Healing with the Great Year & the New Moon Cycles

Beginning with the Capricorn new moon/Winter Solstice 2014, Cycles of Healing will officially be offering suggestions on how to work with the Great Year and New Moon energy cycle for deep personal and collective healing. This exciting journey could trigger subconscious memories, both pleasant and not so much, that arise into consciousness. Allow it all to come up to be released, neither holding onto nor pushing it away. Identify and use your support network.

The Great Year 'Hemispheres'

The Great Year ‘Hemispheres’. Click picture for a larger view.

I have been shown, in meditation, that the cycle of the Great Year, like an astrology chart, is divided at the horizon right across the center, left to right. This is the hemisphere divide of the Great Year. The upper portion, above the ‘horizon’, represents right brain values: intuition, synthesis, insight, empathy, etc. The Goddess was alive and well during these times. Below the ‘horizon represents left brain values: logic, language-basis, sequential or linear processing, data collection, organizing, structure, control, etc. This is when the patriarchy has held sway. Unlike an astrology chart though, this horizon does not shift (at least not within one Great Cycle of 26,000 years). The ‘MC’ or Mid Heaven is always between the Libra and Virgo Great Ages.

In this healing cycle we follow the new moon on our journey through the Great Year and therefore, travel in a familiar, seemingly ‘forward’, direction (i.e. Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces, etc.). But ‘forward’ is misleading. As space/time is an illusion of the material realm, we can allow our multi-dimensional mind to experience both directions simultaneously. As discussed in the previous articles, precession is said to move ‘backwards’ against the ecliptic (i.e. Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn, etc.). Let’s dispense with the terms ‘forward’ and ‘backward’ and recognize that the precessional flow and the new moon flow go in opposite directions along a linear model. Trust the process (read the groundwork articles and the appropriate books referenced on the Resource page). We really are moving in both directions anyway if you think about it, and we take our cue from the new moon to explore our hidden past and uncover our potential future within the context of the Great Year.

Why do we need collective healing?

We need to begin reclaiming the lost wisdom and knowledge of where we’ve been. This calls for the removal of the patriarchal lens that has been placed over every fairy tale, myth and legend that we’ve ever read. That’s what conquerors do – rewrite the stories, call it history, and with time everyone forgets there were alternate views, other different, real experiences.

Prior to the worldwide cataclysms that commenced around 12,000 BCE, life on Earth was like nothing we can imagine today (during the Age of Libra). Life was what we might call perfect: no disease, no striving for work and sustenance; people lived a fairly long time and in harmony with nature, no over-population. There may have been one language, an internal one, amongst all people and with and between all animals. There was no fear, and carnivorism was not a possibility. The Earth bore abundantly and there was no need to till the soil. The reason for this high level of consciousness has been explored in prior groundwork articles so I will not reiterate here.

What was the world like when we had 100% brain capacity (it is presently acknowledged that we use less than 5%), and therefore a much higher consciousness available to us? I believe some of the answers are being uncovered, and remembered specifically at this juncture in time within physics, archaeology and individual experience. New physics is gradually bringing this older knowledge back to us in forms not easily ignored though not universally celebrated – yet. No doubt the people of the Satya Yuga could no more imagine the horrors of our world than we can imagine the harmony of theirs. This human inability to conceive of something as existing does not, however, make them impossibilities. There is more at work here than the human brain and its consciousness can grasp.

Creativity Heals

The BenchSpend some time in nature, particularly in contact with the ground. There is no force more creative, nor healing, than our Mother. Consciously work on a monthly creative project. Dedicate this coming year to really listening to and acting on those things that will fully support the most authentic emerging self that is ready to arise at this time. These suggestions will be a good start in helping to release the past trauma we are all holding within our genes/dna or karma/sanskaras – however you want to frame it – as we journey through The Great Year in 2015. Let go of judgment of everything; release preconceived ideas. Not an easy task, but you can’t do this healing cycle work incorrectly. We can make a difference, though we cannot know what that may look like in detail.

The new moon energies give us guidance through this personal journey; the Great Year Age’s energies potentially clear out the corresponding collective energies as we become conscious of them. Both are incredibly important now, I feel, for the future of humanity.

In these monthly offerings to come I will be writing in detail about what was going on during each Astro-Age as I ‘see’ it, pointing to  historical markers and drawing upon ‘legend’ to help clarify what is the issue we are now being asked to address. We are all potentially powerful women and we have powerful healing abilities. I view this work as casting a giant dissolving spell over the patriarchy incrementally for a year’s time. Let’s make the most of it! Pass the word on to every woman you know.

Some Tools for the Journey

An important step you can begin now to connect with the Sagittarius new moon cycle we are entering is getting to know and following your Sidereal North Node. You will need your birth time for this. The Sidereal North Node is where we need to be heading personally. It is our life compass. The Sidereal South Node, directly opposite from it, is where we have been and what we tend to fall into when under stress. It will seem familiar and often ‘logical’. Following your Sidereal North Node requires and will develop faith and trust in the Goddess Universe. A very excellent book to find out more information about the North Node and  their  qualities is Astrology for the Soul by Jan Spiller  It will be invaluable on your journey to authenticity.

Sagittarius, ruled by Jupiter: Honesty, authenticity, adventure, spontaneity, and trust. Pen and ink.

Fire Dancer – Sagittarius, ruled by Jupiter: Honesty, authenticity, adventure, passion, spontaneity, and trust. Pen and ink; Zuzanna Vee.

This Sagittarius cycle is all about following our passion and being up for adventure. This is a good description of our North Node generally too – it pushes the edge of our envelope because it is totally different from where we have come (past life) and the present life habits we perpetuate. It is perfect timing to start this work during this cycle because the universe is supporting it 100%. The new moon is at 0° 07″ Sagittarius, a reinforcement of the potential to begin a new, important cycle as it is at the commencement of the sign. And the Sun enters Sagittarius on this same day: November 22.

Keep a journal of what you experience: dreams, spontaneous insights, illness crises or healings, synchronicities, etc. The ‘flavor’ of each cycle helps give us a sense of cycle, especially if this becomes a lifestyle. There will be meditation tools to share with you and who knows what will spontaneously evolve! I hope you will share your journey with me as this journey unfolds for us all. Together we can provide support for one another on this unique journey back to the Garden.

Goddess Astrology is here! A new precedent for astrological knowledge.
Goddess Consciousness Apprenticeships start at any new moon of the year.

I have a Youtube channel, Zuzanna Vee, in which I share “Messages of Light”, channeled messages from The Continuum and The Seas of Long Ago Time.

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About Zuzanna Vee

I am a visual artist and writer exploring the Great Mystery. The Great Goddess is my doorway to numinous wisdom; The Great Year Cycle, my multi-dimensional inspiration. I offer Goddess Consciousness apprenticeships and Goddess Astrology readings and training. Blessings to you all and thanks for reading.
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