The Age of Sagittarius – Healing Passion

If you are new to this site, or have just missed it to begin with, please read this article, the fourth of four groundwork articles. This information will help you to personally get the most from this New Moon Healing Cycle: how to apply the healing suggestions, and to make the Great Year Cycle a powerful healing experience each month, each year.

This is the last Great Age we have to cover in the Cycle of Healing that we’ve journeyed together over the last year. I hope you have enjoyed reading and thinking about the possibilities presented in these 32 articles that form the basis for the healing cycle. Next new moon we move up a level in the spiral energy. We’ll see where it takes us. But first…..

Anubis, Guide and Guardian; 12 x 12; watercolor on paper; by Zuzanna Vee

Anubis, Guide and Guardian; 12 x 12; watercolor on paper; by Zuzanna Vee

The Age of Sagittarius was approximately 22,500 – 20,000 BCE. The coming Age of Sagittarius will be in 4,000 years or so. We started this Cycle of Healing by taking a look forward into the next Age of Capricorn. We will end the present cycle by looking forward, and back simultaneously.

After we collectively work through the dissolution of form during this current Age of Aquarius, and mend the sacred hoop during the coming Age of Capricorn, we will be ready to move ever forward with a consciousness and passion to pursue deep spiritual connectedness and be able to maintain the discipline it takes to do so.

Long before the Age of Sagittarius we will all, by consensus, live a vegetarian, agrarian lifestyle in touch with the land, the seasonal cycles and the rhythms of Gaia. The consciousness in all living things will be so much higher than presently that we won’t need to, nor will we want to, eat the flesh of animals, nor their products. We will be well on the way to acknowledging our sisters and brothers across species, and although there may still be conflicts, it will be on a much smaller scale than we have ever witnessed historically – more personal rather than high generals sending the fodder of soldiers into battle for them. Paper, plastic, petroleum derivatives, pharmaceuticals, mass production and built-for-obsolescence will be a distant memory.

The earth’s population will be much more manageable for Gaia and resources by then will have strong stewardship used with awareness, gratitude and love. A simplified lifestyle will have been implemented and technologies reduced to necessity. Necessity has nothing to do with lack of abundance, but of clear and intelligent living. Whether these changes come through willing participation and choice, or whether through the fits and changes of Gaia remain to be seen.

The Age of Sagittarius was and will be a time of real inner joy. The deeper mysteries will reveal themselves as our consciousness elevates another step around the Great Year. The majority of people will not be focused on manifesting material abundance. Mind will have slowed, life will have slowed and our contemporary, insane focus on material accumulation will be stories of legend. The necessities of material existence will be available to everyone, and though there are several thousand years until the Garden is revisited, relative to today it will seem like perfection – except to those for whom greed is a way of life.

Goddess will be the natural deity, and the arrogant sky gods are long forgotten. Sexuality will be moving toward an androgyny, and discussion about gender, equality and sexual preference will be irrelevant. It will be very obvious what is important in life: connection to spirit in the everyday reality with all our relations. The arts will come back into their own as a necessity to living not an adornment for the wealthy, and will be a part of our spiritual participation and celebration of life. Our exuberance during the Age of Sagittarius will naturally propel us forward into the much higher consciousness of Scorpio, the doorway to the Garden: the Age of Libra. This is where we are all headed, one little spiral at a time!

The past Age of Sagittarius would have been similar in simplicity, spiritual passion and content of life. The Goddesses of Willendorf and Kostenki sculptures have both been dated from 21,000 BCE or older. We see through these artifacts the honoring of the feminine, as well as the aesthetic, artistic abilities of people who are clearly not barbarous cave dwellers.

Robert Schoch, a geologist from Boston University, confirmed in 1990 that the Sphinx was eroded by water, not sand. For that to have been possible he conservatively estimated the Sphinx to have been at least 9,000 years old when the climate in Egypt would have had rain. However, in a personal conversation with Randall Carlson (watch preview 5 @ 1:30 minutes) a fellow geologist, he unofficially said that the time needed  to have eroded the limestone of the Sphinx to the point we see today would have taken a minimum of 20,000 years. This puts the completion of the Sphinx sometime within the Age of Scorpio or Sagittarius – or older.

Though the lifestyle of this time was low-tech, it is through choice, and they were clearly capable of things we today consider outrageously miraculous. It will be a time for celebration when we arrive at such a point again.

The Healing: This month meditate upon the Galactic Center found at 3° sidereal Sagittarius. It will rise with the sun the morning after the Winter Solstice, which is exact at 11:48 pm on December 21st EST. Step through the metaphorical doorway and allow Anubis to escort you into the unknown. This is symbolic of following your north node, not by intention alone, but in doing and being something different. Be the adventurer, follow your compass and discover your open hearted true path. This is where we ultimately find our passion. This is what will help to convey us upward in the cycle of consciousness.

A practice I have incorporated into my life these last several years is to meditate 15 minutes either side of exact at the solstices and equinoxes. This helps us to align with the shifting energies of the seasonal cycles and is now something I would hate to miss – whatever the time of day.

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