The Age of Aquarius – Healing Our Present

If you are new to this site, or have just missed it to begin with, please read this article, the fourth of four groundwork articles. This information will help you to personally get the most from this New Moon Healing Cycle: how to apply the healing suggestions, and to make the Great Year Cycle a powerful healing experience each month, each year.

“Harmony and understanding; sympathy and trust abounding…”1 I’m sure many of you recognize this wonderful anthem for a paradigm that we all knew was ‘right around the corner.’ As a youngster this song meant everything to me. I couldn’t wait! Well, here we are and I’m still waiting…..

But seriously, the lyrics of the song harken back to the Garden, a much more distant collective memory rather than the era we have just entered into. The Age of Aquarius, as you may be experiencing, is all about dissolution. Coming out of the patriarchal Age of Pisces, how could it be anything but? There is a lot that has to change, most of all, us – humanity.

When Pluto (death to old forms/transformation) entered Capricorn (structure and form) in 2008, this may have been the entry into the Age of Aquarius. December 21, 2012, was stepping through the gateway; and here we firmly are.

Dissolution: dream image; pastel on black paper, Zuzanna Vee, 2014

Dissolution – healing painting for Age of Aquarius; a dream image; pastel on black paper, Zuzanna Vee, 2014

Humanity needs to change, will change, and it can come like a tornado, or it can be conscious, personal option. The important point of all this is that it begins and ends with each one of us choosing much different ways of living and thinking than we have been used to, than we have been told we should aim for, than we have been duped into believing is appropriate. The Age of Aquarius will be about choosing harmony and understanding, sympathy and trust moment to moment rather than merely being the recipients of ‘magical’ energies.

How to do this great work? Factor into your day, as never before, quiet, alone time to connect with your heart. Discern what you really need, determine who you really are and let go of all the rest as fast as you can. This will look different for each of us. For me personally, it means reconnecting with my very unpopular Franciscan nature and choosing to live simply, with humility, and not thrashing and striving to live a life that was never ‘me’ to begin with. For me it will look like using a credit card only if I can pay it off that month; going out in the car only when I need to and saving errands to do all together; continuing to cull possessions down dramatically. It is now clear to me that the luxuries of life I desire are time, space and silence.

The new age promised a lot of abundance, but those who were promising it were largely the ones living that dream. The rest of us killed ourselves trying to manifest a dream of abundance that would keep us in shackles: in debt, racing and not enjoying, feeling inadequate because if we were truly spiritual people wouldn’t we be living the abundant dream by now? It is all the same paradigm just dressed up in the latest fashion.

Lincoln Cathedral Cloisters, Lincoln, England, 2004. One of my special pilgrimage places.

Time, Space and Silence: Lincoln Cathedral Cloisters, Lincoln, England, 2004. One of my special pilgrimage places. Photo credit: Zuzanna Vee.

Stop. The most revolutionary and spiritual thing you can do in America presently is to stop spending money. I find this ironic, frightening and nearly impossible. I also find it inspiring and a lot easier than living a new age guru’s imperative. But this is me – how about you? What is your act of dissolution from this restrictive, uninspiring paradigm? First step: know yourself. How? Quiet, alone time daily – non-negotiable.

Last month’s Capricorn New Moon cycle supported building/re-building. Perhaps, our inner supporting structure was dismantled or found to be non-existent – making current or ‘in process’ forms pointless or impossible. We may have been asked to define our values (the quality of what we do rather than something we possess or achieve; e.g. correct action even at our own expense), our goals (those things that change as we reach them; e.g. finishing our degree, having an art show), our aims (what we hope to maintain within ourselves day by day, moment to moment; e.g. humility, integrity, patience), and re-evaluate our ethical standards (those things to which we hold others with whom we choose to interact as well as ourselves; e.g. honesty, and kindness above honest). We know how to do patriarchy. Rebuilding our inner foundational structure is so important now as we move into the unfamiliar territory of the Age of Aquarius.

As we rebuild this personal foundation, more and more outer forms will dissolve and we will be asked to nurture faith and trust in our process until the new outer forms begin to be apparent. This is the tough curriculum of spiritual mastery on which we have all embarked, whether we meant to or not. The coming Aquarius New Moon energies will help bring clarity (Air) to the necessary collective (Aquarius) endeavor of discerning and navigating where we want to go as Planetary Humanity. But the collective anything is achieved one person at a time. We got to where we are presently one person at a time too.

We have two Aquarius new moons this year: one at the commencement of Aquarius and one at the end. We have double opportunity to really hear the message of our hearts’ intuition and begin to put her message into prosaic practice.

Aquarius: from a set of divinatory cards created by Zuzanna in the mid 90s; mixed media on paper; 2.5 x 4

Aquarius: from a set of divinatory cards created by Zuzanna in the mid 90s; mixed media on paper; 2.5 x 4

Take note of what is working for you whilst not striving; practice going with the Water Bearer’s flow as she pours from one paradigm into another; don’t resist anything – make choices; notice your thoughts (the realm of Aquarius as an air sign) and change what you find doesn’t reflect the highest ideals.

The zodiacal sign of Aquarius, the constellation along the ecliptic, may be one of four anchor points in The Great Year cycle. If this is so, it will be one heck of a ride this next 2000 years or so. And we, who are embodied at this time, have the privilege of kicking it off. How much thrust toward real harmony and understanding can we collectively create, one choice at a time?

1. The Broadway musical Hair opened April 29, 1968 and ran till July 1, 1972. The Age of Aquarius/Let the Sun Shine In was the finale. In the spring of 1969, this song, recorded by the 5th Dimension, reached number one in the Billboard charts and stayed there for six weeks. It listed #66 on Billboard’s “Great Songs of All Time”. The feeling was in the air! Listen to it here.

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