The Age of Cancer – Healing Self-Abandonment

If you are new to this site, or have just missed it to begin with, please read this article, the fourth of four groundwork articles. This information will help you to personally get the most from this New Moon Healing Cycle: how to apply the healing suggestions, and to make the Great Year Cycle a powerful healing experience each month, each year.

The Lady of Light; 12 x 12; mixed media; by Zuzanna Vee

The Lady of Light; 12 x 12; mixed media; by Zuzanna Vee

The Age of Cancer (approximately 9500 – 7400 BCE) saw the upheavals of the last major global flooding. The matri-clan system was at its height as women engineered further survival tactics and skills for their people. Men lived on the periphery of the clan receiving the male children to raise anywhere from 6 – 12 years of age. There is anthropological evidence that men hunted, women gathered/gardened, and they ate separately; men were taboo and kept separate because of their bloody lifestyle – women didn’t touch the kill let alone eat it (please see Evelyn Reed’s Women’s Evolution). The wise women, as consciousness continued to devolve, struggled to maintain their precious lifestyle attuned to the Earth, her creatures and cycles.

There were times of relative stability and garden communities began; megalithic building continued. Those who kept alive the oral teachings about flora and fauna, healing modalities, and astronology (my term for the once integrated sciences of astronomy and astrology) continued encoding the information for future generations to live by (more of this in the Age of Virgo). Techniques we may recognize as shamanistic were used to retrieve valuable data that was encoded long before. These techniques would be particularly useful when the topography was no longer the same, or forced migration made contact with previously encoded shrines and natural features impossible.

This is the era when the final global earth changes of this Great Year cycle would lead to myths of sunken continents, cultures of unexplained sophistication, the saving of the animals, and the adjustments in cosmologies due to the traumatic geological events. When one’s world no longer looks the same, beliefs change. And as consciousness changes, as it continues to do through the Ages, so do previously held beliefs. Although the destruction of the Goddess and the vilifying of her adherents did not happen over night, the separation of groups from clan wisdom created the future potential for such, as we saw in The Age of Taurus article.

The Healing: We are indeed participating in the re-emergence of the Goddess into the Collective Consciousness after thousands of years of Her being underground. As presented in the Gemini New Moon article, the cusp of the Cancer/Gemini Ages saw the symbolic and actual denial of the Goddess and her subsequent retreat into the Earth. (Please read that article if you missed it or want a refresher).

The 1960s saw the re-emergence of the women’s movement after a long hiatus when we won the right to vote (the 19th amendment was ratified August 1920). The 60s movement was also political.  The Equal Rights Amendment, written in 1923, and affirming equal application of the US Constitution for all regardless of sex, was presented to Congress every year until 1972 when it finally passed. It was then sent to the states to ratify. It was not. It still has not been ratified in 2015.

The 1980s gestated the women’s spirituality movement that was birthed globally in the late 80s/early 90s. A very different creature from the political movement that fought for legislative equality with men, the women’s spirituality movement celebrated our differences. It was entirely refreshing and not based on patriarchal principles or modes, but began to embrace the banished Goddess in every woman. We began slowly to recognize the abandoned woman/Goddess in ourselves and took steps to reclaim her.

It is fascinating to see a rather broad sweep of development over quite a short span of time – the steps required for Her to re-emerge. As important as political reform is, it can never address the inner longing in women for spiritual connectedness. No longer willing to follow patriarchal ways of religiosity, worship and segregated paths, we now know what is required within: A direct, and very personal experience of the divine in our image. The Goddess has been acknowledged, within the last cycle of the Great Year, for far longer than She has been hidden. We will soon know that this long gestation period has birthed a new era; one in which we have all participated.

Demand your alone time. Do not settle for less than total authenticity and be joyful in the releasing of old, familiar and comfortable ways of the Prison. Cry as often and as hard as you need to. In so doing we release our long-held pain, disappointments, and grief. Cleansing tears! As She re-emerges, so do we all, each at our own pace and ability. Sisters, we are not alone. We have one another – and now we have Her. No longer can the patriarchy divide and conquer, keeping us imprisoned. As She is being birthed, real and whole once again, so is each one of our souls finding a new breathing space. And reforms undreamed of will surely follow. To be whole, we needed both the political awareness and strength as well as our spiritual strength and knowing. This has been a process, not unlike a long labor. Many of us know the intensity of labor, the time it can take – and the joy in its outcome. We are in that labor now. Blessed Be!

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