November 2019 Update

Greetings everyone! It’s been a full month at least since I last wrote. I have moved into my long-term Winter house sit and continue to pet sit for income and enjoyment. Lots of gratitude for both! I had fun creating my Kitty Pumpkin for Samhain and lighting her in the evenings for the few days before decomposition set in. I also got some big flat bark ready for the Yule log I make for each Winter Solstice.

Recently I read Lynne McTaggart’s books The Intention Experiment and The Power of 8 and have been hugely inspired. Briefly her work is as a scientific researcher in the field of consciousness and how our intentions, developed in a particular way, can affect the world and people around us. I have joined a Power of 8 private virtual group that meets weekly to continue this journey. It is a magical one to be sure! I urge you to check her out either by reading her books or listening to her on Youtube. This is the future of consciousness for humanity.

I’ve also been making pendulums with copper wire, which is highly conductive. As electric beings in an electric universe, copper makes sense. I create a large ‘handle’ for maximum skin contact, often handmade copper wire chain (as opposed to silver), and the wrap for the crystal. The conductivity of copper allows for a better interface with the intuitive capacity needed for non-predictive pendulum use. I like to hang them in a window or on a light fixture to catch the light. I attuned this one (just under 10″ long) to Samhain energies and will also attune it to the coming Winter Solstice. I’ve made a beautiful copper Tree-handled one and an abstract Waves one, too. Very enjoyable creative process since my contract art work disappeared this summer.

About a month ago I had my car serviced and the air filter also needed changing. When I was packing up my car just a couple days afterwards, I found that the sleeping platform in my car had broken legs! I called the garage where I interface with the man who first took my car seats out for free in 2018 – I transferred my business there after that huge kindness. Apparently they get at the air filter through the glove compartment and my platform completely obstructs it. He was unaware the mechanic had had any difficulties and straight away told me my next service would be free. That’s nice, but how to mend my bed for next season’s camping? Luckily I was done with camping for this year!

He also told me to bring the car in when I was next in the area so he could look at the damage and I hoped he’d advise me on how best to fix it. I went in a few days ago. He offered to completely renovate the platform, creating a hinged middle and hinged front legs so that the platform will be easily moved and removed. Wow! what a great outcome. I had to keep checking myself after I noticed the damage as I felt violated. But I trusted that somehow this was leading to something good. Better than I could have imagined! I hope to meet up with him in December to have this blessing manifested to completion.

I had the opportunity during the last week of October, when I had no pet or house sitting scheduled, to ask again for help. This is an on going practice for me who, prior to 2018, rarely asked for any help of any kind. The last week of October looked to be too cold and probably very wet for comfortable camping, so I decided to ask a variety of friends if I could stay for two days or so through the week. I got that organized very quickly, thanks to four very loving and supportive friends. I appreciate you all so much!

One of the stays was going to be two days mid-week with people I pet sit for and have become friends with as well. It turned out that the two days I asked them about were the two days during the week that their two girls spend with their birth mother. So that was synchronistic and made life easier for all of us. Then it turned out, the first night I was there, they were given tickets to the performing arts center in town to see the traveling Broadway production of Aladdin. They wouldn’t have been able to go to it I weren’t staying there – I was looking after their sweet dog – making the timing to get there after work just perfect for them. Isn’t that a great example of how efficient the Universe is when She is allowed to organize life unobstructed by our interference?

For years now I have been busy downloading, researching and writing about various things. I taught Goddess Consciousness and Goddess Astrology to my amazing apprentice, Daphne, in Crete, over a two and a half year period. Still, I didn’t really feel where I should be focusing my energies. Finally I gained clarity on November 6th after years of heavy mists. I put it down to Neptune finally getting out of orb of my natal Mars.

2020 will see big changes for us all. I will be rebooting my Goddess Astrology readings, so stay tuned for that. I also plan to start a series of short vlogs on Goddess Astrology, discussing the various aspects that this channeled system entails, perhaps including some astro-updates involving the transiting planets. It was an amazing process over several years to download, channel, and work with this material – it is quite a unique approach to chart reading and uses the sidereal zodiac, not the common tropical. That was a learning curve in itself. Check out these two links above for more information about the readings and the sidereal zodiac.

Happy Full Moon! exact at 11:34 am EST on Tuesday, November 12th at 26º sidereal Aries. The New Moon will be on November 26th, exact at 10:06 am EST at 10º sidereal Scorpio.
Latcho Drom,

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  1. Joyce Stahmann

    Great to hear this, Zuzanna–I’m going to look into the McTaggart books. Check out this link for November 11–

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