The Age of Taurus – Healing Incongruence

If you are new to this site, or have just missed it to begin with, please read this article, the fourth of four groundwork articles. This information will help you to personally get the most from this New Moon Healing Cycle: how to apply the healing suggestions, and to make the Great Year Cycle a powerful healing experience each month, each year.


The Age of Taurus healing painting; mixed media; 12 x 12; by Zuzanna Vee

The Age of Taurus healing painting; mixed media; 12 x 12; by Zuzanna Vee

The Age of Taurus began approximately 7500 years ago, or 5500 BCE. It is the second Age in the Dwapara Yuga in the Vedic system, known as the Bronze Age by the ancient Greeks. This was the Age in which the events of the Bhagavad Gita took place and ended with the death of Krishna as mentioned in the Age of Aries article.

The matri-family system was possibly the dominant cultural system during much of Taurus; a dramatic change in itself but nothing compared to what was just around the corner. Mythologically, anthropologically and archaeologically the last stages of the matri-family system were dismantled during this Age as patriarchy began its final inroads.

The Back Drop: The matri-family system began most likely in the Age of the Twins – Gemini. Briefly the matri-family consisted of a woman head of the ‘group’, acknowledgment of husband (where previously there was none), and most importantly, the brother of the ruling sister. The sister’s children inherited through their uncle and he played a large part in taking care of them. It will seem very confusing to us who have lived in the patriarchal system for thousands of years (inheritance from father to first son, then son, and now often sons and daughters) to imagine a different system. But we will see in subsequent articles that the matri-clan system, that preceded the matri-family, lasted many Ages, not just thousands of years. Please read Women’s Evolution for the full, fascinating story to which I will allude in brief below.

The twinning of Sister/Brother ruling relationships is most stunningly revealed in the Egyptian Goddess stories, most notably, but not exclusive to, Isis. I was always confused and somewhat disappointed that Isis supposedly married her brother, Osiris. Since incest is a major taboo in our times, it is an easy component to point toward the savagery of ancient times by the patriarchy. However, anthropology has made it absolutely clear, to those who would see, that the incest taboo was intact and the single most fearful thing to break to our ancestors. The mistake of modern ‘experts’ was in confusing, or obfuscating, what eventually emerged in ascendant cultures*: there was both a husband, of lesser importance, and a brother, of greater importance, to the female ruler of the ‘group’. This is basically the definition of the matril-family as I understand it.

The merging of the husband and brother into one, gives us a complexly skewed view of our collective past. Husband/brother-as-one could never have happened. It is astounding how this can still be explained away as if somehow both more crude or enlightened depending upon who is justifying the ‘facts’. And why these patriarchal facts have rarely been questioned by otherwise feminist writers acknowledges our superbly brainwashed patriarchal minds. This is the setting of the stage, as it were; now the action.

Life of the Times: The Age of Taurus was a time of huge disruptions in the cultural and political framework of our ancestors following, and helped along, I believe, by the volatile geological disruptions of Ages past. It was a cosmic play with dramatic results: what we live presently.

The Age of Taurus was largely agricultural based and the feminine principle was still a strong guiding force. Much cultural development had been made by women since the floods of the Age of Cancer: pottery, weaving, animal wifery, metal work, sculpture, painting, building and town planning, to name but a few. Men mostly busied themselves with hunting and warring and were at the periphery of the group because of these pastimes.

The first nomadic, sky-god worshiping invaders riding domesticated horses arrived on the scene around 4500 BCE, during the Age of Taurus. These incursions shifted the balance of power within the egalitarian Goddess cultures, swiftly annihilating the previous system of civilization. Interestingly, it is thought that these groups of marauders were the ostracized male members of various tribes that eventually banded together. The reasons for their banishment are seen primarily as their inability to cooperate and contribute to the matri-clan system. The demise of the Goddess cultures, then, was in the making for quite some time in isolated groups to the north of the Fertile Crescent where conditions of life were much harsher for these cultural misfits. Though we can point to the effects of these actions and subsequent changes, the changes themselves, I believe, were due to the turning of the Great Year and the lessening of consciousness on a global scale. Those protecting the wisdom of the Ages past and able to maintain a relatively high level of consciousness, eventually succumbed to the inevitable…. and here we are!

Denderah Zodiac: Note Taurus on the far right looking back over her shoulder.

Denderah Zodiac: Note Taurus on the far right looking back over her shoulder.

The constellation of Taurus contains two star formations: the Pleiades, and the Hyades. Our contemporary head of the bull is in the chevron-shaped Hyades, with the red star, Aldebaran, being the brightest eye of the bull. The famous Egyptian Temple of Denderah**, dedicated to Hathor, with its beautiful, intact zodiac was renovated in the first century BCE and had been built upon a more ancient site. This Egyptian zodiac is very similar to our own representations of the constellations. One dissimilarity, however is that the constellation of Taurus has the head of the bovine in the Pleiades. Was this originally a depiction of Hathor, the divine Cow, with the bull coming much later as the patriarchy changed and co-opted much of history? I tend to believe so and feel the difference in these depictions to be significant.

Herodotus, (circa 484 – 425 BCE) the historian, reports that his contacts in the Egyptian priesthood declared their history could be traced back 11,340 years. Other reports are even older. Calculating this time frame would put the commencement of the Egyptian historical records around about the time of the Great Age of Leo just before the cataclysms (more about this in subsequent articles)!

