, as I write this, is the new moon in sidereal Pisces. We have a stellium of Jupiter at 29º Sagittarius,  Pluto just inside Capricorn, Mars at 1º 24′ Capricorn, and Saturn at 6º 02′. Pluto is going to go retrograde on April 25th and will be back into sidereal Capricorn the last week of December this year. Then America will begin to  experience the full force of our first Pluto return at 3º sidereal Capricorn, which oddly, is where my natal moon resides. Hmmm….. Continued transformation all around. My thoughts on this Pluto return for America is that a lot of hidden shit is going to be coming out into the open – big time. What that will look like, I have no idea, but Pluto doesn’t suffer fools gladly, and things will get more challenging before they lighten up – mainly because those being exposed will be scrambling to maintain the status quo.

Healing Angel, Jamaica, Queens, NYC

While you are in quarantine, make sure you are getting physical exercise and being creative daily. Don’t fall prey to addictive, depressive tendencies and fear energy. We have the great opportunity to figure out what is important to us – finally. This time will be difficult for those who shun being alone, or introspective. If this is challenging for you, now is the time to turn inward, ask for Guidance from the Heart, and take advantage of the many offerings on the Internet that folks are sending out to help us stay positive, uplifted and moving forward into the New Reality. Also, if it comes up, and it will,  face the darkness (this doesn’t mean wallow in despair). Let go of the old way, the old paradigm, the old you, and get with the program. There has been so much time to do this with ease, and now it is time to put all that we have learned and experienced into practice during The Great Change that finally well under way.

Pisces New Moon supports deep spiritual inward journey or the other end of the frequency spectrum: martyrdom, and despair. Where do you fall along this spectrum? Take care of yourself. Blessings to you all and all of your loved ones. We’ll make it through this, and life will never be the same again. If it does go back to ‘normal’, we failed miserably in our Light Warrior Work. I don’t believe we are here to fail in this.

Bright Blessings, Cosmic Sisters!
Zuzanna 💕💫




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