Musings on the Goddess and the Patriarchy – Part 1

The Great Year is moving us along and we are all slowly beginning to wake up. Things are changing, but we may not be able to put our finger on what is going on exactly. This is all right. Following the heart rather than fear is key, and ‘not knowing’ can turn the fear mode on. We have been taught that we need to know our every next step. But turning inward to soften we find we want to nurture what we have: our friends and family, our gifts and talents, our community rose garden, our potted plants, our neighborhood parks and wildlife areas. We love our Mother with kind attention and She in turn loves us back. We nurture our individual creativity in whatever diverse way it is for us to express. And if we don’t know yet what we have to express or how to do so, turning inward toward the heart will begin to bring clarity.

The Great Mother; mixed media; 2.5 x 4 inches; from a set of 60 divinatory cards created by Zuzanna in the mid 90s.

The Great Mother; mixed media; 2.5 x 4 inches; from a set of 60 divinatory cards created by Zuzanna in the mid-90s.

We didn’t have any other model except a patriarchal one until fairly recently. But many of us are beginning to see how very different the Goddess/Earth paradigm looks and feels. (We are not going to shift to a matriarchy – that is merely a patriarchal model with changed players: ‘-archy’ means ‘rule’. I won’t use the word ‘matriarchy’ because we are moving toward ‘oneness’, not another group to ‘rule over’ others as in hierarchy, patriarchy, oligarchy, etc. A pendulum swing is not the balance we seek. Therefore, for this new paradigm I choose to use the term: Goddess/Earth).

The Goddess/Earth paradigm counsels us to take care of ourselves, to love ourselves first because only when we are in balance can we be effective in the world or for our loved ones. We each inhabit a sacred temple. In recognizing this fact, we find ourselves flowing with the ancient cycles of time, healing, and wisdom through the moon, through the earth, through the greater cycle of time, The Great Year.

So when we notice this change, start publicizing and talking about these positive new concepts and personal experiences. Help to birth the shift that will come. This change is built into the cycle of the Great Year and consciousness increases and decreases over millennia (my October 2014 new moon article further explains this assertion). No one is to blame. We are following a rhythm and cycle that just is.

Because we have come so far from the Goddess/Earth paradigm we once inhabited, we have forgotten the wisdom that what one gives attention to increases. We experience it everyday, yet we continue to do the same actions expecting a different outcome. That, as Mr. Einstein once said, is the definition of insanity. We need to ‘be’ differently, not ‘do’ or ‘act’ differently. Be in the heart, fine tune with mind, and then act with body-heart-mind when it’s time; with all of who we are, that special divine spark of stardust – the Goddess/Earth.

As Leo DiCaprio said in his 2014 UN Climate Summit speech, it is no longer a matter of the individual buying the ‘right’ light bulbs or a hybrid car; it is time for large-scale worldwide industry and government action to ensure our survival. This is the voice of the Goddess/Earth paradigm. We want the new consciousness that is coming in; we don’t want more ‘things’, we want Oneness. We are all craving this, and fear of change, because we don’t know what it will look like, and we think we need to, is what stands in the way. But one person at a time, courageous change is happening, and when the ‘hundredth monkey’ changes, so will the paradigm. It will be a domino effect. Very exciting times of which to be a part.

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