The Age of Gemini – Healing the Hemisphere Split

If you are new to this site, or have just missed it to begin with, please read this article, the fourth of four groundwork articles. This information will help you to personally get the most from this New Moon Healing Cycle: how to apply the healing suggestions, and to make the Great Year Cycle a powerful healing experience each month, each year.

Gemini is most always depicted as The Twins – usually twin boys.  During the Age of Gemini the matri-clan system began to morph into the matri-family. Briefly, groups began to develop with a female co-head along with her brother. The husband of the ruling female was not important at this stage, but gained importance during the Age of Taurus (for more detail see last month’s article). This ‘twinning’ of sister and brother rulers has been largely misunderstood probably because the matri-clan system in the first place seems too bizarre to contemplate for contemporary anthropologists. Interestingly, prior to Rome  (the Age of Aries), many cultures depicted Gemini as a couple: man and woman, representing yang and yin – balance. The  twinning of sister/brother rulership began in the Age of Gemini and the symbolism of the Age is spot on, as usual, if we go back far enough.

Brain Hemispheres; mixed media, 12 x 12; Zuzanna Vee

Brain Hemispheres; mixed media, 12 x 12; Zuzanna Vee

Perhaps the most notable occurrence during the Age of Gemini, (approximately 7400 – 5500 BCE) is the development of the left-brain. Perhaps because of survival needs (catastrophic fire and floods from the previous two Ages), the development of logic, abstraction, specialization, etc. was a necessity. It is ironic that our over-reliance on left-brain thinking now is set to bring about another mass extinction. When one can, with logic, argue the importance of corporate profit over species annihilation, or human poverty and suffering, something has gone terribly awry.

The big visible news in the Gemini headlines was the development of commerce. And with commerce came the need to keep precise and exact records. Written language began to develop and with it, the left-brain (which came first?). It should be no surprise that the earliest written examples discovered are merchandise lists for trade and accounts receivable. Trade routes opened, seafaring cultures flourished, the concept of specialization in the marketplace also began; all in the name of commerce, or more deeply, the psychological need to affirm stability. (For a riveting read about the development of written language and its subsequent repercussions, specially for women, please read The Alphabet Versus The Goddess, by Leonard Shlain).

And from this development, large urban centers were built. Nature begins to be seen as something from which to protect one’s self all the time. Garden communities evolved to larger-scale agriculture; arts, formalized education, class systems, and economic diversity flourish. Where once everyone shared in the Earth’s abundance, or their clans-women’s, we now see the necessity of artisan’s guilds, charity (because now there are those who have less), systematized religions and the ‘underground’ mystery schools, available to those who maintained their connections to Nature and the Mother. The Great Goddess and those who follow her teachings were not stigmatized nor persecuted – yet, but many folks are focused on personal power through commerce and its spin-off activities that contribute to Her eventual demise.

It is interesting to note that, according to many archaeologists, women were the first potters. But when the potter’s wheel was developed, between 4000 and 3000 BCE (the Age of Taurus sliding into the Kali Yuga), the craft shifted to the province of men, as did many previous arts, crafts and positions of importance. There is a definite relationship between mechanization (and eventual  industrialization), the patriarchy, and ‘progress’. Leonard Shlain insightfully states: “The phallic cloud billowing up over Hiroshima symbolized the unbalanced masculine. It was the climatic end result of thousands of years of left-brain dominance.” And here we are, post-atomic age women trying to regain our heritage, and self-sovereignty, not to mention our sanity and health. We have a task ahead of us, and I for one feel up to giving it all I’ve got.

The other most important event is supremely symbolized in the Ramayana (literally, the Path of Rama). The Ramayana is an amazing work that gives us clues to our distant past through myth and astronomy. Valmiki, the storyteller, states: “We live now in the third age of Time, and Rama lived in the second age of the world” (page 5 of William Buck’s translation of Ramayana). As with all myths, through the Ages changes have occurred, but the final act in this story gives us much to contemplate.

Briefly, Rama has been exiled from his kingdom and Sita, his queen, accompanies him. The name, “Sita” is interpreted to mean ‘furrow’ as in the fecund earth; so, here she is already related to The Goddess; an exiled queen with a male twin-ruler. At one point on their sojourn she is abducted and held prisoner by Ravana, and is rescued with the help of the animal kingdoms (a quiet nod to the relationship all enjoyed in the past). When they return from exile, Rama’s subjects question the Queen’s chastity. Because the King is subject to his subjects and not above them, Sita is put on trial to prove her loyalty to the king. Regardless of one’s reaction to such a poor show on Rama’s part, this is a straight forward clue as to the symbolic turning of events and I believe they mark the transition from the Age of Cancer to Gemini, but also from the Treta Yuga (second age) to the Dwapara Yuga (third age); always a more impactful shift.

Mother Earth receives Sita; by Raja Ravi Varma

Mother Earth receives Sita; by Raja Ravi Varma

In her defense against these accusations, Sita calls upon the Mother Earth to swallow her up if indeed she has kept her chastity. Why not the other way around? The feminine is not now held in the supreme high esteem she once was. Sita, who knows her truth, will not abide these changes. In short, the Earth does swallow her up; the Great Mother welcomes her daughter home. The Goddess literally begins her underworld journey, and that is where she has remained for approximately 9,000 years.

So, this is how we entered the Age of Gemini: The Goddess is in the process of being deposed. Thus tribes splinter, families’ feud, sides are chosen. Literacy and commerce are in their nascent forms. It will take several thousand years for the patriarchy to evolve, but in the meantime, much else develops.

The Healing: How can we begin to attempt healing this great split within us, within our culture and the collective unconscious? We want to create balance within ourselves, not disrespect the left-brain as we have  the right-brain – it has its place. Knowing about this split is the first step. Explore, read, find out. Don’t get too intense and have fun with your brain. Do things with your non-dominant hand that you usually do with your dominant one: try brushing your teeth, opening doors, picking up things, etc. with the ‘other’ hand. It will make you feel intense and awkward at first to try this unfamiliar practice. That’s all it is: unfamiliar. Do it anyway. You will begin to create new synapses in your brain, the beginning of bridging the split.

You could use a meditation CD that has brain hemisphere balancing properties. I use Hemi-Sync by the Monroe Institute. There are others.

The right brain is all about symbolism, imagery, intuitive insight, non-linear/non-logical ways of knowing. First of all: create. Sketch images from your dreams, doodle without the need to be perfect, exceptional or even ‘good’ (by whose standards?). Dance, paint, play a musical instrument, sing, recite memorized songs/poetry, daydream. Learn a symbolic language like astrology, yoga or tarot. This will also help to activate your intuitive wisdom (if approached in a right-brain fashion). Take classes on animal communication, shamanic journeying techniques, or Reiki. Spend lots of unstructured time in nature, quiet and listening. Moving images activate the right-brain – take yourself to the movies (one of my favorite treats).

There are tons of things to discover whilst bringing balance back into our lives, the world and to work with our Gemini Age-traumatized selves. The way it looks to me is that having fun may be a pre-requisite to re-discovering our right-brain. So, let’s have fun and bring much needed healing to our beautiful world.

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