Some interesting historical pieces around Taurus and bulls are the famed bull leaping as painted frescos in the Palace at Knossos, Crete. This palace,  the myths of the labyrinth, minotaur, etc., were once thought to be entirely fictitious (similar to Troy) until it was discovered in 1878 by Minos Kalokairinos. The subsequent excavation in the early 1900s was overseen by Sir Arthur Evans and the Minoan civilization became truth; the ancient scripts of Linear A and B discovered. The dating of artifacts is presently undergoing change and often dates are pushed back rather than thought to be earlier, though there is academic resistance to this re-evaluation. When things are reported either as art or in writing, it is usual for the information being reported to pre-date the chronicling – often by a lot. It is important to keep this in mind when researching.

Mithraism was in ascendency in the Age of Taurus. It was a very male biased cult, and there is speculation that the bull represented the Earth; the bull often being depicted with a tail of a sheaf of grain. This would be the first time such symbolism had evolved, i.e. a male Earth, and seems about right for the timing of the incoming patriarchy.  There are many bas relief sculptures of Perseus killing the bull by stabbing its neck, but it may not have been the bull sacrifice that we have been lead to believe. An interesting paper on suggests that the Milky Way was seen as the pathway for souls to be reborn. The Perseus meteor shower, named for its location, was also linked with the rebirth of souls. It has also been suggested that the symbolism of the killing of the bull signifies the ending of the Age of Taurus. Both, in fact, could be true.

In the southwest of France, and in some places in Spain today they have non-violent, cow leaping. There is rock art in Tamil Nadu, India, from the 3rd Century BCE that also depicts cow or bull leaping. The bullfight, is obviously a highly distorted version of this practice showing the patriarchal propensity for blood sport; danger and athleticism not being  enough.

And finally there is the biblical symbolism of the episode with the golden calf and Moses after he descends the mountain with his god’s new commandments. This too, could allude to the movement from the Age of Taurus into Aries and the full-on patriarchy. The imagery of cows, and bulls throughout this Age is dense.

Healing Our Past: What we are given opportunity to start to heal at this Taurus New Moon is the individual incongruences that arise through deep inner conflict in swiftly changing times. To become inwardly and outwardly congruent is no mean feat and is one of the great challenges of the awakening individual. I personally have discovered deeply imbedded programming that I truly feel must be manifested in my life whilst simultaneously realizing that those same things are an anathema to who I have become on my inner quest to “Know Thyself”. Incongruence is very difficult to uncover and very challenging to thus alter resulting habitual tendencies. Habit across lifetimes is termed sanskaras*** and these are the hardest habits to break. But this is the task at hand. We are all split personalities, and we mostly keep the ones that would over-throw the dominant system quiet, enacting these quashed tendencies in our personal lives as drama. This is why the world is as it is presently. It is essentially one big lunatic asylum of split personalities; the proverbial Clash of the Inner Titans as we move toward this essential inner and outer congruency.

It should be obvious, through recurring drama in one’s life, where the incongruences are if we but look with honesty into our lives. There are three main categories: relationships, money/career and health. If we discover one or more of these areas to be less than optimum at present, that’s where we begin to dig deeply. This is not just a one-moon-cycle activity but a lifetime’s worth of excavation. However, at this Taurus New Moon, you will not find a better time to commence and make progress, supported by Mercury retrograde on this same day that helps us reflect and sort out our past. Be gentle, not hostile, toward yourself. Journal, talk with a trusted women friend of like heart, sit quietly and receptively in nature, and listen to your dreams. And at the risk of being repetitive, learn about and follow your astrological North Node. I believe the path to inner and outer congruency begins here.

Notes: * There are always cultures, even in our times, that somehow side-step change. Thus ‘ascendant cultures’ is my term for what became and becomes the prevailing, predominant ‘look and feel’ of any given Age. It is to be assumed that there are always to be found a variety of co-existing cultures in any given time period.

**The Temple at Denderah was restored by the Ptolemys, the final pharaohs who were descendants of one of Alexander’s closest companions (the famous Cleopatra being the very last Ptolemy). So yes, there is a Greek inscription in this renovated temple – it is still an ancient Egyptian temple. The ancient Egyptians have shown themselves to be fastidious in maintaining the historical traditions of their ancients, so I suspect their reports and restorations are most likely credible despite what contemporary arrogance suggests.

*** Sanskaras is a Vedic term. They are impressions laid down by actions that produce subsequent karma that then will be expressed at some future time. It is difficult not to create more impressions when the subsequent karmic appointments are approaching. Start by noticing the feelings produced, recognize the habit pattern, and by super human effort do not repeat the same action even though it may seem divinely inspired – it is not. It is a lifetime of habit being given the opportunity for unwinding only, not ‘kismet’. Whether we take the opportunity or not is the great question, but in this way, we may break the cycle of unconscious habit.

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  1. I love the way you pull together so much experience, study, and ideas and weave them into an engaging post that leaves me with a broader and deeper perspective on our what kind of “bull”-sh*t we’re dealing with in “his”-story. And, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Age of Taurus painting.

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  2. Zuzanna Vee says:

    Thank you SO much, Angela. I appreciate your comments so much. The Age of Taurus painting is one of my favorites, and I was so resistant until the last minute….then the creative flood gates opened. So glad you continue to enjoy the work.


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