The Age of Capricorn – Healing our Future

If you are new to this site, or have just missed it to begin with, please read this article, the fourth of four groundwork articles. This information will help you to personally get the most from this New Moon Healing Cycle: how to apply the healing suggestions, and to make the Great Year Cycle a powerful healing experience each month, each year.

Currently in this Capricorn New Moon cycle: Mid-December Pluto and Uranus attend to their penultimate squaring aspect (six of seven). Next and final will be mid-March 2015. The effect of this series of squares between these heavy weights will be felt for years to come. It is an archetypal time we live in, though it is only in retrospect, for the most part, that we will realize this. Think of the 60s – that was the last time Uranus and Pluto did a similar dance together. Two days after this New Moon in Capricorn, Saturn will enter Sagittarius (December 23rd): the planet of limitations and discipline, Saturn, in the sign of adventure and faith. Should be interesting. We need to pay attention.

The Sacred Hoop; mixed media; 2014

The Sacred Hoop; healing painting for the Age of Capricorn; mixed media on watercolor paper; Zuzanna Vee 2014;  12 x 12 inches.

The end of the Age of Capricorn was approximately 24,000 years ago. It had lasted two to two and a half thousand years. We will enter the next Age of Capricorn in approximately 4000 CE, or in about 2000 years. Feels like a long time from now, huh? But we, in this Age, the commencement of the Age of Aquarius, will affect what will be going on then. What we do now matters – a lot.

The Age of Capricorn is all about building or rebuilding structure and establishing or re-establishing order – a natural order, personal and collective. One of the images for Capricorn is reaching the top of a mountain after a long, grueling climb. After each Kali Yuga, which we have just exited (comprising the Ages of Pisces and Aries), there comes a time, I suspect, of dissolution; a time of sloughing off the dead institutions, stranglehold economies, and outrageous, continuous rape of the Goddess/Earth. We are in that phase presently and will talk more about it with the Aquarius New Moon cycle next month. After the dissolution comes the necessity of rebuilding.

Our last New Moon cycle was Sagittarius where we committed to our astrological north node, our authenticity. What we said ‘yes’ to in this last cycle, we can now begin to build upon during this Capricorn New Moon cycle. What we said ‘no’ to will have dropped away, or is presently dropping away, to make room for new energy to enter as we allow.

Capricorn, an earth sign, has been expressed as masculine during my lifetime, but astrologer, Emily Trinkaus, has described Capricorn as the sign of ‘the Grandmothers’. During this New Moon in Capricorn cycle, the Grandmothers can play an important part in our inner healing and health. Yes, they are available to us all the time, but I believe there is a focused energy during this Capricorn cycle and their Grace can be accessed and manifested in each of our lives to the degree we attend to it.

Each of us has a vast, distant, eclectic cultural human heritage and we may tap into the flow of energy through our ancient Grandmothers who will support and guide our movement toward authenticity, and bringing balance to the Goddess/Earth. We, as souls through time, have been all races, all sexual orientations, all gender designations, all social strata. We have the stored, collective experiences within us – an ‘akashic record’ if you will, of amazing potential into which we can feel and sense. It is not merely a physical/genetic ancestral lineage we belong to, nor to the mostly unknowable incarnations we have lived, but a huge multi-faceted, across-time-and-space heritage with which we are connected. We are all One on all levels.

What was going on during the last Age of Capricorn? It won’t have been what the conventional ‘wise men’ of our scientific institutions tell us. We are discovering their timing has been way off, their science, at best, sketchy, and a whole different paradigm than we have been lead to believe was in place then.

Just for perspective, a 2.5 inch ivory Hohle Fels Goddess was discovered in Germany according to a May 13, 2009 NY Times article, and dated to 35,000 years old. The Goddess of Willendorf is dated to 24,000 years old. These and the carved lion below, are very sophisticated art forms from conception to execution. They were not made by hunter-gathering ‘cavemen’ living brutally and primitively as is commonly thought. This year, 2014, studies were made of shell carving that is estimated to be 500,000 years old – and made by humans.

40,000 year old lion from Vogelherd Cave, Germany.

40,000 year old lion from Vogelherd Cave, Germany. Click on photo for article.

During the Age of Capricorn the Sacred Hoop is mended. We remember and honor that which is most important. Nature will reclaim Her place in the natural order of things and humanity will be starting to live in accord with Her once again. We will have come full circle as a species; humanity will have survived, though in much fewer numbers because Gaia can’t support 8+ billion people! The Goddess will rise into the consciousness of all humanity, not just the renegades such as me, or you.

We will have the opportunity this Capricorn New Moon cycle, in conjunction with the Age of Capricorn, to identify the divine feminine in our lives and to live her. What steps do we need to take to mend our personal Sacred Hoop, our place in the cosmic/terrestrial matrix? What needs to be released by choice (rather than by default), and what needs to be altered?

Notice what shows up now from this Winter Solstice/Capricorn New Moon for the next month. What can you build upon, or rebuild, in your life that reflects the beauty of your real Self? What in your life, or about yourself, feels less than sincere, sort of forced, by rote? We are invited to change all the time. We use immense psychic energy to keep the same paradigm running year after year.

An important tradition in my life for 35 years now has been to consciously choose how I spend December 31 and January 1. I try to incorporate, in those days, tangible experiences of what I would like to have show up for me in the coming year. Peace and quiet for the coming year may be time for yoga practice; I always do something creative even if it is just drawing; I may spend time in natural beauty; writing, or connecting with loved ones. As we begin this new year cycle, let’s do what we can to wipe the slate clean and be new, fresh, enthusiastic souls traveling embodied on our journey of life. The most important thing to fully know in the coming year is YourSelf.

Bright blessings to you all for this Solstice/New Moon healing cycle as we celebrate the return of the light; May the new year bring to you the grace to flow easily with the changes.

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